50 Pros and Cons Essay Topics

What is the point of pros and cons essay topics? They help students understand what they would like to write about. Imagine that you got an assignment: your professor asked you to craft an essay where you evaluate an object along with its advantages and disadvantages. This would be a pros & cons type of task, and it’s represented by a set of different features. You might be concerned about how much research you’re going to need and when to find time for writing, but the truth is, selecting which pros and cons subjects to explore is one of the major factors affecting your success. If you make a wrong decision, then your research and efforts won’t pay off as well as they could have otherwise. This kind of essay is essential because it develops your analytical skills and teaches you to look into the depth of an object, underlining its weak and strong sides. We hope to assist you by making it clear why choice of topics plays such a major role in writing and where to find inspiration for it.

How to Choose Pro Con Essay Topics?

All students should follow some writing strategies when they start working on a new task. We’re going to outline four of them. Take a look and try to keep these things in mind. They usually apply in all situations, and with their help, you have more chances at writing a strong and engaging essay.

  1. Always make things interesting for yourself. All topics could be made interesting, at least to an extent. If you were forced to take a topic from a professor-generated list, then it could be tough, but otherwise, you can always look for something that will trigger your honest interest. There are plenty of good pros and cons topics — all you need is take a dive into your own mind. Think about stuff that you’re invested in. Perhaps you’re an athlete passionate about swimming. Maybe you love cooking, prefer theater performances over movies, or love sea over the ocean. Why not write about this? It would be exciting for you, and if you feel interested in your topic, your writing is going to reflect it, so your readers will find enjoyment as well.
  2. Preserve your objectivity. Some pro con paper topics are less fortunate than others. Try not to pick something that is obviously good or bad. For example, if you decided on exploring the benefits and cons unemployment has, the latter will clearly prevail, so you won’t be able to write a balanced essay. If you have passion for some topic, it might be great, but it could also hinder you from being objective. Assess your reactions and attitudes, and choose a theme you could build a fantastic essay on.
  3. Check if your ideas are supported. Pro con topics could be controversial, which is something professors usually like, but you’re going to have to use sources for supporting your points. Don’t make statements that reality refutes. Even if you feel strongly about a topic, you should rely on facts, not emotions. So watch out for it and check whether there are enough articles or books that could be incorporated as you need it.
  4. Discuss. Talk about your ideas with others. This could be a teacher — in most cases, they appreciate being consulted. Classmates are also a great bet: discuss your ideas together and brainstorm. Maybe you’ll find common inspiration. Talk with your friends or family members — they could offer you ideas you haven’t considered. Write about things you like, and you’ll learn to feel enjoyment during this process.

50 Useful Pro and Cons Topics

The list below has various suggestions you could use for your essay. We devised it so that you could find inspiration whenever you need it: just look through these 50 options and settle on the ones you like. Take them and write an essay on them or shift some ideas in the way you like before doing this. The choice is yours: we are here only for boosting your productivity.

Education Pros and Cons Essay Topics

In many ways, success depends on the education you receive. These pros and cons topics could let you argue against this point or in favor of it.

  1. Should Students Be Motivated to Receive Education in the US?
  2. Doing Homework: Is This a Good Idea?
  3. Prolonging Education by Getting a Master’s Degree: Waste of Time or Step Toward a Better Future?
  4. Moving into Campus: Good or Bad Decision?
  5. Sending Children to Preschool: Do They Really Need to Go There?
  6. Tuition Costing Money: What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of This Issue?
  7. Academic Grades As a Method for Evaluating Performance: Motivating or Discouraging?
  8. What Are the Perks and Drawbacks of Online Education?
  9. Taking Gap Year Before Entering College: Yes or No?
  10. Purpose of Application Essays and Degrees of Effectiveness

Health Pros and Cons Essay Ideas

Billions of people all over the world are terrified for their health right now. Choose a pro con topic that speaks to you most.

