Essays on Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson: The Great Romantic

By focusing on both his work and personal lives, the short film paints an accurate portrait of the man who was elected as the 29th president of the United States. From his childhood home in Stanton, Virginia, to his time at Princeton University and his ascent to the presidency, the...

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Thomas Woodrow Wilson

The twenty-eighth president of the United States was Thomas Woodrow Wilson, a Presbyterian minister's son. Many historians argue that his traditional southern upbringing had an impact on his views on women, race, and ethnicity. However, Woodrow became a liberal in many areas as a result of his Princeton and Johns...

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TR or Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt: A Comparison of Progressive Reformers Among the few consecutive progressive reformers in American history are Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt (TR). They differed in their approaches to pursuing Progressive goals, and I contend that TR was a more effective reformist than Woodrow Wilson. TR entered politics...

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The Paris Peace Conference

On June 28, 1919, the Treaty of Versailles, a key historical document, was signed as a result of the Paris Peace Conference. (Macmillan 28). Four eminent global leaders came together to conduct difficult negotiations that could end the First global War. These included Woodrow Wilson of the United States, George...

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Woodrow Wilson’s political views

Woodrow Wilson's Political Beliefs Woodrow Wilson’s political beliefs have sparked endless debate in the United States and around the world. His criticism of the American government has elicited varying reactions from various political factions in America, particularly when it comes to the importance of public opinion in molding current politics. While...

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President Woodrow Wilson and the World War I

Woodrow Wilson, the founding president of the United States of America, is known for his most famous expression, "war to end all wars." He used the term assuming that the defeat of Germany would have ended World War I. When World War I started, several countries believed it would be...

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American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

The Successive Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson The two most successive presidents who managed the United States of America were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The power and development of the US that stand nowadays started to take contour throughout Roosevelt's management. Fundamentally, Roosevelt achieved the transformation to an effective...

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The least effective United States president in the 20th century

Woodrow Wilson's Influence on Domestic Politics in the 20th Century Woodrow Wilson will be the least influential president of the United States in the 20th century in relation to domestic politics spanning from the era of Woodrow Wilson to Eisenhower Dwight. Wilson was a strong leader when he came into power...

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Woodrow Wilson

The Accomplishments of Woodrow Wilson The 28th president of America, who served from 1913 to 1921, was Woodrow Wilson. In his career as a political man and as a president, Wilson had big accomplishments. In 1910, becoming the President of the United States for two consecutive terms, creating the Federal Reserve...

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