American Presidents Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

The Successive Presidents: Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson

The two most successive presidents who managed the United States of America were Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson. The power and development of the US that stand nowadays started to take contour throughout Roosevelt's management. Fundamentally, Roosevelt achieved the transformation to an effective and enduring manager and dismissed the political parties to the core of US politics. The Square Deal that this president executed attached him to the US citizens and formed his legacy. Moreover, he perceived that the president's office furnished him with the ability to do all that the US citizens demand, given the Constitution does not exclude him expressly. Chiefly, Roosevelt's authority to the presidency coincided with the advent of the Progressive Era that was characterized by social activism and political awareness (Shi, and Tindall 777). The reforms he implemented made him stand out as one of the most progressive leaders the United States has ever had.

Wilson's Progressive Agenda

On the other hand, Wilson implemented the Clayton Anti-trust laws and made it illegal for organizations to purchase stock in other firms if doing so would create a monopoly. The Federal Trade Commission he formed acted as a watchdog that investigated violations of trade laws. The introduction of the tax income in 1913 was one of his flagship achievements because it enabled the government to raise the money it needed. Ideally, the fact he divided the country into twelve districts each with a central bank that had powers to print money and loan it to the smaller banks kept the banking industry afloat.

Changing Needs and Expectations

Admittedly, the needs and expectations of the American electorate have changed fundamentally over time. Equally, voters have lofty expectations they expect the president to implement. However, both Roosevelt and Wilson were progressive leaders that understood the role of the United States in a changing environment. As a result, both would be elected to serve as president in the current political climate because the country needs inspirational and bold leaders that understand the needs of the citizens and recognizes the leadership position the United States holds. Both leaders were visionary and well ahead of their time. In this regard, they would serve as effective leaders in the current political dispensation.

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