  1. Wearing Masks Outside: Pros & Cons
  2. Hospice: Place of Hope or Despair for Those Who Are Already Dying?
  3. Should Students Choose Nursing as Their Career?
  4. Pros & Cons of Studying at Medical University
  5. Is Personal Hygiene Really That Important?
  6. The Benefits & Dangers of Alternative Medicine
  7. Should People Who Want to Lose Weight Rely on Diets?
  8. Reasons for Getting or Not Getting Health Insurance in the US
  9. Going Vegan: Should Most People Do It?
  10. Safety & Dangers Presented By Modern Vaccines

Social Media and Technology Topics

Almost all of us have an account on one of social media platforms. These pro and con topics reflect this trend.

  1. What Are the Benefits and Dangers Posed By Online Dating?
  2. Discuss What Makes iPhones a Great & Terrible Choice
  3. Gaining Popularity on Social Platforms: A Curse or a Blessing?
  4. Using Facebook For Most Communication Needs
  5. Reading E-Books Instead of Physical Books: Did This Change Make People’s Lives Easier?
  6. Relying on Your Cell Phone: Why Is This Useful & What Dangers It Could Lead To
  7. Evolution of Technology: Did It Improve Our Lives or Made Them Unhealthier?
  8. Becoming a Technician: Is There a Point?
  9. Skype as a Way to Stay in Touch Visually No Matter the Distance: Pluses and Minuses
  10. Twitter as a Platform for Exchanging Crucial Info.

History and Politics

Here’s an example of advantage and disadvantage topics related to historical & political aspects of our life.

  1. Was Trump a Good President for Americans?
  2. Was Obama’s Presidency a Good or Bad Thing for Other Countries?
  3. Different Wars from the perspective of the US: Who Got Rich & Poor?
  4. Monarchy as System of Government: Should It Be Applied More Often?
  5. Age Limit for Participating for President Position: Is It Necessary?
  6. Being a Queen That Rules an Entire Country: Too Much Trouble or Endless Pleasure?
  7. Civil Right Movements: Victories and Losses That Resulted From It
  8. Should Students Be Encouraged to Study Political Science In Colleges?
  9. Is There a Sense in Political Theories Or Are They All Meaningless?
  10. Communism as Structure Based on Equality: In What Way Does It Work in Reality?

Morality and Social Issues Pro and Cons Essays Topics

Morality could be seen as a simple area of discussions, but at the same time, it’s incredibly complex. These topics with pros and cons could push you in the right direction.

  1. Provision of Free Apartments for Homeless People: Is This a Viable Solution?
  2. Discuss if Death Penalty Should Be Applied in Violent Cases Where Guilt Is Proven Beyond Reasonable Doubt
  3. Living in a Third World Country: Positive & Negative Aspects
  4. Adopting Pets From Shelter: Is It Always a Better Choice?
  5. Having Children Despite Being Poor: Should It Be Done?
  6. Living with a Person You No Longer Love for the Sake of Children
  7. Giving Gifts to People You Do Not Care About: Is There a Point?
  8. Helping People Despite Not Being Well Off Yourself
  9. Being Brave Regardless of the Circumstances: Is It Noble or Stupid?
  10. Should Children Be Punished by Their Parents If They Misbehave?

Learn How to Pick Pros and Cons Essay Topics and Improve Your Writing

When you learn how to choose between pro and cons essay topics, your writing will become much better. If a student is happy with what they chose, time will fly. Research is going to seem easier because it’ll be interesting, the process of writing could become engaging, and your mark for this task could be higher. But if you are still struggling and cannot figure out a way to craft your paper, you should look for our assistance, just say "do my assignment for me". Our writing experts could come up with unique pros and cons ideas for you or write an essay as a whole if you need it. This way, you’ll save your time, worries, and efforts, getting an assignment ready for being submitted. If you are interested in this option, drop us a word, and we’ll get to work right away!

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