Critique by Alice M. Miller and Carole S. Vance

Frequently, identification categories

Like race, sexual orientation, and gender are seen in medical study and clinical practice as being self-evident, hereditary, and manifestly biological. This approach by medical professionals has drawn criticism from numerous academics who contend that these identification categories are not self-evident. Instead, these identities are the outcome of an unidentified confluence of genetic, environmental, and behavioral elements. Some academics who challenge these medical professionals’ beliefs include Alice M. Miller and Carole S. Vance. The following essay will provide details on how Alice M. Miller and Carole S. Vance would critique clinical practice and medical research that considers the identity categories above to be self-evident, hereditary and obviously biological.

First and foremost, Carole S. Vance

Would argue that the standards used by different cultures to identify individuals vary greatly. For instance, identity categories in different cultures can be defined based on consent, religious duty, intimacy, heteronormativity, or personal fulfillment. Sexuality is the most affected of the identity categories since it carries with it many assumptions that are often inaccurate and misleading (Miller 6). More importantly, sexual identity varies in complex ways across time and place. It is, therefore, wrong to conclude that identity categories are unchanging and static.

Alice M. Miller

Would argue that it is important to carefully analyze these identity categories to come up with practical responses in regards to health and human rights action. Lack of a precise definition of identity categories such as sexuality has led to the minority being ignored in the design of various health programs (Miller 6). As such, without careful analysis of these identity categories, their histories and cultural meaning, responding to them might cause problems. Lack of cautious analysis will lead to the generation of ineffective responses during medical research and clinical practice; as a result, medical practitioners will face the possibility of harmful practices and interventions and the violation of human rights governing identity categories such as sexuality.

Works Cited

Miller, A. M. and Vance, C. S. ‘SEXUALITY, HUMAN RIGHTS, AND HEALTH’, 2004, pp. 5–15.

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