100 Outstanding Argumentative Research Paper Topics

When it comes to argumentative research paper topics, many college students find themselves at a loss. They want to pick a great theme for their essay, but as it always happens with academic tasks, it’s easier said than done. For one thing, not everyone understands what an argumentative paper is, so to assist you and make sure you know what you’re writing, we’re going to define the terms before explaining types and research topics.

An argumentative paper is an academic piece where you introduce a controversial point, express your unique position on it, and provide proof in its support, touching on the facts your opposition might present and refuting them. This task teaches you how to argue and address counter-arguments other people might present. But for your paper to receive a good grade, it must have a compelling topic underlying it.

In Search of Argumentative Research Paper Ideas: Where Should You Start?

After you get a clear idea of what you need to do, choosing topics for a paper becomes easier, but some problems could emerge anyway. We developed three tips to help you in case you face them. As long as you stick to them, everything will go smoothly.

Analyze Your Circle of Interests. The topics you debate must be something you actually like. Start with recalling stuff that made your blood run hotter. Did you have an argument with someone on any online platforms recently? Perhaps you’ve fought with your parents over some issues? Think about any instances where you were passionate about discussions and were eager to prove your opinion. This will be a great step forward as the best debatable topics for research paper are based on the emotional investment of their creators into them.

Determine the Argument. Whatever theme you pick, it must be arguable. Choose a position you’re going to be supporting in your paper and pick one of the existing rhetorical models. It will guide you through the writing process. Let’s list them for your convenience.

  1. Toulmin. In this model, you have to divide your argument into 6 parts. First, you should present your assertion. Then it is time to provide evidence in its support. Combine both of these parts together in a synthesis; address possible unreliability of your claim, present views of the opposition, and add extra pieces of evidence to make your words stronger.
  2. Rogerian. Lots of college professors prefer this model over all else. It also has six steps, though they differ from Toulmin. Start paper by introducing the main issues; discuss how the opposition views them; admit their validity objectively; present your own position. Elaborate on it by presenting evidence and then add even more of it to convince people who might disagree with you.
  3. Classical. Once again, this model has six main features. Provide info about the argument research paper topics you decided to focus on; establish their background. Rely on it as you present your point of view. Compose evidence in support, mention and refute opposition, and make a summary by listing all major facts.

Find Sources in Advance. Check college libraries or the Internet before you start writing. Are there enough articles, projects, dissertations, or books about the topics you’ve settled on? Whatever focus you chose, it should be developed properly. Look for support before you do anything else because your paper won’t get written unless you succeed in finding enough sources.

100 Great Argumentative Research Topics for College

When you cannot come up with paper topics on your own, use other kinds of help! You’ll find a list of various argumentative topics below. There are 100 of them, with each 10 placed into special categories. Check them and read the themes in the ones you like — this will give you a boost of inspiration.

Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Would you like to argue about something simple? It’s not a bad idea. Look at these options and choose the example you like.

  1. Could an American Voting System Be Called Fair?
  2. Internet Is Not as Amazing as We Generally Believe
  3. Cooking Is Not a Healthy Hobby Because of the Risks Involved
  4. Education Stopped Being as Necessary as People Make It Look
  5. Sleeping with Parents When Feeling Scared Does Not Affect Children Negatively Regardless of Their Age
  6. Cremation Is the Only Practical Way of Burial These Days
  7. Not Many People Know English Well Enough
  8. Should Joining the Army Be an Obligation for Every Person?
  9. Is Reading Fanfiction More Satisfying Than Choosing Officially Published Books?
  10. Having a Country Enter War Means a Complete Government’s Failure

Funny Argumentative Research Topics

How about funny argument topics?  It could be both educational and cool to explore them.

  1. If Hannibal Lecter Was Real, Would He Have Been Caught?
  2. Is There Such Thing as Illegal Fiction?
  3. Which Historical Hero Is the Best & Could Win Modern Wars?
  4. Did People Become More Desperate For Happy Endings in Fiction?
  5. Social Media Importance Has Become More Important Than Physical One
  6. Having Younger Siblings Is Not Fun At All
  7. Would People Love Spider Man If He Was Real?
  8. Who Should Castiel From Supernatural End Up With?
  9. What Makes Clowns So Scary to Many Individuals?
  10. Good TV Shows Should Be Re-Watched At Least Two Times

Controversial Argumentative Research Topics

Controversial topics to argue about are the essence of this paper type. So consider choosing them and preparing a solid rebuttal.

  1. Men Should Have No Say When It Comes to Abortions
  2. Problem of Gun Control Is Severely Overstated
  3. Is the US the Most Corrupted Country in the World?
  4. Should Any Person Be Considered as Too Important to Face the Law?
  5. Disabled People Need to Receive More Support from Government
  6. US and Russia Could Become Best Allies
  7. Emotional Cheating Is Worse Than Its Physical Kind
  8. Birth Control Should Be Obligatory for All Populations
  9. Is Being a CIA Agent Better Than Working for the FBI?
  10. Filthy Language Should Be Classified as Crime

Debatable Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

Some argumentative topics are better suited for discussions than others. Check the ten of them below.

  1. Is It Acceptable for Parents to Genetically Improve Their Unborn Children?
  2. Should China Have Continued to Monitor Its Population’s Growth?
  3. Should Vaccinations Be Made Obligatory for All?
  4. Are There Any Churches That Should Be Shut Down?
  5. People of God Do Not Need to Be Celibate
  6. Could Male & Female Football Players Participate in Matches Together?
  7. Do Those Who Committed Violent Crimes Deserve the Same Rights as Others?
  8. Death Penalty Should Be Sped Up to Be Truly Effective
  9. Do We Need to Have the Same Minimal Wage In Each Country?
  10. Sex Education Is a Vital Part of Curriculum

Argumentative Research Topics For College

A college is a place with its special range of demands. The following research argumentative topics could be great for students of this level in particular.

