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Training Day, which was released in 2001, is an American neo-noir crime movie. The film portrays a futuristic Los Angeles where, opposed to any white cop, a black policeman of equal opportunities is creepier and more dishonest. Denzel Washington plays the part of Los Angeles police officer Alonzo Harris, who uses every means to clear drugs from the streets (Ayer, 2012). Ethan Hawk acts as Jake Hoyt, who is trained as a rookie and supervised by the crooked cop. The paper analysis consequences of the rookie’s unethical behavior and slippery slope as well as if the Los Angeles Police service would condone the supervisor and rookie’s action. The reason a police officer should not participate in a code of silence is also examined.

Jake assume a character of a young officer who expects to use his training and skills he acquires from the police academy with honor and integrity to lock up criminals. The rookie gets into the temptation of his supervisor where he is forced into unethical behavior. Alonzo breaks the law to get a job done using techniques and methods that are highly questionable. The officers are engaged in a confiscation of marijuana from drug dealers at first mission where Jake is asked to hit some of the confiscated marijuana among other corrupt and unethical acts that follow (Hess, Orthmann & Cho, 2014). The consequences of immoral actions in the police department violate ethics placing the corrupt officers in trouble with the law. The Los Angeles Police service would not condone the supervisor, and rookie’s action since the means used to eradicate drugs in the streets contradicts the rule of law that they guard. Notably, a police officer should not participate in the code of silence when other police officers are participating in corrupt and unethical activities (Paul & Elder, 2013). The silence may be considered as an illegal offense that forms grounds for immediate dismissal or suspension.


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