The main purpose of this film is to discuss about the disabilities in the Film Forrest Gump

The primary goal of this film is to explore the drama movie Forest Gump's disabilities. The year this film was made was 1994. (Groom 34). This movie is based on a novel that was published in 1986. Disabilities and prejudice are two of the major themes explored in this film. A mental or physical disorder that limits an individual's senses, movements, or behaviors is referred to as disability: It's also known as a handicap or a disadvantage that's usually recognized by the statute (Fredrickson 56). Racism, on the other hand, is a bias or bigotry directed against someone of a different race: In this case people believe that their race is much more superior as compared to other races. There are different type of races in the World today. LITERATURE REVIEW HOW DISABILITIES ARE PORTRAYED IN FILMS Racism and disability are the main themes that are depicted in the Film Forrest Gump. There are different methods that are used to portray disabilities in various films. Today, the film industry plays a vital role when it comes to explaining the concept of disabilities and films. Some films portray a positive impact while others portray a negative impact in relation to the disabled people: Based on my research and findings, most films portray disabilities and the disabled people in a negative way (Sobchack 63). It is safe to say the fact that films have contributed to the discrimination among the disable people. Some of the examples that can be used to prove this fact is that the people who have different disabilities in the society are under – represented in the media. This means that there is Film discrimination among people with disabilities. In this case, normal people are widely represented as compared to the disabled people in the Society. Most of this films are created in a way that they underpin disabled stereotypes. In this case, people with disabilities are underpinned (Wineburg 72). They are not given the same rights and opportunities as compared to the Normal people who do not have any disabilities. Based on this scenario, it is safe to say the fact that disabilities are portrayed as a weakness in most films: people who have normal capabilities are considered to be more important and effective. Disabilities are also portrayed in films using a language, images and terminology that depicts people who cannot be able to help themselves out (Sobchack 12). In this case, people with disabilities are seen as a group of people who are largely reliable on other people for their existence and livelihood. The type of language that is used in a majority of the films are normally composed in sad or low tone that reflects on the troubles or the sorrows that the disabled people go through. However some films have incorporated a type of language that creates discrimination in reference to the disabled people. The type of language that is used in this films is very negative in relation to the concept on disabilities (Banks 40). Thirdly when we look at disabilities and how they are portrayed in films, it is safe to say the fact that most of the Medias do not recognize disabled media, culture and art. Based on this scenario, one can derive the fact that people who have disabilities are less recognized or appreciated in the films and the modern society today. In this case: the culture, media and art of normal people with normal capabilities is appreciated in comparison to the art of people who are have different disabilities or disorders. HOW DISABILITIES RELATE TO WORLD DISEASES There are very many ways through which disabilities relate to World Diseases in the past decades as well as in the modern society today. One of the most significant ways through which this disabilities were related to World diseases in the past decades is that it brought morbidity, disability and mortality among most adolescence (Labs 69). Mortality can be defined as the state or process of being on the verge of death: it can also be defined as death that is on a large scale. Morbidity on the other hand refers to a condition where one is diseased or the rate or ration of a disease in a given population of people. When we look at mortality and morbidity, World diseases are heavily related with disabilities in the sense that some of the disabilities are as a result of the World diseases (Sobchack 83). In this case, some diseases are very acute and can be seen to cause different disabilities among people. Disabilities can be said to relate to World diseases in the sense that some of them are caused or emanate from this disabilities. Other ways through which this disabilities relate to World diseases is that these diseases are communicable: this means that they can be passed on from one person to the other through different means or mediums. RACISM AND DISABILITIES IN FORREST GRUMP Racism and disabilities are the main themes that are associated with the film Forrest Grump (Fredrickson 54). This Film mainly involves or centers on this two concepts. The theme of racism is widely reflected in a number of ways. A good example that can be used to explain on this concept is that the Film teaches people that they can be racist if they really mean to be racist: in reference to this case, we get to see the fact that there is evidence of racism as throughout the entire film. One scenario that depicts racism is the fact that as the Film starts, Forrest Gump is giving a story to a group of people in the bus: however a black woman who was sitting next to him is not