100 Free Analytical Research Paper Topics For College Students

When students start looking for analytical research paper topics, it usually means that they got an assignment that’s making them nervous. Writing could be an exciting process, but the academic kind of it is worrisome because you risk receiving a failing grade and ruining your score. A lot of things depend on the topics you select for your research, not to mention your general understanding of concepts.

Analytical paper is an analysis where you introduce an issue, divide it into several points, explore and analyze them, and reach a specific conclusion. Such a task is important because it gives you a chance to sharpen your skills at offering criticism and boosts your analytical thinking. With this question out of the way, it is time to focus on topic selection. Once you get a grasp on it, writing will become easier!

Secret of Picking Good Analytical Research Paper Topics

As long as you have some great ideas for research, developing a paper is likely to go smoothly. But where to find something to get yourself going? You could contact your teacher and discuss ideas with them — or you could check different tips we’ve developed.

  • Pick Among Your Interests. What do you like? Compose a list of your hobbies or issues that intrigue you. This could be a favorite movie — for instance, you could explore how the media changed over the years and use this movie as an example. Books are also a solid idea: analyze how writer’s techniques helped make a particular piece outstanding. Research how your favorite activity started, examine someone’s background, etc.
  • Read Articles. Conduct research on current critical issues. As soon as you access some news site, you’ll see lots of articles on different topics. Skip through them briefly. Leave the ones you liked open, and sooner or later, you’ll locate your analytical research paper topic.
  • Brainstorm with Friends. Your friends could offer you some great prompts if you discuss your paper with them. Overall, discussions are fun, and they trigger creativity, so it’s a sure way to find interesting topics. Your classmates could fit the bill as well: since they are facing the same task, you could benefit from talking to them about your ideas.
  • Find Online Help. A huge number of students were where you are now. They all wrote papers and looked for appropriate topics. You can find these discussions online and get some inspiration from them. Picking useful sources is also important because without them, you won’t know whether you’ll be able to support your work properly. Be sure you find enough of them before you proceed with your writing.

Formal, Technical, Personal, and Literary Analysis Research Paper Topics

Another popular way of finding topics is through looking at prepared online lists. They have many options you could use for your paper, and that’s what we tried to do below. Look at these 100 ideas. Try them out, and if anything stirs your interest, use it in your work.


Past is often dark and mysterious. There are many intricate aspects that could be made into analytical research paper topics ideas for history, so why not explore them?

  1. How Did the United Kingdom Succeed in Creating Many Colonies Around the World?
  2. Explain How African Continent Evolved Over the Last 50 Years: Why Is It Still Poor?
  3. What Made Nazis Forget About Humanity So Quickly and Participate in Monstrosities Against Others With No Hesitation?
  4. Examine What Caused the Trade War between US, Russia, & China
  5. What Goals Did Protestant Formation Follow & What Did They Achieve?
  6. Elaborate on How Vietnam War Began & What Results It Had
  7. Which Ancient War Victories Still Affect Our World?
  8. Why Do Many People Consider the Start of US Development as Bloody and Violent?
  9. Which Victories Helped Women Gain More Rights?
  10. Why Do Many People in Mexico Try to Immigrate Even If It Is Illegal?

Nursing and Healthcare Topics

Medical world is getting profoundly relevant due to the spread of COVID. Look at these topics for analytical research paper nursing to understand this problem better.

  1. Is There a Professional Way of Sharing Bad News with Victims’ Families?
  2. What Makes People Amenable to the Idea of Using COVID Vaccine Despite the Lack of Trials
  3. Which Genetic Problems Are Likely to Be Passed to Children & Why
  4. How Many Autistic Children Grow Up to Be Completely Independent
  5. Is It Really Possible to Strengthen Someone’s Immune System?
  6. What Are the Likeliest Factors of Cancer & Could They Be Alleviated?
  7. What Makes Hand Hygiene So Essential in Hospitals?
  8. Why Did Scientists Decide to Learn How to Grow New Cells?
  9. Why Do We Need Stem Cell Research & What Could It Lead To?
  10. Does Anxiety Have Any Positive Effects on a Body?

Business Analytical Research Paper Topic Ideas

How about research paper business analytics topics? Companies are suffering because of lockdowns, and their operations are changing. It could be exciting to study them.

  1. How Is Strong Organizational Culture Built at the Workplace?
  2. How Did the Idea for SWOT Analysis Evolve & What Is Its Purpose?
  3. What Threats Do Businesses Face in the Current Time?
  4. Analyze the Origins of Coca Cola Company: Why and How Did It Reach Such a Tremendous Success?
  5. Is Corporate Social Responsibility Really That Important?
  6. Are There Strategies That Could Help Save a Business That Is Going Bankrupt?
  7. Who Are Stakeholders and How Much Responsibility Do They Have?
  8. In What Ways Does Cognitive Computing Improve Business Performance?
  9. Pick Any Data Analytics Software & Perform Its Analysis
  10. Are Performance Scorecards Effective or Demotivating for Employees?

Literature Analytical Paper Topics

Literature analytical research paper topics are always in demand because no matter how many years pass, people’s love for reading prevails. Would you like to offer your critique on something?

  1. Conduct Rhetorical Analysis on Any Speech In a Story You Like: What Makes It Effective?
  2. Explain Why Some Books Received Negative Critics’ Review in the Past Only to Become Wildly Popular Now
  3. How Is Violence Depicted in Old Novels versus in New Ones?
  4. How Did World War 2 Inspire Writers of That Time and Beyond?
  5. Analyze Character Development in Your Favorite Novel
  6. What Is Special About Shakespeare’s Works That Makes People Passionate About Them Even Today?
  7. What Is the Meaning of Escapism & How Important Is It for People?
  8. What Could We Derive About People’s Social Status From Books of 18-20th Centuries?
  9. Did JK Rowling Create a Consistent Narrative or Does It Have Major Plot holes?
  10. What Can We Say About Shifts in Morality When Comparing Old and New Literature?

