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The Church of Scientology

There are few groups in the country - and truly in the world – that inspire more confusion and outrage than the Church of Scientology. Here in Saint Paul where I live, the church has a chapter built on the site of the old Science Museum that gives me those...

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Scientology: A Cult or a Religion?

Religion refers to a set of cultural beliefs and practices adopted by a sect of the community as a mode of showing their allegiance to a deity. According to Durkheim, religion comprises of unified practices and beliefs that enable a respective society to unite together and form a church (Durkheim...

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The Scientology Cult

Several evidence link Scientology to a cult rather than to a faith. In the first place, the Church of Scientology is considered a sinister and vicious cult masquerading as religion. Really, the primary aim of this cult is to make profits. Scientology practices different methods to manipulate people's minds. In...

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