interested to listening to his story since Gump is of a different race and culture. This is a clear evident act that racism exists in the Film. The black people are not united with the White people (Sobchack 31). There seems to be a great division among this groups of people. In reference to this scenario, the World is made up of people who come belong to different races, culture, religion and tribe. This factors are the main elements of division among different people in the World in the World today. Today, people are divided due to their racial differences (Banks 83). Each race believes that it is superior to the other race. There are at least three different types of races in the World today: this races include the Negroid, Mongolian and Caucasian. The Caucasian race of people is made up of Hamites, Semites and Aryans: the Mongolian race of people is made up of the Chinese, Korean and the Japanese. Other groups of people include the American Indians and the Eskimos. The Negroid group or race is made of African communities mostly (Wineburg 70). This film also brings in the concept of racism in the sense that it is used to categorize people on the basis whether they are above or below racism. This Film categorizes this group of people by determining whether they are simple minded or not: in this case simple minded people are people who are above racism while those that are not simple minded are not above racism. This scenario clearly reflects that on the theme of racism where people can be seen to discriminate against each other. In reference to this scenario and the modern World, it is safe to the say the fact that the World is made up of people who are biased and selective (Wineburg 17). People make judgment on others based on their race or culture as well as other factors just like the one mentioned above. The Political game in the film is also divided along racial lines. As we all know, Politics is one of most important things in the World today. When we look at the film, the people are divided along their own racial lines (Sobchack 90). Each race of people can be seen to support a member of their own. This causes disharmony and disunity among the people consequently leading to racism. Generally, this are some of the main examples that can be used to explain on the concept of racism in the Film. DISABILITIES IN FORREST GUMP Disabilities in Forrest Gump are very evident. A good example that can be used to explain on the case of disability in film is the fact that Forrest was born as disabled person. Despite the fact that Forrest was a runner who had strong limbs he had a crooked spine. This is a form of disability: his spine was not in the right state (Groom 81). All his life Forrest Gump had to wear braces on his legs for support. This braces made his running and walking life very difficult. It is important to note the fact that disabilities come with consequences. Based from the book, Gump underwent a lot of difficulties in life. At a certain point, he had being denied entry into a public school. Based from this scenario, it is evident that people with disabilities in the society are not given the same rights and privileges in relation to the normal people. Most of the disabled people in the society are not treated fairly (Wineburg 45). They are deprived what is theirs and treated as second class citizens in the society. People with low IQ are also categorized among the disabled list of people (Groom 28). In reference to the film, Forrest Gump had a relatively low IQ as compared to other people of his age. He was quick as well as slow when it comes to mind actions. This factor also contributed to him being treated unfairly. Based on this disability incidence in the Film, disabilities is a weakness that many people are selective (Fredrickson 78). According a recent research that was carried out by different scholars, it was evident that a majority of the people in the World today are comfortable in socializing, interacting and sharing information with normal people as compared to the disabled group of people. Disability is a major threat in the World today. It has led to the division and segregation of people in the society (Sobchack 46). In order to seek this issue, the Government ought to set strict and standard policies that govern and protect the rights of the disabled people in the society. CONCLUSION In conclusion, Forrest Gump is a very good film that can be used to explain on the themes of Racism and disabilities. The story line is very clear, concise and easily interpretable. After reading this book, one can be able to understand how this themes are prevalent in the society today. Racism is one of the major issues that the World is facing. There ought to be ways or policies raised. This policies will be used in the regulation of people when it comes to Racism as well the concept of disabilities: in this case people will be able to respect other people’s races as well as culture: disable or capable. Works Cited Banks, Martha. "Disability, Gender, Ethnicity, and Religion." (2015). Fredrickson, George M. Racism: A short history. Princeton University Press, 2015. Groom, Winston. Forrest Gump. Random House Digital, Inc., 2012. Labs, Annika, et al. "Portrayed emotions in the movie" Forrest Gump"." F1000Research 4 (2015). Sobchack, Vivian. The persistence of history: cinema, television and the modern event. Routledge, 2014. Wineburg, Sam, et al. "Forrest Gump and the future of teaching the past." Phi Delta Kappan 89.3 (2007): 168-177.

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