The Scientology Cult

Several evidence link Scientology to a cult rather than to a faith. In the first place, the Church of Scientology is considered a sinister and vicious cult masquerading as religion. Really, the primary aim of this cult is to make profits. Scientology practices different methods to manipulate people’s minds. In addition, these people are drawn into the midst of the cult in order to gain power over their lives and their wealth (Christensen 155). The biggest justification for Scientology is to remove any money off the people they have. In certain cases, people are also forced to borrow money for the evil of this cult. Brief History
The science fiction writer known as L. Ron Hubbard played a significant role in starting this cult in fulfillment to its declared objective of beginning a religion for making money (Passes and Castillo 103). This kind of exercise is an offshoot of a method of psychotherapy the originator of the cult concocted from several sources. L. Ron Hubbard named these sources “Dianetics.” By definition, dianetics refers to the form of therapy of regression. Further, this cult was expanded with the intention of making it appear more like a religion (Doherty 38). The main reason behind making the church look like religion was to enjoy the benefits of the tax.

L. Ron Hubbard named the kind of cult Scientology (Christensen 158). Since then, Scientology has been evident to be a crackpot concoction in addition to dangerously applied idiotic, psychotherapy, inapplicable, and oversimplified ideas and rules, as well as the nonsense of the science fiction that is presented to the members as the profound truth of spirits.

Harmful Effects Scientology to a Person

The result of “auditing” (applying the crackpot psychotherapy) is to make the mind weak. At this point, the mind goes from a state that is rational to the irrational one as the subconscious mind’s delusional contents are brought to the surface (Wessinger 116). Moreover, these subconscious mind’s delusional contents are also assumed to be valid. Further, this exercise makes a person more susceptible to suggestion (Doherty 41). In general, Scientology results in the submerging of the faculties of critical thinking of the mind into a partial state of the subconscious.

Scientology causes a permanent trance of light hypnotic to a person. Thenceforth, a person becomes easier to control than before. To a much more significant extent, such people will tend to believe in addition to doing whatever they are told to do. Needless to say, the procedure is mainly used to the full in persuading people to dedicate themselves to the cults as well as hand over more money (Christensen 163). The effect of applying the inapplicable and oversimplified rules in life is to lose the capacity of thinking logically and rationally. After losing the ability to think for themselves, these people also lose the position of challenging the incorrect ideas.

As a result, the type of people become easy to control. Scientology also alienates and isolates the individual from the society. In practice, these people withdraw from the normal society and instead, they enter the society of “Scientology.” Such a decision further results in the increase of their susceptibility for influencing their group. Normally, these people tend to be afraid of their society (Genter 159). They believe that all the societies are being controlled by a group of companies of drugs, financiers, in addition to the psychiatrists, all of whom are expected to be reporting to the remote masters. Basically, the Scientology makes people be in a state of mass paranoia. Consequently, these people, therefore, fail to read the newspapers and any other things related to it for fear of disturbing their safe world of Scientology (Passes and Castillo 109). In other words, these people undergo a downward spiral into madness.

The content of the science fiction of Scientology revealed to those people after reaching the state that they refer to as “Clear.” This stage means that they are free from the mind’s aberrations (Wessinger 119). Perhaps, the best applicable term for describing such people who have survived the near entire content of delusion of the subconscious mind would be “brainwashed.” The “OT” level which is considered more advanced compared to the “Clear” state, these people are likely to encounter the Xenu story (Genter 163). All the overpopulation was supposed to have been gathered by Xenu in this galaxy’s sector then bringing them to earth before exterminating them by the use of bombs made from hydrogen.

The murdered people’s souls are supposed to infest the everyone’s body. These murdered souls of the body are known as the “body thetans.” On the Scientology advanced levels, these thetans are audited by a person telepathically as they are made ready for re-experiencing the use of hydrogen bombs for their extermination (Doherty 48). For this reason, everyone on such levels assumes all their faulty memories and evil thoughts that results from the infestation of these body thetans. At this point, many of the Scientologist go raving mad in case they have not done so already.

The Trap of “Ethics”

Normally, the church of Scientology always appears reasonable on the surface. The content of insane of the cult is only revealed to people after the early stuff does its work to make them more susceptible. Shortly, these people tend to “believe” that Scientology is vital to them and it is doing them some good (Genter 169). Consequently, these people are then persuaded for helping their new-found group further by working for the organization as well as donating money (Wessinger 121). These are the exact things that many people do for the organization.

The use of “ethics” is for good effect that traps a person. At this point, the natural tendency of a person to do good is worked upon (Passes and Castillo 117). Undoubtedly, these people desire to be more ethical. However, a clever trick is pulled when it comes to the correct definition of the term “ethics.” Scientology redefines ethics in such a way that being ethical means were becoming a much better Scientology (Christensen 225). For this reason, the ethical people tend to obey the church more than others.


Overall, Scientology is no doubt a religion but rather a cult. They only use religion for hiding their evil deeds. As noted, the Scientology church is a sure dangerous and vicious cult masquerading as the religion with the main reason for making money. The various techniques they use are helpful to them for controlling the mind of the people. People should always be educated on the wrongdoing of this cult. All in all, everyone has to take care.

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