Essays on Infrastructure

The Justification of the State by John Locke

Justification of the state implies the foundation of legal power for the government. Typically, such a defense clarifies why the government must be real, and to certain gradation choices, the function of state; what a justifiable municipal must or must not be capable of doing. Revolutionaries trust that there is...

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The Process of Gentrification

Gentrification is a term used to describe renovation and renewal in the economic status of city. When this phenomenon occurs, there is an improvement in various areas of life. For example, one will witness a change in housing, employment, and technology (Lees, 25). Justin David, a writer at Newsday and...

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The Transportation Security Administration: Past, Present, and Future

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) was brought to Congress to combat future terroirs attacks after 9/11. They implemented safety standards that people still follow to this day. People must have their baggage checked before boarding a plane. Also, the TSA has replaced x-ray full body scanners with new technology (TSA). As said...

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The Process of Gentrification

Gentrification defines the gradual process of renovating and changing an area, mostly urban, conforming it to the taste of the wealthier middle-class people. Ruth Glass, a renowned British sociologist, introduced this word in 1964, after studying how the social structure and the housing market in London were changing. Glass wrote,...

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The Concept of Gentrification

Since the concept of gentrification was coined in 1964, it has received significant attention in social, political and economic debates. The term which refers to the movement of middle-class individuals to a formally working class neighborhood has received both supporting and opposing argument in the mainstream media, academics, and the...

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The State of Traffic in Atlanta

There has been plenty of talk within the last couple of years regarding the state of traffic in Atlanta from Buckhead to downtown and sometimes Grant Park. Reports indicate that the state of insufferable congestion in Atlanta could have been underestimated. A report by the 2016 Traffic Scorecard showed that...

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Benefits of Public Transport System

Most major cities are developed due to the transport system. With mass motorization in the cities, there have been a significant increase in commuter traffic and associated air pollution. In a bid to avoid associated health complications, the response of the public has been moving away from the polluted areas....

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The Brisbane Metro Bus Rapid Transit Project

Brisbane Metro remains to be a crucial component of the Council’s plan to ensure that the citizens get home in a timely manner. Furthermore, it is a system which is aimed at ensuring that there are multiple travel options for the public, while at the same time reducing congestion and...

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Comparison Between Light Rail and Mega Bus Systems

Transportation is the process of moving goods, and people from one place to another using different modes and means of transport (Pansare., Kenjale., Salunke, and Jagtap., 2017). The main importance of transportation in both Kenya and the rest of the world is to facilitates the movement of production resources to...

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The Impact of Recession on the Transportation Industry

1. An industry is said to be cyclical in nature because that particular industry’s operational activity, revenue and profit margins are highly dependent on the phase of the business or the overall economy.  Same is the case of the transportation industry.  This industry tends to experience regular changes in profitability,...

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The Impact of Gentrification

Gentrification is a highly debated topic in urban planning and political science because it involves the crucial aspect of housing and property in the community. The concept is defined as a process of renovating an old and debilitated neighborhood by the way of entry of new affluent residents who improve...

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Critical Infrastructure Protection

Over the previous decade, there has been growth in threats to critical infrastructure sectors to potential disastrous dimensions. Critical infrastructure protection has turned out to be an issue of economic stability, domestic security, and public safety.  To protect the nation from cyber-attacks to critical infrastructure it is imperative the United...

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