100 Great Persuasive Research Paper Topics for Any Assignment

If you start wondering where to find good persuasive research paper topics, it’s time to understand your task, figure out its components, and look for outside help. All college students stand an equal chance of writing a great paper, but only some of them succeed. The reason for it lies in the degree of their preparation. A persuasive paper is a piece of writing where you present your viewpoint on a specific issue and try to get your readers to share it by presenting arguments and appealing to their minds as well as emotions. The more essays like this you write, the better you’ll understand how to use evidence and convince people of your ideas. But no matter how well you understand your assignment, you still need to choose a solid topic, and that’s where most problems start emerging.

Steps For Settling On a Good Persuasive Research Topic

College professors always require their students to conduct research and write a paper of some type. Before doing this, though, you have to understand what you should be writing about. We devised four useful suggestions that will guide you through this process.

  • Be invested. Persuasive research papers are an interesting task, but it only works if you pick the best possible topic. It should appeal to you personally, meaning that you need to have a genuine interest in exploring it. If nothing comes to mind immediately, try looking through your Internet history. What things were you discussing with friends or on online platforms? Maybe you left a hot opinion on someone’s YouTube channel? It’s important to focus on a subject that gets you into a talkative mood, so keep going through your debates and hobbies until you find something exciting and academic at the same time.
  • Pick a viewpoint. The second meaningful step students should undertake when selecting topics for persuasive research paper is to pick their position on an issue. What do you personally think about it? Do you share views that majority hold or is your personal view the opposite? Answer these questions before you attempt to debate or your paper topic will be redundant.
  • Find sources. You should collect enough sources before you start working on a paper. All of them should be relevant and created within the last 5 or 7 years. First place to check is your college library. Look through titles that would fit your research persuasive paper topics. Then check online platforms: there should be enough articles or books you could download there. If you cannot find anything credible, better search for other ideas.
  • Discuss with others. Brainstorming never hurts, and in most cases, it is actually extremely important. Discuss all persuasive paper topic ideas you have with your college classmates. Family members will do as well — explain what you have in mind and practice your arguments on them. A professor could be a great option, too, and since your grade depends on them, it might be logical to ask for advice.

100 Best Topics for Persuasive Research Papers

Looking through lists with potential persuasive topics is one of the best moves you could make. We created one just for you. Ten popular categories with ten topics in each are diverse enough to meet all your interests, whatever they are. So, check these options out and select whichever you like!

College Persuasive Research Paper Topics

The following prompts are all on the college level. They are different and important both, so perhaps you’ll like one or two.

  1. Every New Generation Is Smarter Than Its Predecessors
  2. Reading Books Is the Best Form of Entertainment Even Now
  3. People Should Not Let Their Political Opinions Cause Rifts Between Them and Their Loved Ones
  4. Most Older Movies Are Slowly Becoming Less Relevant
  5. Music Is the Best Cure against Depression & Tiredness
  6. Every Person Must Use Their Right to Vote to Make a Difference
  7. Should Church Function Independently From the Government?
  8. Paper Books Market Should Be Saved Regardless of E-Books Popularity
  9. People Should Feel More Passionate About Contributing to Changes in Prison Conditions
  10. US Should Help Countries Where People’s Human Rights Are Openly Broken

High School Persuasive Research Paper Topics

These persuasive paper topics are for high school, so they are pretty easy to write. If you’re interested in this level, feel free to go through these titles.

  1. No One Has the Right to Demand Students to Wear Uniforms
  2. Every Person Should Make Obligatory Financial Contributions to Pet Shelters
  3. TV Shows’ Endings That Most People Dislike Must Be Remade
  4. Downloading Things via Torrents Should Be Allowed Under Certain Circumstances
  5. Freedom of Speech Should Have Some Restrictions Anyway
  6. Average Paragraph Length Should Be No Longer Than 150 Words
  7. Water Should Be Sold For Free In Every Country
  8. Fanfiction Is a Valid Kind of Literature That Deserves Respect & Attention
  9. Writer’s Blocks Are Not as Disastrous as They Are Presented
  10. Big Name Fans Should Be Consulted by Writers As they Are Working on TV Shows

Marketing Persuasive Ideas

How about an example of persuasive writing topics on the theme of marketing? Our world is full of ads, and it might be exciting to explore them.

