The Value of Social Media

The value of social media, according to Zuckerman (2010), is in recognizing numerous scenarios that might not have been recognized and putting them together as a whole. A group of activists, led by Michael Brown, have been able to create a powerful movement since August 2014, when a police officer shot and killed one person during the nonviolent rally. They have proposed ways to integrate the significance of social media. This movement has had so many achievements to date that sometimes it is impossible to calculate their overall number. This purpose of this document therefore is to compare and contrast the Weberians and Domhoff school of ‘thinkers’ with the article on the simple demand by blacks on how a certain section of black people in social media activists were able to build the nation with their movement rights.

The Weberians Theory of Charles Tilly

The Weberians theory of Charles Tilly states that powerful people in European uses war for their own interest to the extent that they enjoy resources in the area over which they had to control. They were also concerned in capital/ resources collection for which they use to do business. This capital accumulation is brought together to help European in state making. This group “powerful people” were not interested in the creation of national state but instead they controlled European government to remove and overpower their competitors and thus enjoy the privilege of power and security in expanding their territories. This theory is similar with the article ‘Do not kill us’ in such a way that some groups are more advantaged than others for instance the blacks going to demonstrate in streets means that they were the less privileged or rather the most disadvantaged group. With the increase of a gap between genuine leaders and illegitimate in the process of expanding their territories, military personnel started to have control over civilians and dictated their daily lives. After decolonization, the ruling state acquire military from outside their territories who did not have the habit of dictatorship like those from inside, they protected the boundaries and neutralized the power toward the state by their enemies, they also formed a tax collection strategies that help the state to depend on their own. This contrast with the Article: ‘Our Demand is Simple Stop Killing Us’, where the civilians protection by the authorities is not equal to all the police protected the white and discouraged the peaceful demonstration of the blacks with the extend of killing, arresting and assaulting with no valid reason for it.

The Domhoff School of Thought

In the Domhoff school of thought which talks about the triumph of the corporate rich. The Americans are subdivided to different social groups depending on class. The upper-class who are super rich and controls the private corporate companies and the non-elite group. The theory goes back to a time in Philadelphia when certain schools, colleges and clubs were for an upper class only. This group run corporate companies and took their kids to private schools. The schools provided connection to their upper class. This schools will later instill awareness to the kids that they belong to a certain class and they fully deserve that life making them feel superior, have some pride and entitlements.

This class also had social clubs where the kids and adults could go for swimming, play tennis, golf, dance, and party together. To be a member of these clubs need a huge sum of money but money is not the only barrier to the low class because they do screening, interviews, nomination and recommendations from the current members. Some members of the low class have found themselves in the elite group after attending this schools including Barrack Obama who was a son of a Kenyan man and a mother who worked as an anthropologist during his childhood and teen years. Obama managed to attend Punahou, a private school with the assistance of his mother’s employer and that made him inclined in his career by providing him with cultural and social capital to interact with the upper class.

Domhoff theory is similar to the selected article because it identifies the blacks as of a lower class and whites as the upper class. Through this, people are divided into unnecessary classes which can create animosity and misunderstanding among people. The United States racism has seen the whites themselves as a different class in schools, government jobs, running of corporate companies and social clubs. The white Americans would allow their kids to attend a certain school and discriminate any blacks from attending the same school and even end up mistreating them.

The same article, on the contrary, with the Domhoff school of thought, in sitting examples from the low class, example Obama being allowed to the elite group and being seen to climb from a low class to being the senator of Illinois and later the President of The United States. This theory brings out the impact of social groups on an individual when allowed to interact with high giving them confidence and expand opportunities.


In my own opinion, the Weberian’s school of thought perspective is more accurate in helping this article to make sense. This is because it gives detailed information on how police use force in dispensing their duties and even end up wasting the state's resources. For example, with the European wars, their target was to expand their territories, taking over more boundaries and accumulating the capital resources and thus increasing the gap between the powerful in the state and other civilians by the use of military forces.

From this article, the police have used much force to the extent of killing the protestors in the streets. The protestors demanded the arrest of the police officer (Officer Darren Wilson of Ferguson police station) who during the protest shot and killed one of the activist’s members during the protest, even caused more injuries and disabilities to other people at the same incident.


Kang, Jay Caspian. 2015. “Our Demand is Simple: Stop Killing Us. How a group of black social media activists built the nation’s first 21st-century civil rights movement.” New York Times, May 4.

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