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Several individuals expect that great communicators have an innate capacity for talking and tuning into others, a blessing that can’t be realized or made strides. “ Relational abilities are produced with ponder exertion and practice, and figuring out how to be aware of others and impart your thoughts all the more unmistakably will decorate each aspect of your life”
Keywords: Communication, internship, challenge.
Question 1
After graduating with my degree, I began my job search by securing an internship. The first week of the internship was orientation, and matters seemed to be going well. After the orientation, we began working. I joined my colleagues for a range of assignment and projects. Typically, a project normally began with a debriefing meeting. The team leader would then assign different roles to the team members during the debriefing meeting. Soon after the meeting would end the team would begin to work. It became apparent to me that communicating well with my boss was a challenge. I could not understand the way he explained my role in the team. I felt weak and helpless since it was my first internship and wanted to prove that am worthy being a permanent employee. Despite not understanding my role it was hard to express myself as I did not want to appear foolish. As days went by working became unbearable, but I chose to remain calm as though everything was fine.
Question 2
Soon my boss noticed my awkward silence and calmness. I felt embarrassed and humiliated since my boss withdrew me from a team he had created to work on a project. My boss could not understand why I was not delivering well on my assignment despite my excellent academic records. I felt angry when my fellow intern replaced me in that project.
Question 3
“Negative labels have enormous power.”This statement became evident when I started to view my boss as oppressive and tyrannical. My negative attitude towards him worsened our relationship. Throughout the first two months, I avoided my boss thus my life became anxious and burdensome. I loathed working and would come in for work late and leave at the earliest opportunity.
Question 4
“I wanted my boss to like me, and so I would agree with everything,” he says without understanding. As I tried to avoid conflict with my boss, I developed anxious thoughts coupled with anger. I wanted to succeed in the internship, but I was not ready to make mistakes. I viewed my boss to be domineering since he was critical to those who made mistakes.
Question 5
Finally, three months into the internship I established a pattern of avoiding communicating with my boss. I resulted in handling less meaningful work that required little communication with my boss. I avoided my boss at all cost and would only communicate with him when it was inevitable for instance if we met on the lift. At the end of the internship, my manager evaluated my performance. The appraisal indicated that my performance was poorer compared to that of my colleagues.
Question 6
I think I should have cultivated a positive attitude towards my boss which would have allowed me to learn and adapt to his communication style. With an open mind, I could have consulted my boss and “asked questions and get feedback” to comprehend my role.
Moving forward, I hope to improve my relationships with my coworkers especially by mastering listening. “Listening is an essential skill for making and keeping relationships.” I also plan to be more confident in my communication with high-ranking colleagues at work.
“Messages: The Communication Skills Book: Mathew McKay, Martha Davis, Patrick Fanning, (2009, 3rd Ed.) ISBN: 978-15722459.”

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