Obesity in America

Obesity and the Rise of the Fast-Food Industry

Obesity has become an increasing issue in the United States of America in recent years, particularly with the rise of the fast-food industry. Obesity has become such a serious health problem that one out of every four residents in some counties, such as Mississippi, is obese. According to recent estimates, 35% of Americans are obese, and it is now considered a chronic condition. Obesity in America is mostly caused by diet and environmental causes. Most Americans find it more tempting to eat out than to prepare a nutritious meal at home. There are also many fast-food restaurants in America especially in major cities offering cheap food which is easy to purchase and ready to eat. Major franchises like McDonalds, Wendy's and Burger King control most of the fast food in America spending millions of dollars on advertising to get more people eating their food. The purpose of Spurlock's experiment is to prove that fast foods are the leading cause of obesity in America.

Spurlock's Experiment: Eating Fast Food for a Month

According to Spurlock, most families in the United States prefer to eat out as opposed to cooking at home which is considered the healthier option. He goes on a quest to determine and prove that the fast food industry is the leading cause of obesity in America. Spurlock fulfills his quest in a rather odd way because he decides to eat fast foods for a month to prove his point. He ensures that he eats three meals a day, all from fast food restaurants. After some time, he gains some weight and experiences several challenges like difficulty in breathing, fatigue and a significant gain in weight. Before commencing his experiment, Spurlock consults with a cardiologist, nutritionist, general medical practitioner and a personal health and fitness trainer who mostly advise him against embarking on the experiment (Spurlock).

Effects of a McDonald's Diet

There are several effects that Mr. Spurlock experienced after sticking to a McDonald's diet for 30 days. Each day that he ate the fast food, he got cravings for more which is bad since more fast food means more calories which translates to higher cholesterol levels. As Mr. Spurlock's cholesterol increased with every day of consuming fast foods, he also got frequent headaches, mood swings, fatigue and low sex drive. According to his doctors, he was at a high risk of experiencing heart failure, heart disease or liver failure if he continues further with the experiment.

Reversing the Effects of a Fast-Food Diet

At the end of the experiment, Mr. Spurlock had gained more than 20 pounds and was accompanied by high cholesterol, high blood pressure, depression, exhaustion and irregular mood swings among other effects. In order to reverse these changes to Mr. Spurlock's health, he should start by a strict diet program which will ensure that he lowers his cholesterol levels. The diet should be restricted in terms of calorie intake, sugar and carbohydrates which increase cholesterol levels. He should also start to exercise regularly to ensure that he also stays fit and reduce the fat levels in his body (Spurlock).

Lessons Learned: Mindful Eating and Exercise

Watching this movie has really changed my perspective about fast foods and healthy living. Previously, I did not consider the general effect of fast foods, but I now realize that I should be mindful of what I eat. I have also learned that calories can be managed through mindful eating habits as well as regular exercise. I plan to be mindful of my calorie intake and make sure that I exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy. Obesity is a controllable disorder, but because it grows over time like a habit, it can be difficult to manage. One should be committed to staying fit and healthy in order to prevent or manage cholesterol and avoid obesity.

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