Chiquita Banana

This statement illustrates how women's roles have changed throughout civilization. Women were not granted public platforms before the 1930s, and the majority of their jobs were in the home and on the farm. However, women began to advocate for their rights in the 1930s. They were beginning to interact with males and fill roles that had previously been viewed as belonging to men. Previous ads, as the author noted on page 2, included a cartoon masculine figure that showed audiences how to judge the ripeness of the bananas. The shift from the masculine figure to a female figure is a symbolic way of describing the evolving role of women in the society.

There were tendencies by the then communities to associate public appearance of women with molarity issues. This generalization created gender conflicts as women strived to gain their position in the societies. Chiquita banana was born as a brand, registered and used by retailers and wholesalers to promote their products. She was an iconic figure that helped to redefine the roles of women in the society.

United Fruit relied on the appealing figure and performance of women to promote their brands. She reached the audiences through the radio. This was a shift from the traditional methods that included bill boards’ displays and informational pamphlets. Women sexuality was being exploited to promote brands and products. This shift coincided with the changing roles of women in the then societies. As the author describes her roles, the bananas dominated her musical and provided visual association between her hot rhythm and sensual tropical regions. Thus, women were objectified to promote the organizational brand.

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