Personal planning definition

Personal Planning

Personal planning entails the holistic development of personal characteristics for self-improvement in the context of a career or relationship. The plan is based on the individual's strengths and weaknesses, goals to be attained, and persona values. It is the continuous shaping and improvement of an individual's abilities, interests, and knowledge that leads to optimal effectiveness and adaptability (Lussier, 2015).

The Development Plan

The development plan is more than just an upward movement; it is a process that allows people to progress and explore their full potential at every stage of their career. A strategy can help a person choose a job. It can also help the person to perceive opportunities, build a balanced life, and create a conducive platform for sharing individual and organizational decisions by all stakeholders. Lack of personal planning would create a gap between today and tomorrow, where an individual cannot efficiently relate what is happening to him or her today and what should be done the following day to control condition if it has negative impacts. In organizations, employers are much aware of the important of having a team which is personally developed. Some organization investigates this through continues assessments to the employees. Also, others have a program of training and development to renew and update the skills and knowledge possess by their employees. However, the whole process of personal development plan should be an individual initiative that involves self-assessments, identification of development needs, and behavioral modeling based on the both long and short term plans.


The process of looking at oneself so as to assess important aspects to one’s identity is vital in personal planning. Self-assessment is a motive that brings self-enhancement, self-evaluation, and self-verification. Through self-assessment, a person will have accurate reflection and honest appraisal of his strengths and weaknesses (Lussier, 2015). From there, it will be possible to evaluate the value of management and leadership training and experiences they have had over the past years hence consider future development plans if necessary. The assessment should base on reports received from either friends, mentor, manager, colleagues, career coach, or family members. The person can then establish the purpose as well as the direction of personal development plan after considering the following aspects; first, there is need to take account of the realities of the organization. Ask yourself if the organization is at a position of supporting training programs to the employees and its strategic plans. Secondly, think about yourself, the value system you own and private life. Here, the person should consider obstacles and constraints that stand between him and the plans to be implemented. At this level, it is necessary to understand interesting things in life that motivate the people and can make them work harder. Finally, there should be a direct link between organizational plans and individual plans for development to occur in the workplace. Self-assessment is a key to personal planning since it gives a big picture of the organization and what is expected from employees for smooth running of activities in the particular organization (Lussier & Achua, 2015).

Identification of Development Needs

One will develop personal plans based on emerging issues, requirements by the management or others will do it to remain relevant to the workplace. Others would opt for development since they are not satisfied with the current routines thus finds it desirable to make a change through personal planning. Some are not sure of what they are best at and would plan to discover their talent through development. A personal plan that is beneficial to the organization and individual should focus on career goals. In a case where the employee wants to remain in the same employment, it is advisable to develop in professional life so as to motivate himself or herself to be efficient and improve his or her performance. Similarly, development can be carried out by either the employer or the employee to prepare the latter for promotion (Lussier, 2015). All these requires personal planning to go through a smooth transition in the career life.

Behavioral Modelling

After successful personal planning, an individual should work on the process of imitating the modeled behavior. This involves implementation of the changes made through planning. Traditionally, behavioral modeling is done by the management to achieve a particular behavior that would help in realizing the organizational goals (Lussier & Achua, 2015). But if the employee did the plans for development, it is, therefore, possible for him or her to change the behavior to fit his or her personal development plans. Besides, the working environment is usually made up of people with diverse background and therefore cultures, and personal goals may be different too. It is important to implement personal plans that fit your satiation after proper self-assessment and identification of development needs. Engage others but implement a development plan that suits your situation as a person, not a group and this is the essence of personal planning.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, the process of professional and personal development is important for both management and employees in an organization. It is an individual planning accompanied with self-assessment, identification of development needs, and change of behavior after considering personal strengths and weakness that makes it possible. The process can be supported by the organization and other stakeholders to ensure holistic advancement in every aspect of life. Furthermore, it should regularly be evaluated to accommodate changes that may arise in the organization and the business environment.


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