American Slave Trade

While an annotated compilation elaborates further on the subject in question, the writer’s professionalism, and the broad summary of the subject, this paper reviews five different origins on the topic: How religion, politics, and economy affected American Slavery. Bayly, Christopher Alan. The birth of the modern world, 1780-1914: worldwide links and comparisons. Oxford: Blackwell, 2004. The book has extensive and well-elaborated content, which describes how the society shifted from political revolutions to cultural globalization, thereby directing to slavery. Bayly, in his book, explains revolutions in several parts of the globe. For example, he states that the French came unitedly to determine racial discrimination among different people. It relates to the political ideas that black symbolized a strong and masculine humanity. Likewise, it extends on the diverse world revolutions that contributed to slavery.

Acharya, Avidit, Matthew Blackwell, and Maya Sen. “The political legacy of American slavery.” The Journal of Politics 78.3 (2016): 621-641. The journal by Acharya and colleagues explain historical facts about the old demarcations on areas that have a high number of tycoons, who in the past had several numbers of slaves. The Journal, as well, deliberates on the evidence about various areas that had political influence on obtaining slaves. For instance, the paper provides shreds of evidence on political persistence of partisan attitudes. This political opinions amplified the regional difference in slave numbers across the entire America.

Marable, Manning. How capitalism underdeveloped Black America: Problems in Race, Political economy, and society. Haymarket Books, 2015. It is a naked reality that slavery had got both negative and positive impacts. As such, in the book, Marable outlines precisely how some of the economic programs and activities devalued the economic status of African American slaves. For example, it explains how the real estate businesses benefited from financial aids of the slavery. The book is a substantial measure of how the human labor, especially from the American blacks contributed to underdevelopment. Finally, Marable offers profound insight into problems related to the American ancient race, class and economic information.

Nunn, Nathan. “Slavery, Inequality, and Economic Development in the Americas: An Examination of the Engerman-Sokoloff Hypothesis.” (2007). As a research journal, Nunn explains the economic impacts that originated from the effect of economic needs among the American societies. In fact, through in-depth research, the author explains that if it were not for the financial requirements of the slaves to work in the firms and industry, the US would yet remain backwards.

Viswanath, Rupa.”Spiritual slavery, material malaise: untouchables’ and religious neutrality in colonial South India.” Historical Research 83.219 (2010): 124-145. Viswanath, in his journal, explains how religion in various regions of the world was neutral on the issue of slavery for a prolonged period. Through these acts, in many areas of the world, particularly America, there was little or no voice against slavery. As an result, it contributed to Spiritual slavery.

Schaff, Philip. Church and State in the United States: The American Idea of Religious Liberty and its Practical Effects. Wipf and Stock Publishers, 2017. Schaff explains how the American religious practices and beliefs from time immemorial agitated for change in the treatment of the slaves. In fact, it elaborates how the religious concepts were intertwined to form the US constitution based on the ban of slavery. Such works, as such, gives us the information on the first American amendments in the Magna Charta. Its contributions, as a consequence, were later held across the world, hence leading to the abolition of the trade.

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