Analytical Research Topics in Psychology

Understanding humans’ minds is fascinating. These psychology analytical research paper topics will let you pick some of the best ones.

  1. Why Do People Have Different Ideas on What Love Is?
  2. Explain What Being a Latent Homosexual Means
  3. What Is Dangerous About Repressing Your Feelings?
  4. Have Freud’s Works Become Outdated at This Point?
  5. Did Erikson Define the Stages of Human Psychological Development Correctly?
  6. What Factors Trigger Pack Mentality in People?
  7. Do Gender Stereotypes Have Any Roots in Psychology?
  8. Do Women Who Had an Abortion Experience Any Negative Post-Effects?
  9. Explore How Children Who Saw Abuse Might Build Their Own Families
  10. Is the Oedipus Complex Real or Is Something Else Lying Behind It?


Not everyone likes economics, but there are still plenty of cool topics for analytical research paper in this sphere. Check them out!

  1. What Economic Impacts Does Aging Population Have?
  2. Is Governments’ Refusal to Control Birth Number Dangerous From the Point of Economy?
  3. Does Past Slavery Still Affect World Economy?
  4. What Tensions Do US and China Experience in Their Economic Relationship?
  5. Did Sanctions Affect the Economic Development of Russia?
  6. Examine Globalization as a Concept: How Does It Affect Us?
  7. Do the Flows of Immigrants Contribute to Economic Growth?
  8. What Causes Economic Recession in Countries?
  9. Which Factors Help Establish Interest Rates
  10. Rise and Fall of a Dollar: How and Why Does Currency Change?

Sports Topics for Analytical Research Paper

What is your opinion on sports? Would you like to learn more about some events or people involved in it? If so, look at these examples of analytical research paper topics.

  1. Is Being a Sportsman Profitable These Days?
  2. Is There a Chance of Sportive Activities Surviving After Repeated Lockdowns?
  3. Why Is Sport Regarded as Masculine Kind of Hobby?
  4. Examine Most Popular Sport in Your Country: What Made It Stand Out?
  5. What Makes Many Sportsmen Turn to Doping?
  6. Does Caffeine Improve or Damage Sport Performance?
  7. Do the Costs Involved in Rehabilitation of Sportsmen Justify the Results?
  8. What Is Free Style Boxing & How Legal Is It?
  9. Are Female Sport Stars More Prone to Getting Injuries?
  10. What Motivates Young Sportsmen to Keep Trying Despite Few Chances at Success They Have?


Our cultural norms differ across countries and continents. Sociology is an undoubtedly interesting sector, so check these US, UK, Russia, and Canada analytical research paper topics.

  1. Why Is It So Easy to Fake News These Days?
  2. What Pushes People to Engage in Feminism?
  3. Explore the Existing Youth Cultures & Find Out What They Say About New Generations
  4. How Easy Is It For People to Make Friends with Those Living in Other Countries?
  5. What Social Movements Shaped Our World Most Significantly?
  6. Is There a Link between Gender and Social Position?
  7. What Causes Conflicts between Different Classes?
  8. Does Equality Exist in Our Society Or Is This Concept a Myth?
  9. How Do Gender Stereotypes Affect Boys’ and Men’s Behavior?
  10. Why & For How Long Have People Been Fighting Against Birth Control?

Politics Analytical Research Ideas

Politics never fails to make people passionate. Sometimes it happens in a bad way, sometimes in a good one. Look at options we’ve devised.

  1. Is There Fairness in Politics or Does Money Buy Everything?
  2. Are Male and Female Politicians Treated Equally by the Media in the US?
  3. Do You Approve of Political Regiments in Your Country? Why & Why Not?
  4. Should Actions of Politicians Be Controlled by Independent Entities?
  5. Explain Why Monarchy Grew to Be Relevant
  6. Which Electoral System Is Better in Terms of Countries?
  7. Is the US Responsible for Helping ISIS Rise and Unleash Terror?
  8. Could Speeches Given by Politicians Be Considered Inspiring?
  9. Why Is US Government Spreading Stereotypes About Other Countries?
  10. Should Democracy Be Absolute for Establishing Peace?

Education Research Topics for Analytical Paper

High school, college, university — education is certainly many-layered. As a student, you might find the following topics useful.

  1. Is Studying Online Better Than Studying Physically?
  2. Is Making Students Wear Uniform an Acceptable Decision?
  3. Examine the Value of Modern Education for Our Youth
  4. What Is Giving Homework Supposed to Accomplish?
  5. Are E-Books the Answer to Cutting Costs on Education?
  6. Is the Modern American Education System Corrupt?
  7. How Do Teachers Encourage Bullying at Schools?
  8. Have Some Subjects Become Redundant at This Point?
  9. Do Teachers Play a Relevant Role in Students’ Lives?
  10. Why Is Education Becoming More Expensive?

Enjoy Writing and Seek Assistance When In Need

The choice of themes is never-ending. You could pick analytical research paper topics in business, culture, politics, history, etc. — all depends on your preferences. But of course, even this strategy doesn’t always help as students often get into difficult situations where they cannot find time for writing. It could be a fight with loved ones, depression, physical tiredness, or any other issues. Sometimes instructions are overly complex, and in these instances, outside help is essential.

Our firm employs a competent team of the best writers who have a long and solid experience. They’ll study your guidelines, conduct research, and compose a unique paper in a way that your professors will like. No risks are involved because our terms protect you first and foremost: in case of any problem, your money will be returned to you. Chat with us, ask any questions, and we’ll get started right away!

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