100 Analytical Essay Topics on Various Subjects

Analytical essay topics list takes special place in a curriculum. In some ways, this type of work is very similar to argumentative papers, but there is still a fundamental difference between them. An analytical essay is a piece of writing aimed at analyzing the subject and conveying the results of this analysis to an audience. You don’t have to pick a side or argue for it by providing evidence – you have to look at the situation objectively, assess it from all angles, and conclude.

It is essential as it develops your critical thinking skills to a great extent. At the same time, it could be hard to find good topics for analytical essays. Over these years, some of them have become boring and stale, so professors wrinkle their noses the moment they see them. Others have simply lost their relevance. Of course, many possible themes will be something you have zero interest in. We’ve devised this list to help you find a topic you will love.

Tips For Selecting an Analytical Topic That’ll Trigger Your Interest

As you probably know, the main rule in choosing  great paper theme entails having personal investment in it. The same principle applies to analytical essay topics ideas. Consider the world that surrounds you. Is there anything about it you would like to know more about? Are there any subjects that stimulate your interest and make you want to share the info with other people? If you can’t think about anything in particular, just Google the latest trending articles and observe what they’re about. Maybe one of them will intrigue you enough to want to research subject in more depth.

Talking to friends could also give you a wider selection of topics for analysis essay. Bounce different ideas back and forth, soon you might stumble across a truly brilliant one. As a last resort, you could go to your high school professor and ask for direct examples. But there is another solution that wouldn’t take as much time. You could always look through helpful online lists with 200 or even 500 options — they’ve been largely composed of experts who are eager to offer both fresh and exciting ideas you might not have heard of before. Take a look at one of such lists below.

Analytical Essay Ideas For College Students

When you are in college, there is a certain level of expectations that professors impose on you. Here are some ideas that correspond to them.

  1. College Tuition and History Behind It
  2. Sex Education: The Ideal Age For Introducing It in a Curriculum
  3. Advantages & Disadvantages of Getting College Education
  4. Safety in College Towns: How to Avoid Failures?
  5. Dirking Addiction Among College Students: An Extent of Problem
  6. Will Long-Term Relationships Work for Students?
  7. Does Peer Pressure Affect Academic Success?
  8. Taking Pets to College Lessons: Is It Permitted?
  9. Teachers vs. Professors: Similarities & Differences
  10. Sexual Violence on Campus: Situation & Ways of Addressing It

Analytical Essay Topics on Society

We are surrounded by people with their beliefs and problems, where every argument has potential to escalate. That’s why this sector has the best analytical essay ideas.

  1. Impact a Society Has on Personality Formation: Real Life Samples
  2.  People of Which Sexuality Are in Most Danger of Assault? Why?
  3. Asexuality as a Part of LGBTQ Community: History
  4. Why Do Many Neighbors Stay Quiet Upon Witnessing Domestic Violence?
  5. Weight Shaming: Why It Happens and How to Stop It
  6. How Different Genders Express Their Feelings: Pattern or Coincidence?
  7. Analytical Essay Taking Drugs: Choice or Necessity?
  8. Pack Mentality & Psychology Behind It
  9. Role of Hobbies in People’s Life: Coping With Tragedies
  10. Why Are People Drawn to Morbid Events?

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Ideas

Giving speech is complicated issue that could be analyzed endlessly. Here are 10 analytical essay topics for college in this area.

  1. The Most Impressive Speech Ever Given by a President
  2. Report on Best Orators’ Skills:  What Are They?
  3. Ways of Making Speech Effective
  4. Facing a Crowd: Strategies for Handling the Fear of Speaking
  5. Interviews taken by Kim Wall: What Could Be Derived About Her Personality?
  6. Letters or Speeches: Which Is More Effective?
  7. Tactics with Which Stephen King Terrifies His Audience
  8. Describing Physical Appearance in Twilight: Strengths & Weaknesses
  9. Hannibal Lecter’s Monologues from ‘Hannibal’ TV Show: Why are They Influential?
  10. Talking in a Flowery vs. Concise Way: What Is Better?

Literature and Culture

There are plenty of literary analysis essay topics. Look at these ones, maybe you’ll find something exciting or easy enough to trigger your inspiration.

  1. Analyze Your Favorite Short Story
  2. Fanfiction As a Powerful Branch of Literature
  3. Secret Behind ‘Harry Potter’: What Made It Successful?
  4. Character of Bella Swan: Compelling or Irritating?
  5. The Most Powerful Portrayal of Animals in a Book
  6. American vs. Chinese Culture: Understanding Key Differences
  7. What Makes Katniss Everdeen a Symbol of Revolution?
  8. Cultural Stereotypes – Where They Come From
  9. The Best Love Story in ‘Harry Potter’
  10. Writers Should Be Allowed to Write About Romanticized Violence

Social Media and Technology

Considering how immensely popular social media and technologies are, you could discover some really good analytical essay topics about them.

