Disney web page analysis

Disney is one of the few firms that has managed to stay relevant for decades, thanks largely to its advertising. Theme parks have long been the company's main draw, and I had always wanted to visit them as a kid. It was heavily affected by the way the firm presented it as an entirely distinct and joyful world. Furthermore, seeing Disney movies made me a lifetime Disney lover. Having had the opportunity to visit one of their theme parks, it became clear that it was not just any ordinary theme park, but one that offers an unparalleled experience. It is certain that advertisements can greatly influence one’s perception about a product or service and this has over the years been well utilized by Disney.

The Disney website is simple and well organized. The web page is laterally organized in six sections; about, investor relations, careers, environment, philanthropy and news. The page highlights the company’s recent news which outlines some of the new features and products the company plans on launching. Further, a brief outline of the company’s philanthropic and environment conversation activities is presented. These sections outline the company’s corporate social responsibilities and are meant to boost its brand image. For those interested in working with Disney, there is a career’s link to direct them to the career’s page. From the website what stands out is extensive use of high-quality images in supporting the information provided. For instance, the statue of Mickey Mouse holding hands with Walt Disney is what one first sees. The use of Mickey Mouse on the page is strategic based on the fact it is one of the biggest selling points for the company.

A review of a company’s value is embedded in its mission statement. Disney’s mission statement is clearly presented in the ‘About’ section and it clearly outlines the company’s strife in ensuring that it provides unmatched experiences to its customers. Disney’s value is to ensure that it is the leading company in the provision of information and entertainment. Differentiation is key to the company’s vision as it has ensured that its products, services, and contents are different from what the competitors are offering. That notwithstanding the company has sought to ensure that it has provided innovative and creative experiences for its customers worldwide.

Disney has always delved to provide an outstanding experience to its customers and this is explicitly evident in the website. For instance, the advertisement on a forthcoming augment reality event clearly depicts the company’s approach in providing futuristic products and services. The website provides an extensive advertisement of the company’s recent products and offerings. The use of pictures in the advertisements further makes its advertisements appealing. All the company’s advertisements are conveniently located in the recent news section which further provides information of some of the unique services the company is set to launch.

A review of Disney’s leadership team indicates that it is a vertical company. This is evidenced by the fact that the website only provides a description of the company’s top management with their passport pictures. Additionally based on the way the website describes the management team, clearly indicates that it is a vertical company. For instance, the web page refers to the top management as ‘our executive team’ rather than ‘we’ or ‘us’. Finally, of importance is that the website only indicates the company’s top management and fails to mention the subordinates.

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