Robert Rauschenberg

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Robert Rauschenberg is a painter and dancer who uses visual gestures to interact. Creativity is one of the standout features of the dance at the MoMA. The dancers’ outfits were both ethical and stunning. The colors of the props matched the colors of the backdrop and the lighting on the stage. When the dance group started performing on stage, the first thing I noticed is the attractive and exclusive outfits. The outfits looked great on the dancers and added color to the podium. The architecture was really creative and one-of-a-kind.
The presentation’s imagination did not stop with the costumes. The performers coordinated with their fellow artists making the moves so accurate and appealing. The movement from one part of the stage to the other was in synchronization at all times. The performers had their bodies painted reflecting the light rays when changing their dancing style from one rhythm to another. It was like watching a piece of machinery connected to each other making accurate moves at all times. The dancing styles and the musical rhythms were all creative and unique.
I enjoyed the performance a lot. It was the first time for me to see such a performance. The most captivating aspect of the dance was the inability to predict the next move from the dancers. At one moment, the dancers moved in slow rhythms and the next moment they crossed the stage using rollers. It was entertaining and very captivating for me. After watching the dance, I look forward to similar performances from the same artistic designs. Their level of skill and creativity is worth time indeed.

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