  1. Technology Made Employers More Demanding
  2. Social Media Fosters Crime
  3. Positive & Negative Ways in Which Social Media Could Change Lives
  4. Dating Sites: Myths About Online Dangers
  5. Working From Home with Help of Technologies
  6. Ways in Which Cameras Facilitate Police Work
  7. Earning Money Through Social Media: Possibilities & Risks
  8. Body Cam and Its Impact on Crime Resolution
  9. How to Recognize Spam Online
  10. 5G – Its Effects on Future Communication

History Analytical Essays Topics

Do you have a passion for the past? You could go for engaging and unusual historical topics for analysis essays.

  1. King Arthur: Evolution of His Historical Image
  2. Three Crucial Battles on the US Territory
  3. Five Greatest Events of the 50th in America
  4. Hitler’s Ambitions and a Way They Could Have Shaped the World
  5. Mammoths: History of Their Life & Extinction
  6. History of Smallest Country in the World
  7. How Old Relationships between the US and Great Britain Shaped Their Modern Bond
  8. Most Eventful Historical Year in Europe
  9. The Shortest War in World History
  10. Historical Roots Pertaining to Black Americans

Analytical Essay Topic Ideas on Sports

Writing about sports is hard if you are not a fan. Check analysis essay topics that could be fun, settle on whatever speaks loudest to you, and write a compelling essay.

  1. The Most Popular Tennis Player in This World: Reasons for Their Success
  2. Violent Sport: Why Does It Attract People?
  3. What Makes Sports Matches Captivating
  4. Selling of Players and the Impact It Has On Their Self-Esteem
  5. Likely Causes of the Longest Baseball Matches
  6. Why Are Men Primarily Attracted to Sport?
  7. Why Sportsmen Use Drugs Despite Knowing It Will Be Uncovered
  8. Alleviating the Impact of Coronavirus on Current Sport Activities
  9. The Strangest Places for Sports Matches and Reasons for Choosing Them
  10. Picking Appropriate Clothes for Running: How to Avoid Mistakes

Politics and Government Ideas for Analytical Essay

People generally hate governments, but that only makes it all the more interesting to explore them! These analysis topics would do.

  1. The Current Power Shifts in Belarus: Reasons and Solutions
  2. Color Revolutions in Third World Countries: The US Agenda
  3. Why Salary of Politicians Should Be Regulated
  4. Fighting Corruption in America: Attempts & Failures
  5. The Most Influential World Leader
  6. Losing a War: What Should the Defeated Party Give Up?
  7. Secret Regimen of American Government: Forces Behind Its Presidents
  8. What Makes Political Movies Interesting
  9. Qualities and Strategies that a Perfect President Should Possess
  10. The Loud Defeat of Ukrainian Ex-President Poroshenko: Reasons & Implications

Ideas on Education

This is always a great topic for an analytical essay because education is everywhere. It is what most students could relate to.

  1. The Value of Modern Education
  2. The Most Developed Education System in the World
  3. What Makes a University the Most Desirable for Students
  4. Best Inspiration Sources for College Students
  5. Graduating Against All Odds: Ways to Stay Motivated
  6. Why Rejecting Education for Job Is More Beneficial
  7. Country with the Friendliest Study Terms for Immigrating Students
  8. Phenomenon of Self-Education and What Stands Behind It
  9. Reasons for Why Tuition Changes Across Universities
  10. Why People With Higher Education Have Better Employment Chances

Science Analytical Topics

Scientific analytical essay topic ideas are not for everyone since this is very complex area. But if you’re passionate about it, this will be right up your alley.

  1. What Lies Behind People’s Fascination with Robots
  2. Reasons Why Society Progresses Only In Terms of Technology
  3. Science Behind Developing Vaccines
  4. Future of Scientific Development Based on Current Data
  5. What People Find Fascinating About Space Exploration
  6. The Use of Nanotechnologies in People’s Everyday Life: Why Is It Needed?
  7. Why It Is Dangerous to Conduct Experiments on Your Own
  8. Reasons Why Cancer Still Has No Effective Cure
  9. Nature of Black Holes and Why So Little Info Is Available On Them
  10. Smart  Clothes: Invention, Reasons Explaining Their Usage

Pick Analysis Essay Topics You Like or Ask For Help With an Essay

If you stick to your own preferences, chances are, you’ll do just fine and get a grade you want. But if you are still worried, there is always another solution. Not all students are in the right frame of mind to write a difficult essay. In such instances, it is best to ask specialists for help.

Our team would be happy to assist you by picking unique topic or writing a paper on the one you’ve already chosen. Writers we work with have years of experience behind their shoulders, so you can expect to get your analytical essay done on the top level as well as submitted right by the deadline you’ve indicated. It’ll be our pleasure to earn an excellent grade for you.

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