Scholarly Writing Introduction: Aim, Audience, and Proof

He saw the best of me while everyone else could see the worst in me. May I hear one more time, one more time? I said he saw the best in me, when everyone else could see the worst in me. I wish I had a witness tonight, the only thing I need is one. Hello! Hey! Hey! He's seen the best of me. See, he's mine, and I'm his. It doesn't matter what I did to you. He just sees me because of who I am. Is anyone conscious of that today? Uh... Ohh. Ohh. Ohh (Sapp, 2010). This are lyrics from He saw the Best in Me by Marvin Sapp. He co-wrote the song with the Album’s producer Aaron Lindsey. Direct copying is not paraphrasing since the information in this case the lyrics appear as they appear from the source. Paraphrasing on the other hand is reading the original text, analyzing and writing in owns words. For example, in this case the paraphrased version can read:ParaphrasedThe singer acknowledges that indeed that God have been faithful and have continued to hold him strong. He further says that humans can let you down but God can’t and he isn’t shy to proclaim that in front of the masses.Discussion 2The audience and the purpose of the information you are transmitting is critical for the kind and complexity of the language that you use. The level of understanding of the audience also matters. Part 1 cuts out an audience that have little knowledge of anatomy and technical medical words. Part two on the other hand brings out an audience with wealth of knowledge and experience on medical works in the areas, and the other goes ahead to cite previous works in the sector.Passing a new idea must be backed by an analytical experiment where findings are deducted but if the writer has to put forth an opinion it must be stated as so or backed by past researches with proper citations.ReferenceSapp, M., 2010. He saw the Best in Me. [Sound Recording] (Israel Houghton).

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