Reflective Essay about Culture

Culture is a complicated topic that involves a set of beliefs, practices, attitudes, values, and languages that are shared within an organization, ethnic, social, religious, or racial groups. Culture influences how humans view different aspects of life as they examine and become aware of the underlying assumptions, behaviors, and expectations that are linked to each culture. The experiences and cultural heritage play a significant role in how people assume and act.
Personal Experience
In my first days on campus, I experienced a hard time interacting and communicating with humans as we had different cultures. I was forced to undertake the other kind of beliefs, values, languages, and attitudes. Culture is shaped by people around such as peers, family, and the media. In my life, the family had the most influence in shaping my cultural identity as I spent a significant amount of time around them especially in my early years. In my cultural background, everybody in the family plays a specific role within the structure where the father is the head while the mother is the assistant. The children were always taught to obey the older population including our parents. The family was the most sacred institution where each individual in the society belonged, and they followed strict rules that had been laid down to guide how we interact, communicate, behavior, and relate with each other. In each family structure, the elder siblings are respected as they were the role model in integrity, honor, values, and behavior.

The male gender is the protectors of the family where they would protect the females from threats and dangers. The males are expected to be brave, energetic, honest, adventurous, and respectful, and they were trained to perform energy-demanding activities. On the other hand, the females are allocated duties within the home environment which were light and demand less energy. They must also show respect and demonstrate an interest in activities that the mother of the family performs. The delegation of tasks and assigning chores are essential activities that teach the children to become hard workers when they grow and also become obedient. The community is treated as an extended family where the elders are treated with respect, and they are allowed to conduct good parenting to the children. An elder can discipline the child of a neighbor whenever the kid misbehaves. Any child who is considered to be misbehaving is regarded as a disgrace to both the society and the parents. Therefore, the children are well behaved in the community.

In my adolescent life, peers had a significant influence on my life experience. We developed groups within ourselves based on community and family support. These groups ensured that we had maintained the values that were present within a family such as honor, respect, and loyalty. They helped shape our beliefs, behavior, and values into honorable, obedient, and respectable kids. However, the groups were formed by youths from the same culture and this limited our growth and understanding of the other cultures.


In shaping my cultural values, beliefs, behavior, and practices family was the most important as I had a support system from my parents and my older siblings. The children are expected to respect the family system where the family is the head while the mother is the assistant. As I moved to my early year on campus, I was not entirely prepared to meet the different people and their diverse beliefs and behavior. This situation forced me to struggle with the different people I met and to live comfortably with the new cultures I was learning.

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