  1. Flawed Ads Damage Companies’ Reputations to a Big Extent
  2. No One Pays Attention to Marketing Done Via Email Anymore
  3. Facebook Is the Best Platform for Service Promotion
  4. Branding Is the Most Crucial Aspect Responsible For Firms’ Image
  5. Economy Is Oversaturated With Ad Agencies & Their Work
  6. Employees Should Be Assessed Based on Skills, Not Experience
  7. Starbucks Is Not as Popular as It Used to Be Before
  8. Being Ad Exec Is Among the Most Profitable Positions
  9. Personal Touch Is the Best Way for Establishing Contact with Clients
  10. Marketing & Advertising Concepts Could Be Interchanged

Persuasive Research Paper on Psychology Topics

Would you like to know what’s happening in someone’s mind, why they behave and react the way they do? Pick a persuasive writing idea from this group and research it.

  1. Immaturity Leads to Confusion: Some People Do Not Understand What Fiction Is
  2. Why Is Asexuality Often Misunderstood & Treated in a Hostile Manner?
  3. Telling White Lies Is a Normal Practice That Should Not Be Discouraged
  4. Can Introverts and Extraverts Be Friends Successfully?
  5. Some People Should Not Have Children
  6. There Is No Such Thing as Harmless Stereotypes: They Are All Dangerous
  7. Corporal Punishment Should Be Viewed as a Form of Abuse
  8. A Person Cannot Improve Their Self-Esteem Unless They Truly Want It
  9. Panic Attacks and Worry Over Them Cause Many Other Health Issues
  10. Most Teenage Parents Are Incapable of Raising Well-Adapted Children

Persuasive Technology and Social Media Research Paper Ideas

What do you think about good persuasive research topics about technology? It’s everywhere, and if you’d like some samples, take your pick from the titles below.

  1. Employees Have the Right to Post Any Opinions They Want on Their Social Media
  2. Social Media Platforms Contribute to Intensified Bullying Among Students
  3. Technology Is Making Our World Worse, Not Better
  4. Instagram Is Twisting Our Understanding of Beauty
  5. Outdoor Activities Are Becoming Obsolete Due to the Internet Spread
  6. Globalization Is Moved Forward by Technological Development
  7. Only Old Fashioned People Object to Online Dating
  8. Basic Technology Courses Should Be Free Because They Are Essential for Modern Survival
  9. Those Who text as They Drive Should Lose Their Driving License For Good
  10. Being Socially Popular Gives People an Unfair Amount of Power

Persuasive Health and Medicine Topics

Health is something each person is concerned about, especially now, when everyone is panicking over COVID. Explore these persuasive research topics out if you share these feelings.

  1. Pain Killers Should Not Cost Any Money Because People’s Health Depends on Them
  2. Cigarettes Should Be Forbidden Across the World
  3. Wearing Masks for Protection Against COVID Is Overrated
  4. Those Who Do Not Weak Masks These Days Should Face Legal Punishment
  5. Individuals Who Cannot Afford Vital Surgery Should Receive Assistance from Government
  6. Doctors Prescribe Too Many Unnecessary Drugs to Americans
  7. Health Insurance in the US Is  One of the Least Effective Structures Globally
  8. Mental Health Is as Vital as Physical Health
  9. Healthy Food Should Become Affordable For Everyone in America & Globally
  10. Alcohol Should Not Be Sold to Anyone Regardless of Their Age

Education Persuasive Research Paper Topics

Looking through education-related persuasive topics to write about is always a plus because all students have something to say on this matter. Do you want to express some thoughts? Great, go right ahead!

