Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under is an American drama television series created by Alan Ball that aired on HBO from 2001 to 2005. It’s a drama series that introduces viewers to the Fishers family members and the funeral home company they run in Los Angeles.
After watching the pilot, one might conclude that it has a depressing tone that is noticeable right from the start. From beginning to end, the audience is presented with a complex deep method of meditation about life, death, and the bonds that bind and strangle the Fisher & Sons funeral home. A viewer realizes the pain and sadness that comes with seeing dead bodies, cemeteries, and depressing mood of the film.
The genre of the Six Feet Under is an episodic drama. It consists of 63 episodes that a viewer can watch one after the other. The conventions of an episodic drama as a genre are cast and structure comprising of the chapters that are linked together by a similar theme, place, and characters. The purpose as well as the plot is common for the entire series. The show exemplifies these conventions by using the same characters in all episodes. A similar theme of death is common all through the film. The main aim of the producer in creating the movie is also evident in all episodes. The episodes have a sequence from the beginning, middle and end.
The architecture of the show is introduced in the pilot. An ensemble cast is the one that consists of the cast members where the main actors as well as performers are given equal importance as well as screen time in the production of the film. The protagonist is usually the defining component of the story and the plot revolves around this character. Six Feet Under exemplifies these conventions by the producer giving all the characters almost equal time on the screen. The protagonist is Nathaniel Fisher, the father, husband, and the entrepreneur of the funeral home business. The story revolves around him, his work and family. Even after death, Nathaniel Fisher is still revealed in the show through flashbacks by his family and especially the children. For example, the children are seen missing their father’s approval of their success. Nathaniel is not there to see what his children have become.
A premise pilot is one that creates the premise of the show. The way events unfold indicates the climax of the show. In the Six Feet Under the death of Nathaniel Fisher creates the premise of the show. It is the premise of the show as it introduces the viewer to a different cast of the family struggling to live without one of their loved ones.
The main characters of the Six Feet Under are Nathaniel Fisher, Nate Fisher, Claire Fisher, David Fisher, Ruth Fisher, Brenda Chenowith, and Keith Charles. The main character is Nathaniel Fisher, the father who has just died and his son Nate Fisher, another major character that has entered wanting to take over the funeral arrangements of his father. He considers himself a competent funeral director. However, Nate Fisher’s ambitions are limited because he has personal issues with the family. In addition, he has been reluctant to learn about the funeral home business. Other family members are also struggling to come in terms with the death of their loved ones.
The supporting characters include Parker McKenna, Rachel Griffins and Oliver Castro-Staal among others. In the pilot, the supporting characters want to strengthen the argument and the traits of the main characters. For example, Olivier strengthens the intention of homosexuality by the youngest son, David Fisher. Olivier is encouraging students to open their minds and fight for their feelings as well as reservations. He rejects those who decline to sleep with him and regard them as naïve fools. Oliver views himself as a successful artist and guider to the children. The world views Olivier as a destructor in the show. One can know that by the reaction of Claire Fisher who disguises his ability as a role model to teenagers. Parker McKenna acts as a role model to Claire Fisher. Once can establish that by how Parker gives her some helpful advice. Parker views herself is intelligent and a mediocre at the same time. One knows that by how she advises Claire and her inability to earn good grades on her SAT’s. The world views her as a promiscuous person and this is what draws Claire to her. Rachel Griffins is another supporting character whose intention is to win the love of Nate Fisher. One can see that by how the two end up in a symbiotic relationship.
Ball presents characters with different view on life. Nate does not consider highly the funeral business as a source of livelihood. David is a repressed homosexual and lives with resentment and reluctance towards his father’s footsteps. Claire is a rebel and Ruth their mother is guilt, full of fear and repressed feelings. The different world views for the characters function to demonstrate the type of a person for each individual. They play each other by describing what the characters want in life and what they are doing. The characters are connected by the Fisher’s family which is the central point of cast. Their histories serve to create conflict in the pilot by demonstrating a different outlook of life than that was anticipated by their father, Nathaniel, from the beginning. The children are changing from the wishes of their dad.

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