100 Economics Essay Topics for Academic Success

Do you need to find economics essay topics? If so, we’re about to share a list of many useful titles with you! Economics is a fascinating sphere with lots of opportunities for research, but it could also be hellishly boring in case the topics you’ve chosen for your essay are not inspiring enough. Students often make this mistake, and then they are forced to write about something they don’t find interesting before receiving a low grade. Or worse, they are asked to do revisions, meaning that they have to waste even more time despite having other important college assignments. Would you like to find a great title for your essay? If yes, then take a look at the choice of ideas below!

Best Economics Topics for Essays

Looking at the available titles in a prepared list is a great way of finding your wayward inspiration. If you study economics, you know how diverse this sphere is and how many directions it could take. We divided it into 10 large categories and found 10 topics for each. Check them out — perhaps you’ll manage to figure out what to write about!

Consumerism Essay Ideas

The concept of consumerism is among truly interesting economic topics for students. It’s a common phenomenon in our days that contributes to improvements in customer service. But how does it affect the overall state of economics?

  1. Link between Consumerism & Advertising: How Are They Connected?
  2. Trace the Growth of Consumerism in the US: What Could We Say About This Pattern?
  3. How Is Purchasing Power Related to Humans’ Income?
  4. Analyze Incomes of People From Different Classes: How Does This Affect Their Purchasing Habits?
  5. Is the Invention of Showrooms Connected with Increasing Consumerism?
  6. Do You Consider Yourself an Average or Unique Type of Consumer?
  7. Research Link between Christianity and Consumerism: How Could It Be Defined?
  8. What Effect Does Consumerism Have on Our Society?
  9. Examine How Baby Boomers Perceive Consumerism
  10. How Did the Events of Brexit Affect Consumerism in the UK?

Income Inequality Topics

Most people are concerned about the idea of income. These economics writing prompts will give you a chance to explore it. Why are some people earning less than others? Why are others wealthy enough to never work at all?

  1. What Causes Income Inequality among People From the Same Country?
  2. Examine the Size of Wealth in Relation to Level of Happiness
  3. What Strategies Does Government Apply to Diminish the Gap Between Classes?
  4. Unequal Distribution of Resources Leads to Increased Violence
  5. Does Education Level Affect Our Chances at Getting Better Income?
  6. Discuss How Growth of Population Intensifies Overall Inequality
  7. Should Universal Income Amount Be Implemented in the World?
  8. Role of John D. Rockefeller in Poverty of Today’s Americans
  9. Is Immigration Contributing to Inequality?
  10. Discuss Three Major Factors That Create Economic Inequality

Supply and Demand Ideas

Now it’s time to regard supply and demand essay topics. Have you ever wondered how firms determine the number of goods they should produce? Or even how managers decide on which products they should purchase for their shops? Find some motivation below.

  1. Imagine You Are a Manager: How Would You Determine Specific Sweets You Need to Purchase for Your Store?
  2. In Which Cases Should We Perform Cost-Benefit Analysis?
  3. Elaborate on Connection between Demand and Supply in Basic Terms
  4. What Could Firms Do If Demand Exceeds Possible Supply?
  5. Explain the Mechanism Underlying Law of Supply
  6. Being an Entrepreneur: Which Supply Rules Should They Know?
  7. Reveal Fraudulent Activities Committed to Increase Demand or Supply
  8. Choose Any Industry: When Peak Pricing Happens There & Why?
  9. What Is Elastic Demand & Provide Examples
  10. What Is the Current Demand for Cars?

Capitalism Topics

Many people consider capitalism a curse. What are your thoughts on it? Use these economics paper topic ideas for your essay.

  1. Relation between Consumerism and Capitalism
  2. Discuss Freakonomics & Incentives System: Is It Effective?
  3. How & Why Did Capitalism Emerge?
  4. Explain Why Capitalism Is Getting More Destructive
  5. Have People Become More Isolated After the Spread of Capitalism?
  6. In What Way Is Karl Marx Connected with Capitalism?
  7. How Does Government Promote Capitalism & For What Reason Does This Happen?
  8. Talk About How NAFTA Is Related to Capitalist Development
  9. How Did Art Become a Popular Commodity Under Capitalism?
  10. Is There a Place for Compassion in the Cruel World of Capitalism?

Finance Economics Essay Questions

These ideas are related to finances. Financial departments are crucial for any firm, and people specializing in this sphere usually earn good salaries. So check out titles below if you’re interested.

