Essays on Ronald Reagan

Analysis of Ronald Reagan’s Speech on the Challenger Disaster

The date and time of the speech was 28th January 1996 at 8.04 PM. The speaker was the then president Ronal Reagan, and the speech audience was a joint session of the 99th US Congress in the house of the chamber of the capital (Reagan, 1986).  The speaker addressed the topic...

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Education Department and President Reagan's View

In his presidential candidacy, Ronald Reagan promised to abolish the US Department of Education, scale back the federal government's involvement in education, and severely restrict the use of native languages in classrooms. These and other things were done when he was president. President Reagan worked to reduce local school district authority...

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The Handmaid’s Tale Essay

When Ronald Reagan was the president of the United States, Margaret Atwood wrote the novel. (1981-1989). Politico-religious fundamentalism increased during this period. The main theme of the novel is how the state of Gilead imposes a form of dictatorship through the use of religious extremism. It is marked by severe...

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The Speech also known as A time for choosing is a speech made by Ronald Regan

The Speech, also known as A Time for Choice, is a television speech given by Ronald Regan in an attempt to gain election. He used public appeals to illustrate his case, demonstrating how the country requires a different type of leadership, one that is not complacent and dependent on recent...

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