My Autobiography

I was born in New York City

On November 24, 1989, and my name is Carolina. Elena, my lone mother, reared me. I was unable to spend time with my father because of his unexpected death a few months after I was born. While taking care of my mother, life on the streets showed me that persistence and hard work are the only ways to fulfill my dreams. I had to work extra hours to make enough money to take care of my mother. I began my academic career at a community school. My mother had to struggle to counter the challenges as well as cater for my education. I always made mother proud by working for exemplary grades in school. I enjoy dancing, singing and swimming. I am a jack of all trades and a master of all.

My life has been full of misfortunes

However, the uncertainties shaped me into the person I am proud being today. I got married to Anthony Fidel at the age of 25. My husband was a black American. We were blessed with one child, Rory on September 6, 2007. Unfortunately, my husband passed on, and I have since struggled to bring up the child alone. My husband's death significantly affected the health of the child. He was booked on therapy for three years. Rory experienced challenges when in preschool with transitioning. I always wish every parent in this world would be in a position to offer support to their children throughout their ages.

My experience as a single mother has made me strong

The sudden death of my father when I was young made hardened me for challenges that would befall me in the future. Parenting requires patience and commitment to be able to nurture a child. I had to accompany Rory to a therapist so that he could be able to share his feelings. Rory is athletic and plays football and basketball. My experience has taught me that parents should understand the feelings and behaviors portrayed by their children. The parenting a child receives at a young age has a significant influence in the future associations. Therefore, should meet their children's needs at all times, maintain regular schedules, engage their children and provide them with a safe environment for them to explore.

Having grown in the streets and interacted with drug addicts inspired me

To be what I am today. I got my first job eight years ago in substance abuse. I was a clerk for a program that served the outpatient, known as Next Steps. Working as a clerk in the program made me independently advance my knowledge on drug dependency and behavioral health. It enabled me to comprehend the actions of drug addicts. This job also enabled me to study the moods of patients and also how the environment affects drug abuse. I got to interact with the dependents and therefore had a better chance to understand the consequences of over dependence.

As a clerk in the program

I was able to create forms and templates for the patients as well as for a documentation system that stored all the information on the patient's condition. The responsibility enabled to acquire computer literacy. I learned how to use essential computer programs such as Powerpoint, Excel, and Word. Additionally, I was also able to understand the operation of insurance cards and policies. I learned how to access patient information and confirm its accuracy. Here, I taught myself about HMOs and Medicaid policies. My hard work and achievements in the program made me recognized by all the stakeholders.

Additionally, working as a clerk instilled hard work

Guided by intrinsic motivation and the drive to achieve the goals of the organization, I worked hard to become a senior leader. My humble background has made me easily adapt with ease to any circumstances. Besides, I leaned the value of being patient at all times in my life. It is due to patience that I have brought up Rory until now he is 10. My aggressiveness saw me climb leadership ranks in the organization. The harsh life experiences when young taught me to persevere even in the most difficult situations.

My hard work was not at all in vain

It earned me a promotion after three years of service. I was promoted and started work at the Methadone Clinic as an administrative secretary. My roles and responsibilities changed while at this position. Learning new concepts became an excellent experience for me. Dealing with opioid patients made me determine their medical needs which were different from the previous post in the program. Most of my clients were people from the Bronx who lacked education and were severely affected by drug abuse. Here, I learned to appreciate people from different social classes and cultures.

The opportunity to work while taking care of my child

Taught me how to maintain a balance between work and family. I became a manager and a parent at the same time. As Rory grew, he would make mistakes, but with time I made it clear that there were limits. I slowly began teaching him the concept of cause and effect so that he could know that certain actions attract consequences. Punishing him for misdeeds was not always the best alternative. I allowed him some independence to explore more so when it was something to do with individual decisions. He slowly acquired socially appropriate behavior. The experience to grow together with Rory made me a psychologist too. I was able to comprehend the various developmental stages of a child.

