100 Response Essay Topics For Students of All Majors

Students start looking for response essay topics when they realize they are going to have to write a paper of this type. Feeling confused or panicked is normal in this situation, but don’t let these feelings overwhelm you: we’ll share all necessary information and tips in this article. Response essay is a type of writing where you express your reaction and opinion on a text, issue, event, or literally anything else. The meaning is right in the title: this is your response to something that affected you.

Such tasks are very important because they give you a chance to analyze a subject and voice your views, shaping your thoughts and forming a coherent response paper from them. This will be useful in your other essays and in conversations in general. But before any serious work can start, decide on a strong topic. We are going to help you understand how to do that.

How To Find Summary Response Essay Topics

Studying at college is both an interesting and challenging experience. Writing assignments are assigned on a frequent basis, but no matter how often this happens, following instructions doesn’t become easier. Each time, students have to choose a topic they are going to explore, and yet inspiration doesn’t always come. For such cases, we prepared some valuable tips. Take a look at them below.

  1. Think about the recent past. Since response essay should be about an experience that had an impact, most likely, it’ll be something you’ve read or seen recently. Consider possible options. Maybe you’ve just read a really great book? It could be a short story or even impressive fanfiction — examples are endless here. Critical response essay topics could be taken from movies or plays you’ve seen, as well as from real events you’ve witnessed. Of course, time isn’t that important, so if you recall some old work that left a huge mark on your memory or personality, easily choose it as your essay subject. You could try reading something new, too — whatever triggers your interest works.
  2. Repeat the experience. When you have some ideas in mind, recreate them in practice. Re-read the book or the story again to see if they still have the same effect on you. Watch the movie again — you don’t need to do it wholly if you don’t want to waste time, but at least try to get through the key points.
  3. Make notes about details. With that done, start making notes. Your response essay topic ideas should supply you with lots of vivid details because you’ll have to describe them all. If you cannot recall much of your reaction and formulate points from the subject you chose, then this topic should be replaced with something else.
  4. Clarify with professor.  Professors should approve titles their students selected.  So, send what you planned in and wait for feedback. Perhaps what you chose won’t fit, and you will be asked to come up with another topic. Better learn about it before you do any actual work! Professors could give you advice, too, so this step has double value.

100 Best Reaction Essay Topics to Choose From

Samples are always better than theories! To help you with your essay writing, we developed 100 various topics for your usage. They are divided into 10 groups, so check every title until you find the one you like. You could apply them just in the way they’re written or add your own details in them — it’s up to you.

Response Essay Topics on Books

Reader response essay topics are always great because as a student, you likely read things on a constant basis.

  1. Describe Your Reaction to Odyssey: What Was Your First Impression?
  2. Reading Stephen King’s Books as a Child: What Frightened You Most?
  3. Legends About King Arthur: What Did You Think & What Inspiration You Derived From Them?
  4. Reading Twilight After All the Hype: What Did You Think?
  5. My Favorite Childhood Book: What Did I Find Moving About It?
  6. Looking at the World in Gulliver’s Travels: My Awe & Changing Perspective
  7. What Did Animal Farm Teach Me About How Our Society Functions?
  8. Feeling of Suspense in Hunger Games: My View & My Excitement
  9. Morrison’s Beloved: Temptation to Read Forbidden Books & What This Leads to
  10. The Magic and Charm I Felt When I First Met Harry Potter on Book Pages
  11. Discuss Reaction of Snape’s Story Reveal
  12. What I Thought About 1984 After Reading Final Line
  13. Talk About the Most Disappointing Book Ending
  14. My Feelings After Realizing Sad Novel Has Happy Ending
  15. Discuss Heartbreak At Seeing Beloved Characters Die

Personality Response Essay Ideas

Can you use first person in a topic response essay? Yes, of course — that’s the essence of these tasks. You could also always explore a topic about yourself.

  1. My Reaction to the Great Birthday Present I Got Last Year
  2. Instance Where I Got Bullied at School & How I Responded to It
  3. How I Felt Seeing My Pet for the First Time & Things We Did Together Right After This
  4. My Reaction After Learning That Someone I Loved Passed Away
  5. Reaction I Displayed Upon Learning That a Friend I Trusted Betrayed Me
  6. How I Felt When I Got Acceptance Letter From My University
  7. Reaction Toward Getting Detention At My School When I Was Not Guilty
  8. Strong Feelings That Appeared When I Saw My Mother Cry
  9. Everyone Reacts on Getting Their Hearts Broken Differently: Here Is My Story
  10. Getting My New Phone Stolen: Detailed Reaction and Endless Cursing

Movies and TV Shows Response Essay Prompts

  1. Watching TV is one of the biggest delights people know. That is why response essay ideas about them are so fun.
  2. Watching Titanic: Its Destructive & Liberating Impact on Me
  3. How Watching ‘Hannibal’ Made Me Consider Going Vegetarian
  4. How Gone with the Wind Inspired a Romantic in Me
  5. The Shawshank Redemption as a Movie That Made Me Terrified of Prison
  6. Watching All Movies Based on King’s Works & Realizing They Are Horrible
  7. Godfather: Does It Romanticize Criminal Life & Criminal Bonding?
  8. Lord of the Rings Series: What Is So Powerful About It That Our World Adores It?
  9. Movie That I Waited for a Long Time & Which Turned Out to Be Huge Disappointment
  10. Reaction Toward Disastrous Finale of Supernatural
  11. How BBC ‘Sherlock’ Fans Responded Season 4
  12. Talking About Hearing that My Favorite Show Is Coming Back
  13. Discuss Moment of Understanding That Beloved Show Is Cancelled for Good
  14. Reactions on Movie I Liked Getting Oscar
  15. Response about Movie I Hated Getting Oscar
  16. Emotions That Crashed Into Me After My Ship Went Canon

Response Essays Ideas About Events

Here are some more personal response essay topics. Discuss events from your life or from life in general.