  1. Pick a Company You Like: How Would You Develop Anti-Crisis Strategy For It?
  2. How Does Credit System Affect People’s Socioeconomic Status?
  3. What Is the Functioning of Euro Currency?
  4. How Does Banking System Connect Across Cities?
  5. What Philosophy Did Adam Smith Display?
  6. How Much Should a Standard House Cost Based on Individuals’ Income?
  7. Is Principle of Bonds a Solely American Thing?
  8. How Could Firms Prepare for Unexpected Risks?
  9. What Types of Investments Exist?
  10. How Should Finance Department Be Structured?

World Economy Essay Topics

Still looking for economic topics to write about? Move toward the global level. You’ll find a huge variety of titles there.

  1. Analyze Effects of Industrialization: How Did World Economy Shift Under Them?
  2. How Could Increased Oil Supply Affect Arab Economy?
  3. Is Ensuring Fair Trade Possible? Under Which Conditions?
  4. Which Countries Practice Free Trade & What Does This Entail?
  5. Elaborate on Interconnections Between Countries’ Economic Relations
  6. How Does Globalization Affect Our Career Opportunities?
  7. Are Different Points of View Necessary for Ensuring Solid Economics Bonds Globally?
  8. What Causes Global Unemployment Rate?
  9. Describe Best Three Universities Where Students Become Economists
  10. How Does US Still Operate Despite Its Huge Debt?

Industrialization Ideas

Do you have an opinion on industrialization idea? This process has touched lots of spheres in our life. Check titles we came up with about it.

  1. When Did Modern Industrialization Process Start? Analyze Its Background
  2. How Does Industrialization Shape Modern Political Climate in Russia?
  3. In What Ways Does Industrialization Develop in the US and UK? Perform Comparative Analysis
  4. How Do Rural Areas Cope with Large-Scale Industrialization?
  5. Discus Art Development Before & After Industrialization
  6. Talk About 3 Major Transformations in the Labor Market
  7. What Is the Impact of the Biggest Industrial Revolution?
  8. Why Is Investing Into Infrastructure Important?
  9. Pick Any Factory & Discuss How It Developed Over the Years
  10. What Is Fordism & How Did It Shape Our World?


The idea to combine finance and technology has changed the way people do their work. If you study Economics and enjoy technology, explore them both! We hope you’ll find some of titles below useful.

  1. What Are the Prospects of Fintech in the Future?
  2. On What Basis Is Digital Finance World Built?
  3. Trace Development of Fintech: When and How Did It Commence?
  4. Explain the Meaning of Blockchain to Newbies
  5. How Do You Imagine Banks to Look and Function in the Future?
  6. Are Chatbox Helpful or Are They Entirely Useless?
  7. How Do Online Scams Work & How Can We Recognize Them?
  8. Which Fintech Innovations Would You Classify as Disruptive?
  9. Do All People Have Equal Chances of Benefiting from Fintech?
  10. Discuss Strategies for Securing Online Payment Systems

Microeconomics Essay Topics

Not everyone likes microeconomics, even though it’s an interesting topic. But even if you find it complex, writing an essay on it is a great way to gain some understanding.  So, consider them and pick one of the options.

  1. Why Do Many Individuals See Minimal Wage Raise in Negative Light?
  2. Discuss the Existing Types of Inflation
  3. What Components Is the Pricing Concept Based On?
  4. As a Consumer, Would You Prefer Products to Have Fair or Market Value?
  5. What Is the Connection Between Microeconomics and Revenue Increase?
  6. What Factors Should Coincide for Market Equilibrium to Exist?
  7. Describe Risks People with Start-Ups Face
  8. Is Wealth Directly Dependent on Income?
  9. Why Do We Need Intellectual Property Structures?
  10. What Kinds of Capital Economics Do You Know?

Macroeconomics Ideas

Macroeconomics is another sphere deserving your attention. It could be complex and engaging both — everything depends on topics you select. Feel like a true economist and pick one of them.

  1. What Function Do Banks Play in Our Society?
  2. Name Four Major Causes of Financial Crises
  3. How Do Governments Form Budgets for a Year?
  4. Is Health Insurance a Profitable Concept for Patients?
  5. Does Economy Affect Politics in Any Relevant Ways?
  6. What Is Global Economy & How Should It Be Defined?
  7. Why Does Child Labor Still Exist Despite Our Progress?
  8. Should Students Agree to Take Loans for Studying in Colleges?
  9. Offer the Best Economical Model for Improving Financial Condition of Your Country
  10. What Is Economic Recession & What Influences It?

Choose the Best Macroeconomics Essay Topics

Every college student hopes to get a good grade for their essay. But for this to happen, they need to locate topics they’d love or at least find interesting. So, start looking. Go through your interests; if there is nothing, move toward lists like the one we created. With inspiration, conducting research will turn into an adventure, and writing an essay will be something you learn to enjoy.

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