What Traditions of Healing Are in Shamanism?

Shamanic Healing Rituals

Shamanic healing rituals involve a rite that includes a variety of therapeutic devices. It entails providing therapeutic services that help people of all socioeconomic levels heal on a physical, mental, and emotional level. But just as a facilitator is not a healer, so the healing rituals were merely a catalyst and not a cure. According to the healing traditions, the healer contacted the spirits of healing, who were thought to reside in the afterlife, and called upon them to bring health to the patient's souls. Nonetheless, for healing to happen, the client must have gone a process of removing the bad energy in him or her to balance the environment of the patient for healing to manifest. Nonetheless, the results of a healing ceremony manifest in distinct ways, a patient may begin healing on point while others have to wait but this does not matter, what matters is that healing happen and the patient get back to his or her normal life. A very significant thing to note is that Shamanic Healing Ceremonies is that they complement the western ways of medication, therapy and the current medical practices. It does not replace a medical treatment and does not conflict with any modern medical treatment. This implies that these medical treatments can work together; these are the Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, modern medication, and psychological counseling.

Shamanism vs. Tribal Religions

The healing religion of Shamanism religion is much different from that of the primal religions. The primal religion depended on the medicine men who balance the nature and people via the spirit since everything about them is perceived as spiritual. For the Shamanism, the healing traditions include many processes which are performed by shamans who were believed to be able to access the spirit world. Besides, in shamanism, there was healing involved different processes depending on the condition while there were no processes in tribal religion.

What is a Primal Religion?

A primal religion is a kind of religion practiced by native people or cultures. A Primal religion is not based on moral codes found in scriptures or books, but it depends on oral or verbal knowledge which is passed from one generation to another via narratives, song, dances and some and particular rites of passage. People under primal religion lives in peacefully with people around them and values each other in a sincere regard. Various primal religions are Earth based that means these religions have a belief that the divine is found everywhere in the earth and dwells in everything and that a heart is a religion. Thing like Trees and animals, water bodies, rocks and even mountains are alleged to be having a particular spirit or being deities. A Primal religion is centered on world understanding which is limited to a culture's precise geographic location.

What Do They Practice?

The primal religion believes that everything is spiritual in nature, it doesn't discern spiritual or physical things, nor it does not discern worship and daily activities. According to this religion, living is a spiritual action, day-to-day operations are intertwined by nature and regarded as spiritual as opposed to compartmentalizing life regarding work and leisure. The concept of time in this religion is different from the western cultures the primal religions are found in small segregated tribal, who are very tied to the land since they perceive everything as spiritual. The small tribes contain a limited number of people who are agonist the big cities. The trademark of primal religions is the Orality; the oral stories make the spiritual and moral lessons be understood easily. If there could be no stories, explaining who God is would be tough. These stories include nature and animals to portray what God is and what He can do. Today religion is based on written scriptures but everybody is not able to read, and therefore the words have lost meaning in between the lines. The central identity primal culture is the tribes, however, by the tribe, it does not only include human beings, it goes beyond to everything contained in the ecosystem. Explaining the traditions in the primal religion is not easy as it appears to be; very many professors from a different part of the world is still trying to find out in what manner they can explain it. However, according to the reserved information about the religion, there are six commonalities to how you can explain the traditions of the primal; religion. The first one is that you cannot separate the primal religion from the society; it is accepted for other religions to borrow some elements from them. Primal religion is ethnocentric' but not a missionary by nature, the transmitted oral traditions are more dependable than the written one, and finally, the sixth one is, it is non-creedal religion.

What Sort of Traditions Are Found in Primal Religion

The traditions of primal religion are referred to as Primal since they consisted of the tradition of illiterate people. Individuals in this era did not depend on the scriptures or any written teaching or rules like the modern religions. For instance, Christianity uses the Bible, and Islam depends on the Quran. Their tradition is that they used words of the mouth to pass teachings via stories and myths.

Why Is It Noted That They Practice This

There are no literate or educated people around them. However, their leaders want to be precise on whom they pass a message to. The verbal message has a lot of meaning than the written one since the written one may lose its meaning in between the lines.

What is There Belief in it?

Their belief is that through the verbal communication, the message is clearer than in the written form, and a person can understand it more easily than he can to the written one Another belief is that they when listening to the verbal message, there is always a chance to ask questions for clarity than in the reading since s you may not get a person to answer any arising question.

What of Healing is Noted in Them?

Healing in the primal religion is believed to the work of their ancestors through the medicine men and women. In the case of any sickness, the medicine men consult the ancestors and prescribe the patient accordingly.

What is the General Purpose of Healing?

The general healing purpose of the primal religion is to meet the will of their God and to balance the nature. They believed that everything was spiritual and therefore even healing was spiritual and was a will from their God.

Where Are Their Origin

The origin of primal religion is southern Nigeria, guinea, and Senegal communities. These people depend on the spirits up to date. They are much rooted in their origins that they cannot be easily transformed.


Shamanism is an international ancient spiritual practice which involves a set of practical practices which have enhanced the survival of human beings from all continents in the universe since Paleolithic era regardless of the lack of communication means. Even though the professors intensely urge on the issue, the contemporary shamanism cannot be considered as a religion since it does not involve sacred books, recognized leader nor does it have a founder. Originally, Shamanism was founded by ancient tribes in response to people's requirements. Shaman's leaders have always been recognized in their societies for their services which include healing the sick, executing sacred ceremonies, singing, dancing, showing their artistic talents, communicating to the living and the dead and consulting the ancestors to get the knowledge to handle plants as well as human beings in the correct way.

