Bracelet Narration

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Bracelets are classified as ornaments or objects that are used for aesthetic purposes. My gold ring on my wrist has a lot of nostalgic significance for me. It may seem ritualistic to assume that it is my “good luck” charm, but it is, in my opinion. The story behind the bracelet is a tragic one, but it has turned me into who I am today. Its persistent appearance on my wrist reflects the relationship I have with the bracelet. Let me remind you about the bracelet’s origins. I was born in a family of five, three siblings, and my parents. My dad worked as a Clerk at the national assembly while my mum was a housewife. My father always wanted the best for his family, and he made sure that we had the best education. Mother always encouraged my siblings and me, to ensure that we worked hard in school, though she had never gone past high school in her education. When I was seven, my dad opened up a business for my mother. She was elated, and she kept on bragging of her progress. Life was slowly getting better with the day.

Things changed, however, when I was ten. My dad developed a different attitude towards my mother. He would come home, late at night, drank and hit everything on his way. Every time my mother would ask him to stop his uncouth conduct, he would turn her into a punching bag, hit her hard that on one occasion I thought he had taken her life away. We suddenly became the laughing stock of the society. However, this hardly deterred my mother from taking care of her business.

Life took a further rugged path when I joined high school. My dad was diagnosed with tuberculosis, and it never took long before our family doctor confirmed that he had also contracted HIV/AIDS virus. For me, this was a bitter pill to swallow, and my future appeared uncertain. Ten months after his diagnosis, my dad was a frail figure, a man whose life was ebbing away at a fast rate. My dad stopped taking his medication and he claimed that he had already given up with life as he severally apologized to my mother for the pains that he had caused her. He later passed on at a local municipal in what was the most painful thing in my life.

What I hardly knew is that we were waiting to brace for even a larger tide. After his burial, life went back to normal. My mother also started getting weak, and at first, I thought that it was the stress factor brought by the loss of her husband, which was not the case. She too was HIV positive! One day as I was watching TV, she called me and gave me a golden bracelet then told me to be strong and take good care of my siblings. That was the last time I heard from her. I stared blankly, my heart in my mouth, as her eyes closed! Death had stolen my mum from us! I cried my heart out, holding tightly onto the golden bracelet.

As I drift from my flashback, I gaze at my golden bracelet. The meaning behind the item is the mother’s love towards her children. The gold-coating is a representation of my mother’s golden heart. The item reminds me of my lovely mother, who would have wished to see my siblings and I become better people in the society as well as attain our dreams. It being on my wrist signifies mum’s ever presence in my life. Despite the bad blood that I developed with my dad, I can also say that the bracelet also reminds me of him, my father, who always wanted the best for us.

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