Moreover, I became a teacher to Roy

Trying to mold his behavior at all times. I also took my time to answer all his questions rightly. As Rory grew older, I taught him problem-solving to adequately prepare him for school life and the challenges later in his life. Constant encouragement to make him advance at school ensured that his assurance and skills all performed well. With time, I developed a schedule at home for Rory so that he could take part in doing house chores. All these engagements make Roy a whole individual who can handle adult responsibilities in his later years. Parenting and working reinforced my relations with the youth who come to me seeking help.

My primary responsibilities at my workplace

Include informing the patients when they are to come to the clinic, understanding and adhering to the clinic's rules and procedures. Feeding the hospital's databases with the patient's information using a program called EPIC and am also required to fill the inquiry sheet for new clients after getting all the necessary information. I also get to practice some of the social services at the same time I also learned how to make financial and medical needs of the patients. My work also requires that I accurately update all the forms and chart templates that belong to the clinic, communicate with the insurance companies for authorizations, providing the Human Resource manager with the financial reports and finally providing admissions and discharging data reports for the OASAS. I am more than happy to be working in this company due to the service it offers to drug abusers in the nation, and every day I got to experience something new. My work gives life meaning.

Each methadone clinic has an administrative department

Which has the mandate of setting policies, conducting billing and overseeing the operation of the business. My key role at the clinic is securing funding, designing and implementation of business models that will sustain the clinic during different economic regimes. Also, the administrative arm ensures that the facility complies with State and federal laws, meets external mandates and maintains standards of care. My role enabled me to learn managerial skills in my interactions with various stakeholders in the clinic. Incorporating marketing and funding initiatives that promote the growth of the organization further molded me into an all-around individual.

Working at Methadone clinic has taught me a variety of life lessons

Firstly, I learned that the upbringing of a child has considerable impacts on the behavior of a child in the later years of life. Moreover, I learned that children need the help of adults in their tender ages. Despite possession of a strong personality as well as being athletic since age 5, he experienced complications after losing his father. Constant advice by the therapist enabled him to function properly. Maintaining a proper schedule of the bath time, sleeping time and playing time helped him to recuperate from his lousy condition. In my point of view, raising children is not a walk in the park. However, they should be accorded the care they need to grow up.

My excellent knowledge in management as a result of the responsibilities bestowed upon me at Methadone makes me petition for four college courses

Also, my role as a single parent makes my request for a sociology course. Exposure to single parenthood and understanding of how to handle children is an added advantage. I would address issues on how parents should raise their children and enhance appropriate learning skills while young. My experience in dealing with diverse cultures, social classes, and other religious groups make me petition for a communication course. Besides, my managerial successes in handling client's finances and financial reports justify my petition for an economics course. My knowledge of savings would enable students to be able to deal with future emergencies. Finally, my work experience as a clerk makes me petition for a behavioral course. I would be able to design effective programs to help people who abuse drugs. My focus would be on culture, environment, family relationships, and ethics.

To be in a position to cater for our future as well as emergency needs

Savings become a critical aspect of our lives. Although I do not earn much, I manage to save the little that I can. My net worth is 52,000 per annum. I spend 50-60% of my income on fixed costs such as rent, insurance for my family, groceries, electricity bill as well as cellphone bills. Some fixed cost items may vary from month to month. However, they are predictable and necessary for healthy living. Also, I allocate 5-10% of my income to savings which entail materials like presents, electronics such as a laptop, holiday and vacations and savings for emergencies such as car breakdowns or unexpected bills. I dedicate 20-35% of my net worth towards guilt-free spending. This includes dining, drinking, and entertainment. My savings budgetary plan has enabled me to spend less than I earn. I am thus able to save for an apartment in New York City. My flexible financial plan makes me happily drive my car which I purchased in 2012. Indeed, this method has taught me responsibility and accountability regarding my spending habits.

Embracing both the good and bad moments have resulted in happiness

They are inevitable in life. I always treat the bad moments as lessons for improving my life while the good times as memories worth remembering. I have learned to appreciate people, their religion, and culture at all times. I have learned not to despise anyone who comes across my life because today it's you and tomorrow it will be me. My life is a living lesson. Emotional composure and having the right attitudes are viable keys to the achievement of life's ambitions.

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