Essays on Infrastructure

The Effect of Falling Oil Prices until 2021

Several consequences are anticipated if oil prices fall in the next five years. The reduction would have an effect on various aspects of the economy, including transportation and industry costs. Even though the drop in oil prices is good news for some, especially importers, it is bad news for exporters…

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globalization impact

Economic technological progress has resulted in the migration of people around the world. Both have been facilitated by increased transportation means, as well as improved methods of moving people and goods. Technology has since increased connectivity, allowing people all over the world to communicate more effectively and affordably. Many of…

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Current state of the CSA program

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) of the Department of Transportation is in charge of maintaining the safety of commercial motor vehicles (Murray, 2016). As a result, many compliance tools are in place to enable the FMCSA to carry out its protection mandate. Safety Measurement System (SMS), Compliance, Security,…

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history and urban design

Many meanings have been used by various scholars to assign context to urban architecture. Each author has developed his or her own explanation to provide a greater and deeper understanding of the topic, and therefore these writings demonstrate the difficulty and multidimensional existence of urban design. Any of the authors’…

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united states and united kingdom constitution

A constitution maps out the state’s rules and frameworks, stipulating the powers of government agencies as well as the relationship between the government and other central authorities. Furthermore, constitutions list the liberty and privileges of its people, and in doing so, it develops rules as well as limits and obligations…

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UK – A Federal State

The question of whether Britain has been a federal state has long been discussed. Tony Blair initiated the establishment of devolved parliaments and councils in states such as Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland (Wollmann & Kuhlmann, 2014). There have also been reports that, with the presence and power of the…

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state autonomy and state capacity

State liberty, also known as state hegemony, refers to the right to rule oneself without intervention by other entities or countries. State capability refers to a country’s ability to exercise substantial control over the results of its economic growth, political consolidation, civil wars, and international security. China is one country…

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Essay about Amusement Parks

An amusement park is a place that features a variety of different attractions and events. They are often themed and based on a central theme. Depending on the park, a single attraction can include multiple areas with varying themes. For example, a theme park can feature a roller coaster or…

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Challenges in Transportation

It is for a reality that commuting to work is not one of the best moments for everyone. This period of the day comprised of sweatily standing in stuffy warm carriages, tucking in between strangers and trying by all means to keep away from eye contact with the strangers. This…

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Types of Amusement Parks

An amusement park is a place where people can go to have fun and experience a variety of rides, games, and other attractions. Many of them are themed, meaning that they have multiple areas with different themes. A theme park is an excellent choice for families and children. Here are…

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The Concept of Autonomy in Health Care

Autonomy is the ability to act according to our own interests and values. The word autonomy comes from the Greek word meaning “self-legislation” or “self-government”. Autonomy is a key principle in contemporary political thought, as well as in bioethics. However, it is not always easy to define. In this view,…

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The Different Meanings of the Word “Underground”

The term underground has many meanings. It can refer to a place or activity where people go underground to do something that is forbidden to the general public. For instance, a mall might be underground in Frankfurt am Main, a house may be underground in Coober Pedy, South Australia, or…

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