The fall of the House of Usher

The House of Usher employs a wide range of metaphors, imagery, and allegory. There is a reflection at the beginning of the story that is twisted by the narrator by indicating the tarn that is seen in front of the house of usher while still defining the emotional and continuity of their relationship (Manning et al. 54). The narrator expands on the doubling theme by using the concept of inverted dichotomy, in which he refers to Madeline and Usher as twins when identifying their gender as male or female. The narrator also explains with the use of double motif the form of mental and physical, and the aspect of life and death (16). The aspect of dichotomy is used to describe the division experienced from two opposing sides or direction.
In the lines, 261 and on, usher the aspect of usher playing songs which he describes as random but the narrator describes the act as written before as well as rehearsed (29). Also when the narrator gives a description if Madeline and the disease, he indicates that it could be the last time he sees her but later on there is an indication that she could be alive.
Psychological perspective
The state of mind developed by the author is a sign of lack of hope and psychological setback by the house of usher. An indication of acuteness of the senses” shows that the usher is suffering from a psychological setback (39). The narrator fleeing outside and the image of him watching the house of usher breaking into two parts and later sinking into the dark are evident of the mental state of usher before the tragedy.
Imagery of storms to suffering of characters
The storm seen outside is a perfect imagery use by the narrator to represent the agony and turmoil being undergone by the characters. With usher being sick as well as Madeline, the author uses the case to show that the house is falling as it alludes to the storm (201).

Work cited
Manning, Matthew K, Jim Jimenez, and Edgar A. Poe. The fall of the House of Usher. , 2014. Print.

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