Thoughts on Nursing as a Career

Nursing as a Never-Ending Learning Process

Nursing is not a vocation that I believe to be a career or a job. I believe it is a never-ending learning process, an experience that I look forward to every day in order to transform people's lives. Improving people's lives is priceless, whether the service I do is significant or goes undetected. Every day, the pride I feel when I say, "I want to be a nurse," is indescribable. Nursing is a career that demands compassion and honesty. It is a privilege that transcends human standards and the duties I have as a result of the gift of life. The first time I became an important person in someone's life, the encounter was fulfilling though brief. That day, a feeling of self-worth and accomplishment consumed my whole body. I had only performed first aid to a child who was being choked by a cookie he was eating. I imagined just how nursing would leave me with an attitude of purpose. It would be more fulfilling that every day, I'm needed in everyone's life.

Nursing Beyond the Hospital Walls

As a nurse, my service would not only be limited to the hospital but also outside the hospitals. I can easily attend to emergencies whether it be at home or a party or even in the bus. Nursing provides me with the privilege of applying my professional knowledge in any situation at any time to save lives. Personally, I have been under the care of a nurse before and I know just how it is important that patients are afforded good care especially when they are most vulnerable. I want to be part of the team that helps patients regain their dignity, independence, and most importantly their health.

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