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Since the Last Decade: Decline in Print Media

There has been a steady decline in print media output as a way of passing on facts. The downturn in print media is at an unprecedented pace, in a matter of months. There is a massive drop in the readership of print newspapers all over the world, as people are constantly turning to electronic media as a way of obtaining content.

The Importance of Print Media

However, as much as it can be easier to get facts by print media, print media can not be taken lightly. Print media also retains some water in the communications and media industries, but it can not be underrated. Print media was there in the beginning and it is not just good to see this type of media go down the drain.

The Decline of Print Media

My point of discussion is that the newspapers have no future in this ever-changing technological world. There place in the communication and media world is slowly diminishing. With time their place will be long gone. The society steadily doesn’t seem to embrace the need of newspapers as a means to relay information. It can be seen that people are consistently switching from print readership to electronic media. With time newspaper printing business will become obsolete.

Factors Contributing to the Decline in Newspaper Readership

This decline in newspaper readership is brought along by a number of factors. One such factor is the steady and mass retreat of newspaper funders resisting the newspaper media as a means of relaying information. Newspaper funders include the advertisers among other individuals and/or interested parties. The advertisers move with the technological advancements and prefer to publish their materials on screen. Technology has brought with it a lot of paperless electronic means to relay information. A lot of information to date can be made available on social media platforms more easily and conveniently.

Expensive Production and Lack of Space

The production of newspapers has also been relatively expensive as compared to the relaying of information online by the use of electronic devices. A softcopy of the newspaper will be cheaper as compared to the hardcopy version of the same newspaper. In these tough economic times, it is expected that people in the society will opt to get the softcopy version of the newspaper instead. This will certainly lead to the decline in the need to acquire the hardcopy of the newspaper. Consequently, there will be a decline in the printing of newspapers.

Space is also a factor to consider in this digital age. A pile of paper stacked together prove to be a nuisance as they occupy a lot of free space and generally make the place look untidy. The newspaper is a daily way of getting information. This means that as the days go by there will be a bit of free space consumed during the purchase of the day’s newspaper. Unlike electronic media whereby there is the ease of handling the newspaper and there is no space that is being consumed daily as one acquires a new paper. It is then logical enough to resist newspapers and instead opt to delve into the digital news production methods.

The Future of Print Media and the Rise of Digital News Production

The whole newspaper printing business can be seen to be heading down the drain and new technological advancements take over in a steady rapid motion that seems not to be declining anytime soon. With time newspaper printing will be a thing of the past and it will never be heard off. As a newspaper vendor and printing press, this should be considered as a matter of emergency and new ways should surely be developed to ensure they stay afloat and not risking to become essentially obsolete.

The Pros and Cons of Digital News Production

There is a lot of success story in the online newspapers that comprise the digital news production. However, the newspaper printing industry is facing daily struggles from its major competitor, the online newspaper.

The Pros of Digital News Production

The noble advantage of the digital media is such that it can be easily accessible and be there when it is needed. For instance, when you are getting late to catch a flight or going for your classes, going to the newspaper stores to buy yourself a newspaper will prove to be difficult. You run a risk of getting late and this will surely interfere with your day’s schedule. Conveniently, by the use of an electronic device that can access the internet, an individual will be able to access the online newspaper without any much hustle. The immediate access to relevant news comes in such a way that the news website usually highlights the big news of the day. This important news is centrally placed in such a way that you will not spend a lot of time trying to fish for news that is not relevant to your needs. Moreover, there are news websites that are free of charge. Individuals are allowed free access to the site without having to pay a dollar. This encourages the custom of reading and instills the value of conscious living in the society. Individuals can be able to know what exactly is taking place in their surroundings. An example of a free news website is the Independent News website based in the United Kingdom.

The Cons of Digital News Production

Online newspapers are not physical. As a result, there is no that personal touch that one needs when going through critical information. The feeling of having a newspaper that is everlasting from the point of purchase and also remaining unchanging as long as you need it is a point of the part of the print industry. Unlike, the online news websites that are ever changing day-in-day-out. A significant con on the part of online newspapers is that they don’t necessarily include everything. Not all of the vital information can be made available for the readers. For example, the newspaper can have a special column for the special publications. This special column may bear information such as the upcoming political elections of a country. However, this information may not be able to make it in the online newspaper. Politics is key to some individuals of the society, and so, this is a con on the part of the digital news production industry.

Conclusion: The Rise of Digital News Production

As much as the print media and the digital news production can be used interchangeably, the digital media is way up as compared to the newspaper printing. Thanks to the advancements in the technology, the digital news production has been able to be improved significantly posing more threat to the newspaper printing industry. The steady fall in newspaper acquisition can be felt in the vast news production industry. It is a matter of time for newspapers to become obsolete.

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