100 Great Art Essay Topics for Creative Writing

Looking for art essay topics is an interesting but challenging task. On the one hand, students know that they are just a step away from finding what they are looking for and getting a clear idea for their college essay, but on the other, sometimes this step just does not end. Inspiration is a fickle thing, and you cannot always come across a truly good title. To increase your chances, we have developed a list with 100 diverse ideas. Look at them and you’re bound to find a great fuel for your future essay.

100 Art Topics For Your Choosing

You’ll find ten different categories with artistry essay titles below. Feel absolutely free to pick whichever of them you prefer and complete a winning essay that will get a high grade. Choose a topic, develop it more.

Art Essay Topics on Photography

The world that surrounds us is extremely beautiful. Many people hope to capture at least some of its aspects, and that’s what their cameras help them do. If you share their fascination, consider these photography art essay topics.

  1. In Which Country Did Photography Flourish Most?
  2. When and Why Did People Start Considering Photography as an Art-Form?
  3. Explain Connection Between Photography and Journalism
  4. How Could People Be Encouraged to Engage in Photography More Often?
  5. Are Colleges Offering Degree in Photography Popular Among Applicants?
  6. Photo That Was Sold For the Highest Sum
  7. Describe a Photo That Touched You Enough to Make You Cry
  8. Could Making Family Photo Albums Be Considered Art?
  9. Which Photographs Are Accepted by World Museums?
  10. Use of Photography in Mental Therapy

Theater Art Essay Topics

Who isn’t entertained by theater? Performances captivate us because they mirror real life in the way movies cannot. Look at these art topics to write about if you are interested in it.

  1. What Do People Find Fascinating About Theater Performances?
  2. Why Do Some People Prefer Playing in Theater to Acting Careers in Hollywood?
  3. Japanese Art In Terms of Kabuki Theater
  4. Why Are People Expected to Dress Up for Visiting Theater?
  5. Origins of Theater and First Performances: How Did They Happen?
  6. Would You Like to Play in Theater?
  7. What Elements Are Included Into Stage Setting for Aesthetics Purposes?
  8. Describe Performance That Affected You Enough to Make You Fall in Love with Theater
  9. Should All Theater Performances Be Free?
  10. Do You Personally Consider Theater Art?

Cinematography Ideas

People love watching movies. For many of us, they take up a big part of life, and exploring them is extremely interesting. Look for an essay about art in this category.

  1. What Is Art-House Genre? Describe Its Major Characteristics
  2. Symbolism In ‘Hannibal’ TV Show: What Elements Help Create It?
  3. Discuss Your Favorite Movie From Objective Viewpoint
  4. What Is the Most Expensive Movie in Existence?
  5. How Does Hollywood Differ From Bollywood?
  6. Talk About Roles That Haunted Actors for the Rest of Their Lives
  7. How to Create a Satisfying Ending for a Lengthy TV Show?
  8. What Inspires Filmmakers to Create Sequels?
  9. Which Creative Elements Help Build Suspense?
  10. What Scares People When They Watch Horror Movies: Discuss from Professional Perspective

Art Essay Topics about Artist Biography

Maybe you hold passion for the idea of artists, not just art? After all, it’s equally fascinating to know who stands behind the mesmerizing creations. Pick a topic about arts’ creators.

  1. Who Was Frida Khalo and What Legacy Has She Left Behind?
  2. Describe What Motivated an Artist to Create Your Favorite Painting
  3. Discuss Challenges Monet Faced During Work
  4. What Makes Hieronymus Bosch Legendary?
  5. Life, Creativity, and Death of Mozart
  6. Are There Any Misconceptions About Picasso’s Life?
  7. Pick the Oldest Artist You Can Find & Discuss Their Biography
  8. Life of Da Vinci and the Mark He Has Left on Us
  9. What Attracted Beethoven to Music?
  10. Describe Early Life of Andy Warhol

Essay Topics about Art Around the World

How about art topics ideas related to the global arena? Amazing artists are everywhere — they live in every country, small or big, developed or underdeveloped. So consider choosing these universal themes.

  1. Trace Ways in Which Visual Arts Are Expressed in Different Countries
  2. Puppet Shows: Where Did They Originate From?
  3. Talk About Jewish Artworks: Does It Have Any Distinguishing Features?
  4. Passion-Fuelled Dancing in Arabic Countries
  5. Dances Performed Before a Battle: Discuss These Traditions
  6. Why Is Calligraphy Considered Artistry in Some Countries?
  7. Japanese Paintings Done on Water: What Does This Style Entail?
  8. Evolution of K-Pop: How Did This Style Come to Be?
  9. How Is Fashion in Indian Tribes Understood?
  10. Craft of Cooking in Italy: Discuss Its Basics

Art Piece Analysis Essay Topics

Art argumentative essay topics are more complex, but that’s what makes them unique. If you like a challenge, you’ll definitely enjoy some of options below. Just be sure you find good sources for them.

