100 Criminal Justice Essay Topics for Your Inspiration

If you are dealing with a frustrating college assignment and are now searching for criminal justice essay topics, we have several ideas that could help you out! Criminology is a many-layered study area: it could be dark and complex, but it could also be fascinating and exciting to explore. Before you get to do research and learn new things, though, you need to pick a good topic. And that’s where students face a whole array of problems. How to make the correct choice? Is it possible to find a topic that would be interesting enough for readers and for the actual writer? The answer to the last question is yes: if you know where to look, you’ll succeed in writing an essay you like. The list below will take care of the first question since, with its help, you’ll see a diversity of titles to choose from.

100 Criminology Essay Topics For College Students

Inspiration is a fickle thing. What one writer enjoys in an essay might be something another one considers boring and vice versa. That’s why the more titles you see, the more chances you have at selecting the right one. We prepared 100 of them. Look through them and make your choice! Feel free to pick anything you like and develop an excellent essay.

Crime and Punishment Essay Ideas

When crime happens, the perpetrator must be punished. But how far could justice stretch? Who regulates it? The following criminal justice essay topics will help you dwell on these ideas.

  1. Assess Evidence Against Ted Bundy From a Modern Perspective: Did He Get a Just Punishment?
  2. Is Death Penalty a Good Punishment For Proven Crimes Including Torture?
  3. Consider Prisoners’ Perspective: Is Life Sentence or Death Penalty the Worse Punishment?
  4. How Homicide Gets Punished in Different Countries. Provide Comparative Analysis
  5. Judging Gang Violence: Should All Members Receive Equal Punishments?
  6. Chose a Serial Killer Few of Us Know About & Analyze Their Criminal Journey
  7. Is Murder Worse Than Torture from Law Perspective?
  8. Could Two People Involved in One Legal Conflict Be Imprisoned in the Same Jail?
  9. Inspect Publicity That Charles Manson Received: Did Fame Mitigate His Punishment?
  10. Imagine That You Are Dictating the Terms: How Would You Punish Vandalism?

Child Abuse Topics

Crime topics for essays related to children could be difficult to explore, but they are vital if you want to ensure justice for the most vulnerable members of our society. So, study ideas for essay below. You could find something enlightening.

  1. Examine Differences in Child Abuse Laws Across Three Different States
  2. Emotional & Physical Abuse: Which Has Worse Long-Term Impact on a Child?
  3. Is Being a Victim as Child Worse Physically and Mentally Than When One Is an Adult?
  4. Abused Children Often Choose a Criminal Path: Is There a Pattern?
  5. Is Child Neglect a Form of Abuse?
  6. Describe a Case Where Justice System Failed a Child: How & Why Did This Happen?
  7. Could Parents Be Called Abusive If They Refuse to Let Their Child Attend School?
  8. Kicking Child Out Before They Are 16: Is This Illegal & What Repercussions Does It Have?
  9. Could A Child Be Justified in Killing Their Abusive Parents?
  10. Analyze the Case of JonBenet Ramsey: Did Sibling-on-Sibling Abuse Take Place?

Domestic Violence Essay Topics

Sometimes violence comes from the closest people. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem, so there are plenty of good criminal justice essay topics here. Pick any of them you like best.

  1. Are Males More Inclined to Abuse Their Families Than Females?
  2. Why Do Some Individuals Marry Abusers? Analyze Psychology &  Circumstances
  3. Victim Mindset: Why Is Abuse Not Reported in Many Cases?
  4. Explain How People Could Recognize Abuse Signs From Their Loved Ones
  5. Does Therapy Help Abusers Stop Their Violence?
  6. Solutions for Humans Who Want to Escape Abusive Relationships: Where Could They Appeal?
  7. What Is Marital Rape & What Repercussions Does It Have?
  8. Explain Concept of Stockholm Syndrome: Could Men Be Its Victims?
  9. Why Is Female Violence Against Men Often Dismissed as Insignificant?
  10. Where Did Victim Blaming Come From & How to Achieve True Justice?

Crime Prevention for Achieving Justice Topics

People who want to stop violence from happening aren’t naïve or overly idealistic. If you study law, then you know how vital crime prevention topics for essays are. Take a chance to explore them to learn about useful methods.

  1. Role Police in the US Play in Justice & Preventing Crimes
  2. Should Prostitution Be Prevented or Should It Be Officially Allowed?
  3. Imagine That You Were Tasked with Preventing a Bank Robbery: How Would You Achieve This Goal?
  4. Is It Possible to Interfere in Organized Crime or Is It an Unstoppable Force?
  5. Security in Prison: Is It Effective in Stopping Violence Among Inmates?
  6. Discuss Possibility of Ending Crime for Good: Under Which Conditions Would This Be Possible?
  7. How Could Online Piracy Be Stopped on a Global Level?
  8. Discuss Ways of Preventing Rape by Focusing on Tested Methods
  9. Could Revenge-Motivated Murders Be Stopped Through Timely Criminal Profiling?
  10. What Role Do Psychologists Play in Crime Prevention?

Juvenile Delinquency and Justice-Involved Ideas

Check this list of basic criminal justice topics for college essays. Young people are the foundation of our society, but sometimes their actions poison it. It is our duty to learn why and how this happens.

