Dealing with difficult customers and layoffs

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I have some interesting and tough news

I need to share with you all today. I am very confident that most of you are now aware that the organization has been in the process of organizing cuts in different divisions. I advised that all teams took part in cost-cutting steps, but I am sorry to remind you that despite our attempts, prices are already rising and revenues are not moving in the right direction. As a result, the corporation has been forced to take dramatic action and one of them reduces 10% of the workforce. This means that some people will leave the organization and they have already been informed. I want to assure everyone else who has not received a layoff letter that the organization does not anticipate any additional layoffs anytime soon. The company has hired experts to assess the current situation in the organization, and there is a promise of a better future though we cannot accurately predict what might happen within the course of time. The management has taken full control of the situation, and it is still focused on its strategic vision and mission of prosperity in the tech industry. We highly value all of our employees even those who have been laid off, and that is why the company is taking various steps and measures to assist all those individuals who have lost their jobs in this unfortunate moment. I know most of you have various reactions and questions and I assure you that we are ready to answer each and every concern. The human resource department will remain open for any employee who might experience any difficulties dealing with the changes.

Discussion of the Approach

In writing the email, I incorporated various aspects of effective communication during layoffs. First of all, I gave a clear explanation of the current situation in the organization and why the layoffs are necessary. In accomplishing this, I discussed reorganization and the possibility of employee roles being redefined as well as the possible impact on the workflow (Smeltzer & Zener, 1992). Secondly, I gave those employees, not affected by layoffs, an assurance that there will be no further positions that will be affected at this particular moment and also made them feel that they are all highly valued (Smeltzer & Zener, 1992). This was supported by an optimistic explanation of the company’s future in the tech industry. Lastly, I touched on the topic of maintaining an open door policy to give any employee experiencing difficulties an opportunity to be guided and supported.

Part 2: A letter to Minnie

X Tech Company

1010 Technology Place

New York, 20170-20180

Minnie McElroy

Minnie’s Miniscule Miniatures

2010 Wing place

Washington, DC 20900-7080

16 April 2017

RE: Unpaid monthly hosting fees

Dear Minnie,

Urgent: This is a serious matter, please rectify immediately.

Despite my previous reminders through repeated phone calls and multiple letters, the invoice for monthly hosting fees totaling to USD 5,000 remains unpaid. With regard to that, we would highly appreciate if you make the payment immediately.

I deeply regret to inform you that unless you pay the aforestated amounts, I will have to pass this invoice over to the company’s debt collection agency as well as lawyers. This has a high potential of not only affecting your credit rating but will also give us a right to render the website we created for you nonfunctional. As you are aware, the contract gives us a right to retain the copyright on any site we create. The company has been experiencing bad financial conditions due to debts such as the one you owe, and we feel that it is necessary to take such actions to protect the company.

I urge you to contact us immediately regarding how you are going to make the payments.

Yours sincerely,

John X

Credit manager

Discussion of Approach

In drafting this letter, I applied various principles of effective communication when collecting outstanding payments from difficult customers. The first principle I applied is dealing with the client professionally. In the letter, I tactfully explained to the customer how she has continuously failed to honor her debt despite multiple phone calls and emails. I exercised full control and did not let my emotions to relate to the previous frustrations the client has given the company (Elving, 2005).

The second principle of effective communication when dealing with such customers is exercising care. Despite the rough experience with this particular customer, I still had to express the firm's intentions in a manner that showed the company still cares about the client. My expression is clear and sincere, and at the same time, it emphasizes the need for the client to honor the debt. It is important not to take such situations personally and, therefore, in my explanation I have used the lack of payment of the debt as the reason for the intended break of the contract (Elving, 2005). Effective communication requires an organization to efficiently communicate with a client without breaking any current and future ties with such a customer.


Elving, W. J. (2005). The role of communication in organizational change. Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 10(2), 129-138.

Smeltzer, L. R., & Zener, M. F. (1992). Development of a model for announcing major layoffs. Group & Organization Management, 17(4), 446-472.

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