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Personal planning definition

Personal Planning Personal planning entails the holistic development of personal characteristics for self-improvement in the context of a career or relationship. The plan is based on the individual's strengths and weaknesses, goals to be attained, and persona values. It is the continuous shaping and improvement of an individual's abilities, interests, and...

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High and Low Cultural Art

Traditionally, the word "culture" has been used to describe a community's improvement or cultivation process (Simmel and Levine 2015, pg. 22). Different definitions of high and low culture have been drawn during the evolution path. High art has been associated with "everything that is best" in creation, literature, or global...

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Innovation stage

In order to effectively promote our services, products, and processes by successfully transforming the preexisting thoughts and practices toward offering a greater value in the market, we use the term innovation. We have access to innovative concepts and fresh ideas; the only problem is figuring out how to combine them,...

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How to Improve and Measure the Impact of Improvement Initiatives

To improve something, it is necessary to change it in some way. Changing a behavior may be the best way to improve a situation. Changes may also involve changing a word. For example, change may mean improving the way one looks. An improved look can be a reflection of a...

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