Interview Questions

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I want to explore the principles of transition and continuity with you in this segment of the interview.
How did the area you work changed and what remained the same throughout your working life?
Response: The field has evolved while I was working, as it has become wider and has become the primary factor in order to shape more diverse occupations. The working conditions remained the same intrinsically, however, even though workers expected improved working conditions. During your working lifetime how has your role changed and how has it remained the same?
Answer: During my time working in the field, I have realized that my role has changed from being a casual laborer towards being supervisory. However, as a subordinate member, I realized that I am still required to report to my superiors.

What have these changes been in response to? (i.e. technology; media; consumer consumption, etc.

Answer: The changes have primarily been due to the requirement to meet the consumer consumption needs. Apparently, I realized that many of the customer complain about the junior staff being incompetent in the manner they handle submitted complains which promoted me to venture into supervising the other employees.

Please give any examples of any Continuous Professional Development (CPD) activities that you have undertaken to respond to these changes.

Answer: Among the CPD activities that I have undertaken in an effort to meet the demands of the changes included the assessment of other member’s perception about my leadership potential, interviewing the consumer response about the improvement in customer relations, and the assessment of the level of motivation to work based on punctuality to arrive at the workplace.

Do you feel positive or negative about these changes on a personal and professional level?

Answer: Considering the changes that I have experienced, I would state that they have been positive both on the personal and professional level. At an individual perspective, I have become more motivated to work with the junior employees as I gain satisfaction inspiring them to relate better with other stakeholders.

Part 2

In this part of the interview, I would like to focus on the concept of participation with you.

In your experience, how do the following factors affect participation?


Institutional practice

Professional practice













Others i.e. disability (both physical and mental, etc.)



Has participation remained stable, increased or fallen according to different factors?

Answer: Participation has increased according to the various factors because with the creation of an enabling environment that favors all genders and ethnicities, more people have been considered.

Do you feel positive or negative about:

current participation rates? Why/Why not?

Answer: I am positive the current participation rates because they tend to reduce bias with all groups of people being allowed to contribute to the organizational goals regardless of their inherent state.

participation rates in the future? Why/Why not?

Answer: I am negative about the future participation rates because I think that there will be an overemphasis on the minority populations at the expense of the rest of the population. The challenge will, therefore, be that the outcome will substantially reduce when the organization considers the services of the minority who may be less effective.

Part 3

In this part of the interview, I would like to discuss the issue of health with you.

How does your institution and your own area of professional practice contribute to people’s:

psychological health?

Answer: The psychological heath is enhanced through the creation of a conducive working environment with any sign of grievance being handled amicably once the relevant authorities are alerted.

physiological health?

Answer: The physiological health is factored as a responsibility of the institution through the provision of free medical treatment with the institution approved facilities. Therefore, in case of health concerns it is advisable to report to recommended heath facilities for check-up.

Do you believe that the role your institution and your own area of professional practice plays in contributing to people’s emotional and physical well-being has: will increase, decrease or remain the same?

Answer: I believe that the role of the institution in improving people’ emotional and physical well-being will improve because of the manner in which they handle customer issues in an opportune manner. Furthermore, I believe that my professional area will also improve the physical and emotional state of the customer from the manner in which I attend to them as they might be compelled to reciprocate the same ethics in their lines of work which will bring them satisfaction and subsequently improve both emotional and physical health.

Part 4

In the final part of the interview, I would like to talk about the future with you.

In the next ten to twenty years, what challenges do you foresee impacting on the role your institution and your own area of professional practice plays in society?

Answer: In the future, I perceive that the greatest challenge that he organization will have to face will be the increasing number of customers from the improved service. This is likely to be a challenge as the institution will be forced to improve on its area of coverage to meet the growing demand. At my professional level, I think that the most apparent challenge will be the need to address the personal issues that the customers are likely to request.

How will your institution and you respond to these challenges?

Answer: To address the challenge of the growing number of customer, the organization is likely to increase its coverage and geographical reach to set up other branches to the consumers. Meanwhile, at a personal level, I will adjust to the anticipated needs by referring the customers to the other junior employees who are likely to meet their demands as would.

Would you like to add anything else?

Answer: I have nothing else to add


From the experience that I have had with the organization, I would consider that I have improved not only at the professional but also at a personal level. The change and continuity feature can also be perceived in the context of the organization because it has advanced to meet the needs of the customers better. In fact, I am hoping that at a personal and institutional level, there will be better services from the new training programs that have been instituted.

The participation has also been advanced to include all ages, genders, and those of varying socio-economic backgrounds. Each facet is, however, perceived differently in the manner in which It affects practice at the professional level and at the institutional level. I, however, believe that the trend has so far been positive from the consideration of the way everyone is included though there are concerns in case there will be overemphasis in the future.

I am also glad that the institution has catered for both my psychological and physiological health from the manner it has improved services. In fact, I believe that in future, there will be more advanced services of this nature in the future to both the employees and the customers. The challenge I anticipate. However, will be the need to cater for the needs of the consumers from the increased referral and client base. Nevertheless, I believe that in the future, the advancement and broadening of competencies both at the persona and institutional level will be crucial to meeting any anticipated challenges.

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