  1. COVID: Anxiety & Terror It Brings into People’s Lives
  2. What Does Everyone Think About Results of American Elections?
  3. Describe Shifts That Happen in People’s Work Habits These Days
  4. Describe Any Reaction toward Legalization of Same-Sex Marriages
  5. Getting My First Job as the Biggest Event in My Life
  6. Visiting Hospital for the First Time: What I Thought About It
  7. What Was People’s Reaction Toward Kennedy’s Assassination?
  8. Finding Out That Visit of Your Favorite Actor Is Cancelled In Your Hometown
  9. Learning That School Has Become Online for the Nearest Future
  10. Loudest Party in Your Life: What Impressions Did It Give You?

Response Topics About People

People are fascinating, and these personal response essay examples are going to be very helpful!

  1. Meeting a Person Who Became My Best Friend: How I Felt
  2. Excitement & Eagerness at Reuniting with Loved Ones
  3. Anger & Irritation After Having a Fight with Parents
  4. Seeing Queen Victoria in Real Life
  5. Witnessing an Ugly Fight between Classmates
  6. When My Beloved Found Out About My Cheating
  7. Thinking I Saw Ghost: Fear & Disbelief I Experienced
  8. Reacting toward Someone I Respected Disappointing Me
  9. Making a Loved One Happy: My Reaction to Their Reaction
  10. Sharing a Secret With Someone I Learned Is Untrustworthy: Panic & Worries
  11. Realizing I Love Someone Who Does Not Love Me Back
  12. Talking with Dear People I Have Not Seen For Years
  13. Being Inspired By Someone
  14. Talking with Survivor of Disaster & Feeling What They Feel
  15. Hearing Good News From Person I Did Not Expect Anything Good From


There are many good response essay topics in the sphere of fun. For example, how about music?

  1. First Live Concert in Life: What Feelings Did It Evoke?
  2. Listening to a Song That Later Become My Favorite: First Reaction
  3. How I Reacted After Being Woken Up At 6 A.M. By My Neighbor’s Music
  4. Coming Home & Seeing Surprise Party Prepared For Me
  5. How Playing Hide & Seek Felt Years After My Childhood
  6. My Joy At Receiving My Chance at Auditioning
  7. Winning a Lottery & Realizing It
  8. Posting a Story Online & Getting First Great Review On It
  9. Seeing How Pets Start Following Commands I Gave Them
  10. Meeting Famous Rap Performer By Accident

Apart from music and similar stuff, there are also videos of different kinds posted on YouTube as well as on related platforms. Here are some response essays topics about this.

  1. Getting First Comments On My Posted YouTube Video
  2. How I Saw the Most Amazing Video in Existence
  3. My Response toward Feeling How My Depression Disappears
  4. Reviving Hope Over Something I Thought Was Lost
  5. Watching the Funniest Clip I Have Ever Seen


History, wars, deadly viruses — there are so many events that students could find lots of reaction essay topics on.

  1. Learning About Impacts Brought by World War 2: How That Felt Like
  2. How I Felt After Realizing COVID Is Real & Dangerous
  3. Describe Reaction toward Hearing About 9/11
  4. How Do You Feel About Modern Wars Breaking Out?
  5. Talk About Your Reaction toward Urbanization Trend
  6. 2000 Year Celebration. Describe Reactions toward New Millennium
  7. Discuss Your Feelings About Ebola Breaking Out
  8. Write Down Reactions of Your Parents toward USSR Falling Apart
  9. How Getting Unlimited Internet Felt Like?
  10. 3D Revolution: How People Changed Their  Cinema Visits Pattern

Education Response Essay Prompts

How about response to an argument essay topic or college policy you disliked? This is always a possibility.

  1. Being Accepted Into College of My Dream
  2. How Students React When They Change Countries for Education Purposes
  3. Getting First Failing Grade for Studies
  4. Earning First Great Grade for Assignments
  5. Discussing Any Change in Education Policies I Disliked
  6. How Studying From Home After COVID for the First Time Felt Like
  7. Being Caught Cheating on Exam: Embarrassment & Mortification
  8. Realizing You’re About to Be Expelled
  9. When My Parents Were Called In by My School Principle
  10. Being Rude to Professor & Feeling Sorry

Reaction Essay Ideas That Will Intrigue Your Readers

Allow yourself to write about something that you love and feel inspired by. After learning how to select good topics, you will quickly see how much better your writing skills become. Passion is a great fuel, so allow it to guide you. Make a response essay interesting by sharing the insights with your readers, and your grades are going to reflect this. But persuasion doesn’t always work, and you might still be struggling with technical aspects of a writing process. If so, feel free to talk to us about it. We have a team of the best writers at our disposal, and they’re going to assist from the moment you provide instructions. Share guidelines, elaborate on them, attach the files, and tell us your deadline. After this, consider your task done! Whatever type of assistance you need, you’ll find it.

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