Essays on Oppression

Blood Wedding

The tragic play 'Blood Wedding' by Spanish playwright Frederico Garcia Lorca. It was composed in 1932 and initially performed in Madrid in 1933, then later that year in Buenos Aires, where it is being played today. It belongs to the country tragedy genre. Feminism can be approached in 'Blood Wedding.' Feminism...

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The Freedom and Feminism in The Color Purple

Historical Oppression of Women Women were oppressed historically as a result of historical injustices, and the female gender was seen as inferior. The societal assumptions only served to dehumanize people, and the situation was exacerbated for black women. Alice Walker is a black feminist who defends women in her book by...

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Trifles: Women’s Revolt against a Patriarchal Society.

Susan Glaspell s play Trifles focuses on the plight of women in society during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. Women were seen as housekeepers and not as significant as men in society at the time. In this way, they were helpless within a patriarchal system, making them vulnerable...

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The Ramayana vs. Gilgamesh

The king of Uruk embarks on a life-or-death journey with his companion, Enkidu, in the Epic of Gilgamesh. Enkidu is a God-created being who was brought down to distract Uruk. This comes after the inhabitants of Uruk called out to the gods for help in escaping Gilgamesh's tyranny. Enkidu ends...

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Reflection on William Heath's cartoon, "Offended Dignity."

Changing Landscape of Controversial Cartoons Previously, provocative cartoons may be featured in publications with no repercussions for the artists. This may be due to the fact that those who were persecuted in the past lacked a forum, making it impossible for them to take initiative while exposed to some sort of...

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American Slave Trade

The Birth of the Modern World, 1780-1914: Worldwide Links and Comparisons While an annotated compilation elaborates further on the subject in question, the writer's professionalism, and the broad summary of the subject, this paper reviews five different origins on the topic: How religion, politics, and economy affected American Slavery. Bayly, Christopher...

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