My essay improvise

English 101 and My Writing Progress

English 101 has delighted and enthralled me in a variety of ways during the semester. However, I've found that writing is normal practice, and I do whatever I can to obey the laws of that method. What I'm attempting to show in this paper is that my writing has progressed steadily over the semester by using strategies that allow me to exert power over natural processes.

The Start of the Year

My writing was very bad at the start of the year; I did not receive the high grades that I wanted in any of the essays that I wrote. Mainly, I needed help in areas like establishing my opinions and writing them in order, using run-on sentences that were persistent throughout my essay, and using the correct formatting styles just to mention a few.

Identifying a Strong Thesis Clearly

One important technique that I have been having a problem with is to identify a strong thesis clearly. For instance, In the Semi-final essay, I was not able to come up with a clear thesis; when writing the thesis, I had only the idea in my head. My essay "What I am Like now moment" entailed a description of a day when I alarmed a man with exhaust sound of my motorbike: When the motorBike started, the sound of the exhaust pipe was loud, and it scared a man. I felt ashamed and embarrassed as I rode out the parking lot. Instantly I sold the bike; it did not convey that I am changed. While authoring the argument essay, I was required to elaborate clear thesis for the respective article which I was comparing so that so that I compare them properly. Then I applied this to the narrative, defining my thesis as "I rode motorbike irresponsibly, and I did because I became more responsible." Then I changed what I am like now moment, to my observation of motor biker riding on a freeway: "Once in the carpool lane, he assumed his place as Lord of the Freeway and shot away at around 100 mph. Just as I was shaking my head and muttering "Dumb#&*t" I remembered that I used to do the same thing... all the time." This gives a better idea of how I've changed, not just what happened or how I felt. A rich thesis paper renders the whole paper easier to write by putting together key facts for easier categorization, considering if I wrote the paper or it is a just examination of the writing of another author. Further writing a paper with an ardent thesis makes it simpler to prove or exploration of more details on the point in mind.

Revising Several Occasions

Another useful technique has been to revise several occasions. In the Expository Essay, for instance, I reviewed it in the late hours before it was due, and once more through the day. The graded paper was subtracted points for very minimal punctuation alongside the presentation errors corresponding to quotation marks randomly or not utilizing individual heading. On that instance, I submitted it after I went over it at least three times as well as when once I am satisfied with the work, then again meanwhile I constantly worked on my paper, missing the slight editing errors despite the fact focusing on the main essay arguments. As soon as I look through what I had initially inscribed one or the next day later, at all times it appears changed. Nevertheless, it has imparted me that my concentration does considerable of the modification particularly as well as requires planning in amidst writing to break.


Feedback has been very useful. Before turning in the semi-final Expository Essay, I established the response saying that I was citing the segments of the narration lacking related themes: "Then a man comes to the scrap pile wanting a 2x4 for his deck. He provides a contrast to Stafford." My mistake was obvious when pointed out; I didn't say anything that involved my theme of mindfulness. I revised it to say: "He provides a contrast to Stafford by insulting him and his work but not seeming to notice." Criticism speeds up the process of revision as the critic has a diverse outlook along with little exposure in analyzing a paper, thus without difficulty note errors.

Using the Concision Tool

Using the concision tool to applying editing of words percentage was unexpectedly valuable. I succeeded to decrease the ultimate draft of the Argument Essay from 1398 words to 1140, eliminating a surprising amount of recurrent philosophies and useless information, creating room for more considerable content. In the commencement of the essay, I could not understand how conceivable is to slash 10% and assumed that it would take the whole evening entirely. But by perpetrating the slash of several figures, I thought firmly concerning the necessity of the paper resulting to revisit it with a first-year student to ascertain some further unbiased viewpoints. Relatively It was unproblematic and needed barely one hour to accomplish. It is an alternative illustration of what it means in the identification of writing as a process that occurs internally along with utilization of revealed techniques that facilitate the process giving the writer much more control over what happens naturally. All of these methods are things that many individuals naturally attempt to do when lettering. Whether authoring a letter or a text message to the IRS, the author continually has a subject which also is known as a thesis in mind. Nonetheless, we don't usually sit down and give extensive thought to what precisely we should express. Nevertheless, by doing this, we must focus on the strongest and the best form of the message we want to convey. The majority of individuals don't review their work except in cases where the authors are much serious about what they are authoring, for instance when writing a letter or resume to a loved one. Consequently, by using revision in all significant inscription, particularly when the author is not profoundly devoted in the scripting emotionally, the scripting will obviously progress. Receiving response is also something individuals do when the inscription is very significant to them. When writing an emotionally weighted letter, people will commonly ask friends how the letter sounds, if they got their point across, etc. People are naturally concise when they are required to be. A person on their phone in an airport quickly sums up the important points of their conversation when their seat section is called for boarding. Just recognizing these natural mechanisms and then forcing myself to use them has been very educational and has improved my writing.

Continuous Essay Writing

Writing essay continuously has increased my writing capabilities as a student. I have learned to come up with a strong thesis statement that is always crucial in every essay. Students are required to write essay continuously to improve their writing skills since practice leads to perfection.

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