memorial human language

Human Language as the Primary Means of Communication

Human language has always been the primary means of communication and triumph, making it the most essential aspect of existence. The ability of language to explain, interpret, amuse, educate, etc. is its most important quality. The artifacts used in the setting of this article varied according to the circumstances. The type of clothing worn, its color, and the hairstyles give away a lot about the speech's speaker, setting, and type of information that will likely be communicated. (Anzaldua, 1999). The majority of the time, using these techniques enables the audience to focus on what is occurring. Additionally, the speakers are in a good position to penetrate the audiences' desires by giving speeches or performing songs that reflect the needs of these people.

Interactive Nature of Artifacts Communication

Additionally, in the medium of various advertisements appears to target audiences through the use of color dressing of artists accompanied by some songs which create the atmosphere for some to be attentive. Similarly to other forms of communications, artifacts communication is more interactive between the sender and the audience that transmits specific messages and information propelled by the stimuli existing in a communication episode (Anzaldua, 1999). Since artifacts form of communication is changing as per the situation, the more experience the sender of the message has the better for him or her to camouflage well with the environment.

The Influence of Materialism on Artifacts

In conclusion, the recent development of materialism all over the world fuels artifacts and this is seen on the consumption patterns of the young youths and teenagers such as technology, clothing as well as body modifications. Therefore, before using artifacts communication, one needs to acquit himself or herself with the test of the audience by studying the social indicators that bound these people together in the society.


Anzaldua, Gloria. (1999). How to Tame a Wild Tongue. Borderlands / La Frontera. (2nd ed.), TItle of book/ anthology (pp.75-86). San Francisco, CA: Aunt Lute Books.

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