  1. Which Is the Most Common Crime Among Teens?
  2. What Is the Chance of Sexually Abused Teen Growing to Be a Sex Offender?
  3. How Bad Is State of Juvenile Delinquency in Your City?
  4. Analyze Existing Techniques for Solving Issue of Teen Crime
  5. The Most Horrifying Child Killer That Stayed in Your Memory
  6. Which Crimes Happen in Schools & How Are They Addressed?
  7. Could Young People Be Tried as Adults Under Certain Circumstances?
  8. Discuss Major Reasons That Cause Juvenile Delinquency
  9. How Does American Foster Care Contribute to Crimes Done by Teens?
  10. Is There a Link between Violent TV & Rising Crime Rates and Addictions Among Young People?

White-Collar Crime and Justice Essay Topics

What do you think about white collar crime topics? Every country is plagued by this problem to the point where most people take this idea for granted. Investigate it and try to make a difference, even if in a small way.

  1. Stealing Done on a Governmental Level: How Is This Done?
  2. Discuss Procedure  of Sentencing High-End Officials to Prison & Its Commonness
  3. Which Governments Are Secretly Involved in Drug Trafficking?
  4. Analyze Identity Theft Organized by American Government to Hide Its Involvement in 9/11 Tragedy
  5. The Most Corrupt Government in the World
  6. Instance of White-Collar Crime That Was Left Unpunished
  7. Analyze an Instance of Corporate Crime: How Did It Occur?
  8. Does Gender Have Any Relevance in White Collar Crimes?
  9. Confrontation between Classes: Compare Justice as Applied for Low & Upper Classes
  10. Organized Crime as an Action Secretly Supported by Governments

Hate Crimes

Hate crime essay topics are upsetting but interesting. There is nothing more terrifying than the idea of being targeted just because of your mere existence. Tackle this fear by providing explanations and solutions in your essay.

  1. What Criteria Should Be Met for an Attack to Qualify as a Hate-Crime?
  2. Why Do Some People Hate Sexuality of Others Enough to Kill Because of This?
  3. Crimes Fuelled by Racism: Are They Still Common?
  4. Assess Statement “Religion Kills the Biggest Number of People” From a Legal Viewpoint
  5. Is It Possible to Diminish the Number of Hate-Fuelled Crimes via Education?
  6. Select the Most Vulnerable Population Group: Which Criminal-Related Problems Do They Face?
  7. Describe the Oldest Hate-Crimes You Could Find: When and How Did They Occur?
  8. How Do Media Sources Address Hate-Crimes?
  9. Personalities Of People Committing Hate-Crimes: What Are They?
  10. Are Most Hate-Motivated Crimes Committed by Gangs or Single Perpetrators?

Cyber Crimes Topics

The Internet is an amazing invention, but it has also brought us lots of pain and other problems. Check these crime topics for essays. Which of the titles looks more interesting? The choice is all yours!

  1. Define Concept of Cyber-Crime & Its Characteristics
  2. Discuss the First Known Cyber-Crime Ever: What Were Its Circumstances?
  3. Is It Possible to Commit Cyber-Crimes Without Active Internet?
  4. Describe Types of Malicious Software & Their Impacts
  5. Stalking People Has Become Much Easier with Social Media Platforms
  6. What Is Wikipedia Vandalism & How Is It Regulated?
  7. Can Telemarketing Scams Be Qualified as Cyber-Crimes?
  8. Describe Process of Online Identity Theft
  9. How Do Police Officers Control Cyber-Crimes?
  10. Dark Net and Dangers It Hides: Could Authorities Close It Down?

Criminology and Justice Essay Ideas

Exploring more science-based topics on crime could be a great idea for an essay. So, take a look at titles below. They could give you a required inspiration boost.

  1. Explain How Forensic Science Works: What Is Its Role in Crime Solving?
  2. What Is Trafficking & What Could Be Trafficked?
  3. Elaborate On Broken Windows Theory: What Is It & How Does It Work?
  4. Is There a Point in Racial Profiling or Is It Ineffective?
  5. What Pushed You Toward Studying Criminology?
  6. How Could True Crime Statistics Be Obtained?
  7. Define Deviant Behavior: What Is This & How Is It Classified?
  8. Research Female Serial Killers: Who Are They & How Many of Them Are Known?
  9. Fake Scientific Information: Is It Fraudulent to Distribute It?
  10. What Causes Riots & How Does Government Deal With Them?

Criminal Behavior

What motivates criminals and why they commit crimes despite the fear of punishment? There are many different crime topics to write about in this category. Check out any of them and start research for your essay!

  1. Somali Piracy: What Motivates People Involved in It?
  2. Create a Criminal Profile on Al Capone
  3. Could Ted Bundy Be Stopped If He Got Help Timely?
  4. Describe an Instance of Personality Disorder along with Its Reasons
  5. Under What Conditions Do You Think You Could Become a Criminal?
  6. Discuss Stereotypes Related to Criminals: How Do People Perceive Them?
  7. What Kind of People Become Terrorists?
  8. How Often Do Psychopaths Become Killers?
  9. Discuss Suicide by a Police Officer Phenomenon: What Stimulates It?
  10. Explain Documented Cases of Murders Committed By Sleepwalkers

Choose the Best Criminal Law Essay Topics

We hope that at least one title from our criminal justice-based list helped you settle on a topic! If you pick great themes that you genuinely find interesting and engaging, you’ll be able to see writing from a whole new side. All college students know that they’ll have to write essay works on a constant basis, and the best way to deal with this is by making writing process exciting. So, don’t pick the first law enforcement essay topics you see: make an effort to look for the ones that make you eager to explore them. Everyone is going to benefit from this!

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