The least effective United States president in the 20th century

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Woodrow Wilson will be the least influential president of the United States in the 20th century in relation to domestic politics spanning from the era of Woodrow Wilson to Eisenhower Dwight. Wilson was a strong leader when he came into power in 1913, but his flaws come with respect to foreign policy that would directly impact the nation at large further. Some people have reservations and declare Wilson the best president of the 20th century to concentrate on and bring results in terms of the best domestic and foreign policies (Combs 26). Which 20th Century President was least effective in domestic policy?
Without consideration of the repercussions of his actions, Wilson would be termed as, “a dangerous interventionist in Latin America and a dangerous utopian in Europe.” Wilson was more focused on improving and furthering democracy to other nations rather than focusing on the interests of the United States. Woodrow’s foreign policy actions would eventually overflow and directly affect domestic policy. For instance, his actions and convictions of America having the purest intentions would further define the United States’ involvement in the World War one.

What evidence do you have to support your opinion?

One of the failures of Wilson is the failure to lose peace at home, as was evidenced in the Versailles peace deal that ended up being disastrous. On yet another front that Woodrow failed in terms of domestic policy was the failure of building public support in order for the United States of America to gain entry into the League of Nations (Combs 30). The Versailles treaty became disastrous and brought with it international backlash as a result of the Senate failing to ratify it following the stubbornness of Wilson and his refusal to readjust its terms.


The main essence of having a foreign policy is to compliment and improve the domestic conditions of a nation. Wilson was more focused towards the implementation and furthering the democracy than improving the living conditions and how the United States functioned. The ideas of Wilson have however lasted long enough to see that American ideas live on thus leaving positive and negative impacts.

Work Cited

Combs, Jerald A. The history of American policy from 1895. Routledge, 2015, 22-45

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