Loneliness and Friendship

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The analysis discussed in the paper is a descriptive study that aims to assess the influence of peer group relationships on the levels of adolescent isolation. A Friendship Quality questionnaire containing 30 questions was used to gather the data. Of the 100 respondents, 50 percent were male, and the other 50 percent were female. The age of the participants ranged from 13-19 years, while high school and freshmen were at their level of education. The study consisted of affluent white and black respondents who had no financial standing. The participant reported on a five-point scale how much they enjoy spending with peers, as well as the state of friendship with a specific friend. To determine the level of satisfaction with the friendship, the teenagers were asked two questions: How is the friendship progressing? And what is the standard of happiness you are getting from the friendship? (Whitehouse et al. 2009)

Seven secondary schools and three colleges participated in the study. They were interested in participating after they were informed about the aims of the aims and the study of the design through personal as well as written communication. Participants were included in the study after obtaining passive and active consent from parents and teenagers respectively, in which they agreed to participate in the study. Every data was gathered during the normal school hours. It took the researchers around 30 to 60 minutes to collect the data. The respondents completed the questionnaires on a computer individually. Two graduates involved in the study oversaw the filling of questionnaires. The teenagers who participated in the research were given small gifts of a pen to appreciate their participation.


Whitehouse, A. J., Durkin, K., Jaquet, E., & Ziatas, K. (2009). Friendship, loneliness and depression in adolescents with Asperger’s Syndrome. Journal of adolescence, 32(2), 309-322.

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