Human life is impacted by conflict; the loss of human life is one of the worst effects. It has been observed that both civilian and military casualties are frequently reported during times of conflict. The psychological and physical effects of these conflicts are severe and have a lasting impact on those who survive them. Traumatic stress disorder is the most prevalent mental illness identified, and it has been reported by combat victims. Other psychiatric illnesses that people experience include insomnia, depression, and anxiety. War has claimed millions of lives especially in the African continent from the World War 1 and World War 2.

Effects of war could be physical and psychological; human societies are significant victims of war this is due to their residential areas being destroyed. People will be forced to look for other places to shelter, and this leads to too much strain and stress. Hospitals are also killed during the war this results to human beings dying of diseases because there are no hospitals for them to be treated, roads and other forms of public infrastructure are also destroyed, hence no means of transport from one place to another, and this affects the day to day running activities. The basis of human existence is also destroyed, and this dramatically challenges humankind from meeting their basic needs.

Nuclear weapons which were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki killed many people and crippled thousands of people who were exposed to the radiations. Luckily most warring nations use weapons like the grenades, otters, and rockets which do not inflict the same kind of damage as the nuclear weapons. The main reasons that contribute to these wars are the intolerance of one group to the other or greed for wealth, for instance, America invaded Iraq because of its oil.

War brings untold miseries to human life, also brings economic and political instability. Due to these difficulties people's lives and their daily existence come under threat, people find it difficult to get jobs and to live their typical day to day lives. People are displaced from their places and have to keep moving to find security and shelter over their heads. This is a clear reflection of what is happening in Sudan, the universal tragedy of war, most people are left with scars of emotions and physical challenges for life. To avoid conflicts, people should learn to practice respect for each other and tolerance, or else with continuous wars, mankind will be extinct like the dinosaurs as too many lives are claimed.

Soldiers not only suffered on the battlefield, a spread of diseases such as tuberculosis from a proximity of people during the war, but the exertion of battle also highlighted heart conditions and asthma both. The water-filled trenches of the First World War led to the infection of the feet due to the cold, wet and unsanitary conditions. The First World War has been associated with the syndrome known as the shell shock, which was believed to be caused by heavy shelling. Shock shelling was experienced by most soldiers who had never been exposed to the intense bombardment, with time there were increased cases.

Children were also victims of war; they were separated from their parents, this means they were to fend for themselves at a young age. They also suffered effects of trauma for cases where they lost their parents to the war, thankfully center for the young war victims was set where they would get food, shelter and given foster care. The invisible injuries like the post-traumatic stress disorder are confusing for the young children, who end up being disobedient, portray risk-taking behaviors, are emotionally distressed and end up feeling isolated.

These impacts of invisible injuries are a clear evidence of distress and calls for the most professional assistance.

Crisis in a country leads to increased poverty which results in the decline of education, most significant population of children in the world that are out of school are from states that are affected by conflicts. The primary effect of war on education is the attacks on schools children, teachers, and school buildings become the prime target of violence. During war times teachers and students are killed or suffer displacement, this leads schools not opening and increases teacher's absenteeism. In some communities, like Iraq boys were pulled out of school to work for their families and this led to the gap of education between that of men and women being reduced.

During a war, social networks are broken, and inequalities increased, making girls and women more vulnerable to sexual exploitation and violence, this states that females suffer the indirect effect of the wars and are most likely to die. Men during war often die from the direct causes such as violence. Women experience more harshly; they are separated from their husbands and when the breadwinner is away the woman is left to fend for the family which is always a problem considering during the war it is f difficult to access food, water and health services. Displacement led to marital disputes after the house is demolished and the women are left more vulnerable.

The most alarming effect of war is the reduced population which is a long-term effect, during war lives are lost, and some people are left with severe injuries. Not only were civilians killed but also soldiers. This is the primary effect of war on human life.

Friends play essential roles in our lives; a purposeless life is that of friendship, no man can live alone we all need friends. The desire to have friends is out of instincts and from the saying that goes a problem shared is a half solved and joy shared is joy doubled. Life without friends is a burden and the only man who is lonely is a beast or a God. At every step of our lives, we all need a friend.

A friend partakes our share of grief, relieves our hardships, consoles our broken heart, sometimes we express sorrow for the regrets we've had in the past and the missed opportunities but holding on to the loving, and devoted old friends should be enough compensation. Friendship is a continuous pure joy of life; it is all season in its flow and remains constant in its sweetness. It has the mark of morality

Real friendships are always rare; it is the best give to man, very few people get to meet the real friends even though everyone is out there searching for one. Evil companies ruin promising careers, but when you have the high business, they will mold you to be the person you have always wanted to be and will still support and help you achieve your dreams. Always be wise when choosing your friends.

Your company rules your worth; you should always let your companions be as yourself or even superior. It is natural for right man to be the companion of great men.

Friends can challenge us, they can confuse us, and sometimes we have second thoughts about the friendship like why even bother. But friendship is essential; they help us watch our diets and keeping fit, it helps us to grow in every day of our lives. What more would we ask for? Friends we meet in school teach us how to be patient, they help wait for our turn and to be able to try new hobbies.

As we grow old friends help us to walk through the ups and the downs of life, they provide us a place to grow. They are the primary key to the success of all our relationships, the kind that creates a sense of purpose in our lives.

The people we attract in our lives help to have a forgiving heart, be able to laugh, and make conversations, all the necessary components of our relationships be it marriage are all based from our friendships. We learn to interact with all people because of our friends even those with a different view from what we share. We just don't talk with others but learn from them, these kinds of people will move us out of our comfort zones but still leave us with the emotional space of being ourselves.

Friends keep us mentally stable and also physically active, friendship is vital to our physical health as they ensure we eat well and exercise to stay fit, solid friendship helps us promote our brain health, they help us overcome stress, they help us recover from diseases more quickly. Positive friends change our outlook for the better, this means that we will always be happy if we choose to spend time with the content people.

Friends can change the quality of our lives for the better; they value our systems to enable us to take in more meaning to our lives. When we have hard times they help get things better and help us through, and when we are fortunate they are smiling at our good fortune, with positive people in our lives we are mindful of others and do more nice things to others, we don't just live when we have good friends we nourish.

Friends help us weather lonely times; they help us during lonely times; we learn to reach out during tough times for help. The painful times we are without our friends help us to value those that come in and go out of our lives, a Steady stream of friendship helps us know that not all last.

Work cited

Gonsalves, C. (2015). Are You a Human Being or a Human Doing? The Role for Mindfulness in Our Lives. International Journal of Whole Person Care, 2(1).

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