What Do They Practice?

Shamanism is not a religion, but it's a spiritual activity. Shamanism practices spiritual healing activities. The healing process is about awakening the spirit and is not like the current medication healing activities. The primary purpose of these methods is linking you with your divine tenacity. The healing process induces images of mystical excursions and exotic beliefs where the spirit master or the shamans do ecstatic cures. The practices involved people from all walks of life who seek for either healing guidance or relief commencing from spiritual manifests, emotional or physical symptoms. These practices were held by specialists who are known as shamans. The most interesting thing about these people is that they were not being trained but it was a call, they used different techniques for efficient processes. These practices include:

Spiritual Healing/Counseling

During the spiritual healing, the shaman chooses the proper energy remedy procedures. The Shamanic consultant has many healing rituals which they employ in their activities to facilitate diseases elimination and replace them with accuracy and harmony. The spiritual healing process includes an assessment of the condition where the shaman evaluates the level of your problem as well as the location origin and extricates the correct form of energy. He then performs the healing ritual to alleviate the condition. To conclude the healing, the last activity is to bless the patient.


Another practice is divination where the Shaman reads the luminous energy of your soul. Through this process, the shaman may give you the about your past, present, and future. The center of this exercise is to check the major elements of life which include relationship, health, wealth, spiritual development, career Repositioning, Soul's Purpose. Heartbreaks plus any other question you could ask.

Soul Retrieval

The primary purpose of this practice is to heal soul damage. A soul loss may be conveyed by an individual or thought that something is missing, a feeling like you have lost something or feeling empty on the inside and on the other side, you do not know how to get back to their original state. A health intervention cannot restore nor heal a lost soul. There are soul wounds which might be as a result of a life experience which for example left the individual spirit shut or it may be lost in any other way. The shamans carried out some traditions to retrieve the soul back to normal and heal the wounds in a healing ceremony. Besides, he trains the patient on what to do to ensure his or her soul gets back to normal functioning. Finally, the healing process was done to complete the entire soul retrieval process.


Shamanism healing process also includes an extraction practice which involves the elimination of a spiritual incursion from a person which expresses itself as a chronic condition in the physical form. To eliminate the condition, the shaman performs a healing ceremony.

Curse Removal

Curses are actual, and you must not be cursed by another person to evoke a negative effect on your life, sometimes, a person may curse his or herself with their words. The shamanic ceremony is done to terminate and reverse the effects, the shamans terminate and command the curse to get back to their origin. After this, a healing process follows.

Ancestral Healing

All living beings are connected to their ancestors via the spirit. In fact, there are some cultures that insist on the awareness of the ancestral roots although it does not matter. Some people get it difficult to forget about their ancestors. Through the shamanism process, such an individual may be cleansed via a transforming spiritual quest. The shamans can connect to the spiritual world, and therefore it becomes easy for them to facilitate healing.

Are Shamans Still in Practice Today?

Today, Shamanism still exists, and not only in the small isolated villages but significant communities in the western countries, this implies that Shamans are still I n practice. Many people have a spiritual hunger while other lacks meaning of life and this gives the shamans something to be doing. This is mostly in some parts of Europe where people are strongly tied around Shamanism. However, this does not mean it is not happening in other regions of the world. In the countries where they still practice Shamanism, the shamans are regarded as talented people and are much respected.

What Sort of Traditions is in Place?

The Shamanism tradition is entailed in their healing process. All the healing process was done by the shamans and involved all living issues, for instance, disease, mental conditions, heart matters ancestral matters and even much more.

Why is it Noted That They Practice This?

The shamans are responsible for performing all the traditions; it is easy to note they practiced it because, despite all the environmental conditions, they still lived. Also, there was no school for educating the shamans, they were born with the authority, and that means practices continued and is still continuing.

What is There Belief in it?

Their belief is that their God hears them through the ancestors. Also, they believe the shams are Gods representative and therefore could not hesitate to consult them.

What of Healing is Noted in Shamans?

Shamans believe in their work; this is easily noticeable in a healing process, they do their work with passion with the aim of restoring a person's wholeness by addressing the motive origin of the problems.

What is the Specific Purpose of Shaman Healing?

The primary purpose of Shaman in healing is to move to an alter state of consciousness to get to know a certain hidden truth in the spiritual; world with the motives of restoring healing, power, and information.

Where Did Shamans Originate

The name shaman was derived from a Siberia word which meant "one who sees in the dark." It also refers to medicine men or foresters. The origin of the shamans is not by professional means, but it is a calling. Shamans are born with their ability to consult the spirits by connecting to the spiritual world.


In conclusion, the tradition of Shamanism involves the healing ceremonies which are performed according to the condition of a patient. Different problems called for various services. The religious specialist has direct access to the spiritual world and can evoke anything to their according to the patients wish. The shamans are believed to be with the ability to connect to the spiritual world. The traditions of a primal religion were that they believed in oral means of communication, besides they highly depended on the spirit via the medicine men in everything they did and had a deep believe that everything is spiritual.


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