Essays on Community Development

High and Low Cultural Art

Traditionally, the word "culture" has been used to describe a community's improvement or cultivation process (Simmel and Levine 2015, pg. 22). Different definitions of high and low culture have been drawn during the evolution path. High art has been associated with "everything that is best" in creation, literature, or global...

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Summary of the Miao Embroidery in one page

Technology improvements pose a threat to the survival of the Miao embroidery techniques and heritage. The Miao are a minority group noted for its rich culture, which is shown in their decorations and costumes, which have been worn for more than 5000 years. Young girls learn the tradition at the...

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the development of career

A career is an individual's path through schooling, employment, and any everyday activity that may occur. A career goal is an aim that is set to be reached at any point in one's career. Career objectives are defined to accomplish a certain professional purpose, which can include job promotions or...

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Drug Abuse; A Social Problem

Anything that is a problem for the group is a social issue. In certain cases, social problems are perceived as conditions in society that are unacceptable. Most of them typically have a negative social effect. Others are related to the slowing down of changes in society. Global warming, substance addiction,...

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Pluralism and parties with other interests

In America, interest groups include a community of citizens with a shared interest in engaging in the development of public policy. They play an important role in the organization of voters, strengthening civic democracy and articulating popular views (Morone and Kersh 285). The top three interest group theories include theories...

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