Issues in Diversity

After a thorough review of the case video, it is important to note that it was motivated by the requirement to implement a new tactical strategy for community policing. The police made the error of starting out with outdated, ineffective techniques that relied entirely on the use of force and high hostility to accomplish their goals. As a result, they shot dogs while working, but they soon recognized that by doing so, they had turned society against them (TEDx Talks, 2015). The use of unnecessary force during community policing is referred to as policed brutality, and it has never been welcomed by any society in history (Albrecht, 2017).

Based on the prevalence of this situation, there was a call for understanding on the part of the police. They were also required to look at their actions from the perspective of local community dwellers in a bid to ensure cooperation while carrying out their duties (Greene, 2000). The measure adopted by the police supposes reduction of the killing of animals during operations. It was done by the inclusion of animal expert on the SWAT teams. The police also adopted a friendly approach toward families such as replacing wasted groceries and helping out the kitchen during operations.

There is need to point out that based on the result of the changes as featured in the community where the new policing strategy was implemented, I believe there is a chance of achieving similar positive outcome. It could be done if such approach was taken in my community (Flood, Dromgoole, Carroll, & Gorman, 2000). Every society is built on love, friendship, and trust (Minkov, Blagoev, & Hofstede, 2013). Hence, there are tendencies of getting a positive response from my community if there is love, care, and understanding.


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