Essays on Middle East

The Palestinian-Israeli Conflict: A Barrier to Peace

Israel is the only Jewish state, whose location is found on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestinians, on the other hand, is Arab population that also claims ownership of the land Israelis currently occupy as they refer to it as Palestine. Their hope would be fulfilled when they...

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Discuss the idea that the Middle East is a colonial invention

It is worth acknowledging that the Middle East refers to some place in which history keeps undergoing remake often. It is for this reason that it has had a lot of consistency alongside being the battle-space for the empires in search of gaining control over tactical riches, a consistently regenerating...

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The Relationship Between North Korea and Iran

The relationship between North Korea and Iran was warm as from the early 2000s. During this period, the relation of each of this two nations started to improve with the United States. However, the speech by Bush in January 2002 that referred the countries as the “axis of evil” only...

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The Iraq Invasion: The Longest, Largest and Most Expensive Use of Armed Force Since Vietnam War

From Napoleon’s attempt to conquer Russia to President Bush administration’s decision to invade Iraq, history is beset by military blunders. President George W. Bush’s administration made a case on several grounds for operation against Saddam Hussein. The US invasion to Iraq has since become the longest, largest, as well as...

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Utopian Zionism: The Kibbutz Movement

After World War II and the Holocaust in which six million Jewish individuals were slaughtered, more Jewish individuals needed their own nation. They were given a substantial piece of Palestine, which they considered their customary home however the Arabs who previously lived there and in neighboring nations felt that was...

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The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

Israel is the only Jewish state, whose location is found on the eastern side of the Mediterranean Sea. Palestine on the other hand is an Arab population that also claim ownership of the land that the Israelis currently occupy as they refer to it as Palestine. Their hope would be...

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The Use of Nature in the Poem Song of Songs

In his poem Song of Songs, Michael V. Fox describes a warrior who worships the woman whom he adores, using natural elements in order to express his love towards her. So, he expresses his love towards her, comparing her hair with one kingdom, the forehead with a flight of flowers,...

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Women's Rights to Drive in Saudi Arabia

The royal order that lifted the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia could not have come at a better time. The lift on this ban was a reprieve to the many who felt disfranchised by the discriminatory rule that selectively allowed men to drive while locking out the woman...

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Women Rights in Saudi Arabia

About 27years ago, some women were found roaming around the Saudi Arabian capital city, Riyadh in vehicles. The driving by women was a case of open defiance and blatant violation of the rules set by the state and the religious community banning women from driving vehicles in Saudi Arabia. This...

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Saudi Aramco Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a notion of concern to both the social and business world in the recent years. This fact has led to an increase in interaction between the business, government, and society as a whole. In the past years, the primary concern of most business was the economic results...

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Bicycle Industry in Israel

According to Israel Central Bureau of statistics, the country had a population of 8,855,000 people. There are slightly more males than females with the ratio of male to female estimated at 1.05. Approximately 75% of the population are Jews and 20% are Arabs. The rest of the immigrants are about...

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An Overview of Iran's Economy

International trade has positively impacted the economic growth of Iran over the last two decades. The primary source of foreign exchange revenue in Iran is the export of oil and gas. The other export commodities in Iran are petrochemicals, carpets, textiles and edible goods such as fresh and dried fruits....

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