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If I were Doctor M, before I arrived at the final decision, I would take a little time to think more in depth. I will try to compromise between making a decision that will impact the family of my friend and the conclusion that could make the insurance company lose faith in me if I lied to them. I will also determine the possibilities that would lead to the insurance company’s discovery of Doctor J’s health condition. Now, because Dr. J and I have been friends since childhood, and Dr. J is my mentor, it’s just obvious that I can’t fail him. I would never like to see doctor J’s family suffer in the future and yet I had a chance of saving them earlier. Although I will be operating contrary to the way I am expected to serve, I will just have to do it for the sake of our friendship. I will hide everything from the insurance company and recommend doctor J for the cover. The reason as to why I am confident that the company might not be able to find out the truth is that, the client’s medical records are his private information and no person can access them without the client’s consent (Herring, 2014). It is also the right of the client to refuse to share the medical records with any person (Herring, 2014). Because of this condition, I am sure that doctor J will be covered, and I would have saved his family from a financial crisis if doctor J can die years to come.

On my side, I have been in quite many dilemmas that made me spend much time thinking about what to go about the issues. For instance, I once had two friends, John and Cara, who were dating each other. Each of them would trust me with their secrets as they knew that I could never share their private information with any other person, not even with anyone among them. They were good to each other and spent much time together as lovebirds. It is unfortunate that John had a side chick called Julia whom he too loved so much. Sometimes, especially weekends John would also sneak to as well enjoy moments with Julia. It was painful that I am the only close friend to both John and Cara and that I knew what was happening behind Cara’s back but I could not do anything about it. If I would take a step and inform Cara about John’s behavior, then I would be standing a chance of losing John as a friend I value. On the other hand, if Cara could come to find out about John’s relationship with Julia and the worst of it all, that I knew about it, she would hate me for life. But now after weighing the two sides, I had no otherwise than to remain calm and watch how things go because I would never wish to risk our friendship.

Values always differ with situations at hand. Values govern the way people behave as well as the coloring the way people view and react to their world (Hunink et al., 2014). Values have a significant impact on the choices made by individuals. Despite the changing of values over time, they represent an essential constituent of behavior. It is through the individual’s values that that person’s culture is defined, and provides comprehensive social guidelines for the standards that are desirable (Hunink et al., 2014). People’s choices that depend on the situations they are in are influenced by the values they hold.


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