  1. College Is Not as Great as People Often Say It Is
  2. Buying Cars Is a Must for Students If They Want to Save Time
  3. Selling of Alcoholic Beverages Must Be Legally Prohibited
  4. Should We Be Able to Watch Movies Online for Free?
  5. Is There Such Thing as Inappropriate Books?
  6. Is It All Right for Vet Clinics to Promote Specific Food Kinds?
  7. Should We Use Vaccine Against COVID Once It Is Ready?
  8. Advertising Is Corrupting People’s Values
  9. Should Every Person Know Math on At Least Average Level?
  10. Sex Before Marriage Should Not Be an Issue in Any Country

Argumentative Research Topics For High School

These topics for argumentative research paper are easier than many others. Try them if you don’t want to invest as much effort into research as you would otherwise.

  1. SAT Tests Must Stop Being Implemented Due to Their Ineffectiveness
  2. Should Physical Training Be a Part of Everyday Life for Students?
  3. Anorexia Issue Does Not Receive Enough Attention
  4. Stereotypes Spread About Diets Kill People
  5. Bullying At Schools Is Getting Worse Despite Applied Measures
  6. Golf Has Become Redundant These Days
  7. Propose the Perfect Age For Being Able to Vote
  8. Is There Such Thing as Justice Today?
  9. Technology Should Not Be Used in Education
  10. What Is Ideal Age Both Partners Should Have?

Social Issues Argumentative Research Topics

We constantly face problems of different kinds. Many of them are upsetting, especially since we don’t know how to solve them. Consider interesting arguments topics below for crafting your paper.

  1. Legalization of Shrooms Should Happen in the Next Decade
  2. Truth About Abortion Procedure Could Lessen the Number of Pro-Lifers
  3. No Person Deserves Capital Punishment
  4. Stricter Gun Control Procedures Could Help Decrease the Number of Their Unstable Owners
  5. Technology Should Be Implemented More for Triggering Creativity
  6. Should the Internet Be Controlled More for Our Safety?
  7. Medicine Must Be Completely Free Worldwide
  8. Discrimination Must Be Punished as Hate Crime
  9. Immigration Is a Positive Phenomenon for Countries
  10. Myths About Abortions Are Spread Mostly by Pro-Lifers

Nature & Animals Research Topics

Environment and everything it covers is vital for our continued existence. Study research arguments topics we composed below if you have something to say about these issues.

  1. Hunting Should Be Made Illegal
  2. Meat Industry Must Be Dismantled to Protect Nature
  3. People Should Be Allowed to Have Wild Animals Under Certain Conditions
  4. Dismantling Firms Producing Plastic Could Save Our World
  5. Planting Trees Must Be Obligatory for All
  6. Vegetarians Are Healthier Than Meat Eaters In Most Cases
  7. Being a Flexitarian Is the Best Decision for Meeting Your Needs and Protecting Nature
  8. Recycling Is Not as Effective as It Is Believed
  9. Deforestation Should Become a Legally Punishable Offense
  10. People Should Not Let Their Pets Go Outside

Social Media & Technology Research Topics

Who isn’t using social media platforms? They are extremely popular among students, so you might want to explore these argument paper topics.

  1. Social Media Confirmation Basis Is Often Misleading
  2. Technology Has Made Us Completely Vulnerable in the Face of Disaster
  3. Maintaining Friends Is Easier in Real Life Rather Than Online
  4. Social Media Platforms Made New Generations Crueler
  5. All People Must Be Educated on Technology Usage
  6. There Is No Such Thing as Privacy Left
  7. Children Forgot What Healthy Excitement Due to Internet
  8. Committing Crimes Is Easier Now Because of Technologies
  9. Scientific Research Has Become Compromised & Full of Online Frauds
  10. Virtual Communication Makes Us Lose Grip On Reality

History & Politics Research Topics

Exploring the past is a fascinating perspective. Not surprising that there are some great argumentative paper topics in this sphere.

  1. US Has the Most Violent Beginning as a Country
  2. Presidents Promoting & Starting Wars Should Be Imprisoned
  3. Trump Has Been the Weakest US President
  4. Money Does Not Mean Any Person Can Do Whatever They Want
  5. War on Terror Was Doomed to Fail from the Start
  6. US Was Responsible for USSR Falling Apart
  7. Police Violent Against Minorities Is Overblown
  8. Police Should Be Dismantled & Replaced with More Effective System
  9. Anti-Semitism Is Still on the Rise
  10. World War 2 Has Brought Some Valuable Insights That Transformed Our Lives

Learn How to Pick Topics for Argument Research Paper

Writing is easier when you like topics you’re exploring. So, look for lists like this one and brainstorm until you pick something you enjoy: this will improve your writing by a lot. But some problems might occur anyway. Students often lack time to complete a paper, no matter what it’s about. Others can’t get past complex instructions, and this endangers their academic score. If you are getting more and more frustrated and feel in need of help, let us know!

We have a team of professional writers at your constant disposal. They’ll offer you fresh ideas, compose a unique paper that’s bound to get a high grade and deliver it just by the deadline you’ve set. Your interests will be fully protected as there is a money-back option. Share your demands with us, explain your needs, and one way or another, you’ll get what you wanted!

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