the Crown Prince story

Each of the stories in the Crown Prince story has an antagonistic, neutral, hostile, or admiring attitude toward their subject. For example, the inclusion of coups and brutal clashes in the country demonstrates a hostile attitude (Kelly & Brower, 2016). Admiration is also reflected in the honor of becoming Thailand's new monarch.

The attitude of each article toward the Prince is reflected in their headlines in varied ways. For example, there is a sense of admiration when Thailand prepares to crown a new queen. In light of the attitude of indifference, the new king to be is seen to be lacking the popularity that gave the rule of his father legitimacy. In this case, the fear of power struggle is raised in the south-eastern part of the Asian country (Kline, 2016). Again, it is clear the new king is very antagonist. In fact, an elite that aligns to the monarchy, including much of the judiciary and army repeatedly crushes the democracy movement in Thailand. In their article, Robertson and Scheidler-Benns (2016), explains that an attitude of admiration presents itself since he is the heir to the Thai throne. Hostility is manifested by the two coups, the bloody fight, and the anti-government protests.

In light of the text of the independent story, the first use of the language or incident illustrates the attitude of indifference. Here, the king is said not to be popular with everyone, unlike other previous kings. However, he is only known more for his scandal-plagued past and also failed marriages, and his eclectic sense of dress than any regal qualities. Again, the crown prince wears a faded slim-fit jean, small crop-top, and a fake tattoo sleeve. He always portrays the attitude of indifference since he decides to ask for a delay to become a king. In effect, the fears of deepening instability rise in Thailand after the death of his much-loved father. An attitude of admiration is also presented in the article. For instance, the Prince spent much of his time to work-life training with the armed forces of both US and Britain. As a result, he won a license of pilot and an array of titles after developing a love of aviation. Evidently, so many people admire such titles in their lives (Greene, 2010). Lastly, an attitude of hostility is evident at the time Thailand includes coups, bloody fights, and the anti-government protests.

In general, the choice of pictures adds to the attitude of the crown prince. For example, there is a photo he took as he rides a bicycle for participating in a campaign "bike for mom." Here, the crown prince of Thai wanted to celebrate the role of Queen Sirikit (his elderly mother) in Bangkok. Evidently, the picture depicts an attitude of admiration. Everyone would love to be like him, a person who celebrates his mother is loved by many. There is also an attitude of hostility. On 13th May 2015, he takes a photo dressed in an army uniform. Moreover, the prince chooses to be accompanied only by very influential people in Thailand during the celebration of his elderly mother. In fact, he is accompanied by who is who of the key political players in Thailand. He also includes the chief of the coup making the army and other several military members of the government.

Part 2

The author claims that the garden plays a significant role in capturing the Singapore’s essence as the premier tropical garden city that has the perfect environment for living and working. As a result, it makes Singapore a leading city of the 21st century (Robertson & Scheidler-Benns, 2016). The use of the word ‘perfect' is puffery (Asselin & Lam, 2007). According to Parker (2013), it just aims to exaggerate the beauty of the Gardens by the Bay. Moreover, Singapore is referred to as leading city of the 21st century. Since no one can confirm the fact about the statement, it is just puffery.

Similarly, there is puffery in the article of “experience Christmas in the flower dome's crisp climate." In this article, the author/ writer argues that the Flower Dome is the largest glasshouse in the world (Bazalgette & Buckingham, 2012). Precisely speaking, the word "largest" mainly aims at giving false praise to the Flower Dome (Trier, 2006). In the cool, moist conservatory article, the use of puffery is evident when the writer claims that the Cloud Forest is entirely different from the Flower Dome (Koltay, 2011). According to Gainer (2010), such statement exaggerates the beauty of the Cloud Forest.


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