  1. What Do You Think Mona Lisa’s Smile Mean?
  2. Pick Any Bosch’s Painting and Analyze How Hell Is Depicted On It
  3. Compare Two Paintings on a Similar Topic: Which Is Better?
  4. Do 3D Sculptures Look More Impressively Than Classical Ones?
  5. Which Paintings Belong to Fine-Art Category?
  6. Discuss Realism Elements in ‘Scream’ Painting
  7. Biblical Symbolism: Which Three Paintings Reflect It Most?
  8. Analyze Surrealism in The Birth of Venus
  9. Make an Argument About Meaning of Picasso’s ‘Les Demoiselles d’Avignon’
  10. How Did the Asylum Affect the Creation of Van Gogh’s Starry Night?

Modern Art Topics

Some people are obsessed with the past, seeking paintings created years ago. But how about writing a modern art essay? It could be just as interesting!

  1. Do You Consider Graffiti a Form of Art?
  2. Is Modern Creations a Pale Imitation of What We Had Before?
  3. Role of Technologies in Creating Beautiful Paintings
  4. How Did Globalization Affect Our Modern Artistic Development?
  5. What Features Distinguish Contemporary Art?
  6. Role That Artworks Play in Modern Ads
  7. How Much Work Is Needed to Create Cartoons for Children?
  8. How Can People Share and Advertise Their Artworks in the Era of Technology?
  9. How Do Modern Wars Affect Art?
  10. When Did Artistic Fairs Appear & What Purpose Do They Have?

Art History Topics

History is a fascinating thing, so why not combine it together with art? We prepared ten titles about it. Look at the following art history compare and contrast essay topics.

  1. Were Females Depicted More Realistically in the Past or Now? Make Comparison between 2 Specific Paintings
  2. How Was ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ Created? Include At Least Two Points of View
  3. Explain the Intensity Behind ‘Arrangement in Grey and Black No. 1’ vs. ‘Grande Odalisque’
  4. Compare Two Old Paintings Depicting the Same War: How Do They Differ?
  5. Contrast Use of Colors in ‘The Kiss’ and ‘Composition with Red Blue and Yellow’
  6. How Was Beauty Understood in 18th versus 20th Centuries?
  7. Why Do Many Old Portraits of Women Feature Them Nude?
  8. Are You Interested in Artistic History? Express Your Opinions
  9. Compare 2 Old Artists of Your Own Choosing
  10. War as Portrayed in ‘Guernica’ vs. ‘Liberty Leading the People’

Art Movements and Styles Essay Ideas

Some find inspiration in the idea of artistic styles and movements. Do you wonder which of them some of your favorite paintings belong to? If so, you should think about creating an essay on artwork.

  1. What Features Does Cubism Possess?
  2. Discuss the Flow of Modernism and What It Is Represented By
  3. Help Someone Who Does Not Anything About Culture Understand Futurism
  4. Do You Find Baroque Style Attractive?
  5. Discuss Best Representatives of Rococo Style
  6. Which Artistic Movement Could Be Viewed as the Most Influential?
  7. Minimalism or Maximalism: What Do You Prefer?
  8. How Did Surrealism Appear & What Changes Did It Bring?
  9. Discuss Three Major Representatives of Impressionism
  10. What Does Installation Artworks Include?

Museums and Exhibitions

Some students are curious about topics for art projects. If you like the sound of this idea, check out these titles. Visiting exhibitions is always fun!

  1. My Visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art: What I Remember Most
  2. What Is the Biggest Museum in the World?
  3. Talk About Which Artwork Is Sought Out by War Exhibitions
  4. If You Were Organizing Exhibitions, What Paintings Would You Choose?
  5. Which of Your Works of Art Would You Submit to a Museum If Asked?
  6. Should People be Able to Visit Museums For Free?
  7. Describe Your Ideal Creative Project
  8. Displays of Which Artworks Gather the Biggest Audiences?
  9. Museums in Africa: Pick One and Describe What Makes It Special
  10. Talk About Project Created by the Youngest Artist: What Made It Worth Considering?

Choose Unique Art Essay Idea and Enjoy Creating

We hope that you managed to find a title you like in our list! Copy and paste it into your document, edit it if needed, and find sources. Afterward, you can start writing. Your work will go much more smoothly if you like the idea you’re exploring, so be sure you find it both for yourself and for your readers. Treat writing passionately, and this passion will be appreciated.

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