  1. Education Must Be Free for All Regardless of Its Level
  2. Should Every Person Go to College After High School?
  3. Young Colleges Do Not Receive Enough Help from the Government
  4. US College Tuition Is Too High for Most Students
  5. Homework Is Too Monotonous and Boring: It Should Be Made More Diverse
  6. Students Who Enter Colleges and Universities Must Receive Free Accommodations
  7. Bullying Should Be Punished With Expulsion in All Cases
  8. Food in School Cafeterias Should Not Cost Anything
  9. Being Homeschooled Is as Effective as Getting Education at School
  10. Cheating Is a Natural Process That Should Not Be Punished Severely

History Research Paper Persuasive Ideas

If the past is something that makes your blood run hotter, try these persuasion topics. Investigate what happened for what reason and share this info with your audience.

  1. Many Individuals Start Forgetting Important Details About WW2
  2. Communication Was a Major Problem That Resulted In Vietnam War
  3. Slavery Brought Some Benefits to Society of Those Times
  4. Some Individuals Have Succeeded in Predicting the Future as We Know It Now
  5. Deodorant Is One of the Most Important Inventions of Modernity
  6. Governments & Their Actions Are What Caused Famine in Most Countries
  7. Archaic Populations Would Not Be Able to Adapt to Modern Times
  8. The Way Piracy Is Romanticized in Fiction Dulls People’s Wariness of It in Real Life
  9. It Is Impossible to Know Which Historical Facts Are True For Sure
  10. Bible Is Rooted in Traditions from the Old World

World and Countries Issues

No matter what country you live in, it is bound to have serious problems. This is inevitable, so select a topic for persuasive research paper among the titles we came up with below.

  1. Why Are People Becoming More Obsessed with Politics?
  2. Religion Is A Powerful Weapon That Helps Control Our Minds
  3. Racism Remains a Serious Problem In All Countries
  4. Despite Same-Sex Marriage Being Legalized in Many Countries, Homophobia Remains a Problem
  5. US Should Start Paying Its Astronomical Debts
  6. Dollar Will Lose Its Relevance In the Next 10 Years
  7. It’s Impossible to Fully Overcome Gender Stereotypes
  8. Governments Could Prevent All Wars From Occurring If They Wanted
  9. Brexit Is the Best Thing That Could Happen to the UK
  10. Beauty and Appeal of France as a Country Are Overrated

Animals and Nature

If you love animals and are passionate about nature, take a look at the following research persuasive topics. Maybe you’ll enjoy one of them.

  1. Children Should Be Allowed to Bring Pets to School
  2. Governments Should Come Up with Artificial Meat for Replacing the Real One
  3. Birds Are the Best Pets We Could Have
  4. Wild Animals Should Be Protected but Not Kept as Pets
  5. Recycling Should Be Obligatory For All of Us
  6. Fines For Littering Must Be Raised for Making Everyone More Considerate
  7. Pick Any Animal You Want & Prove It Is the Best in Terms of Learning
  8. Fish Deserve More Empathy Than We Give Them
  9. All Major Nations Should Unite to Put Down Big Fires
  10. Tree Planting Practice Should Be Obligatory For All

Write Bravely But Seek Help When In Need

There are many good persuasive research paper topics, and as a student, you are in a position to choose literally any of them. Just make sure you like what you’re writing. Be honest about your preferences, explore even those themes that might seem too controversial to others, and you’ll see how much more exciting the writing process becomes. But if you ever find yourself unable to work on a paper, it’s not a problem either: simply let us know about it. Whether it’s because of lack of time or personal issues, all you need is to share instructions with us. We’ll analyze them, find a persuasive topic and sources, and then we’ll write a flawless paper that will save your time and bring you a good grade. Drop us a line, and consider your research paper done!

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