American Transcendentalist in 2017

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Transcendentalism is the idea that understanding should be gained by insight and imagination rather than reasoning or the senses. As a result, the behaviors that a person engages in greatly reflect the inherent intelligence that a person has, but not the things that individuals acquire from their environments. A transcendentalist argues that everyone has the ability to think and execute complex tasks without the assistance or control of other bodies in their environment. Furthermore, transcendentalists think differently from one another but have a similar goal: the emancipation of humans from the social challenges that plague civilization. One of the major tenets of transcendentalism is the environment, which consists of the physical structures and the vegetations. As a transcendentalist, it is important that one protects nature to help ensure there is a favorable condition for the success of humankind and other living organisms in the world. An examination of the society in which we live indicates that most people engage in activities that adversely affect the environment thus exposing the world to many dangers. The second tenet of transcendentalism is unity among the society members, and respect for one another. In reality, human beings resemble God, and it is essential that humanity embraces the right deeds of the Lord. However, the current society consists of personalities who do not care about the welfare of other people in the surroundings thus leading to the rise of social activism to help improve the lives of the oppressed personalities.

As a transcendentalist, one needs to ignore the thought that traditional dogmas and practices are the principal factors that can help improve the relationships between God and humanity. In reality, Jesus communicated with God without any intermediaries, and managed to perform most of the plans he intended for humankind. Therefore, it is important that people change the way they worship or conduct their activities, and operate without the expectation of getting support from other bodies in the surrounding. The traditional thought of Oversoul, which concerns the connectivity between humanity, God, and nature, requires that people do not pledge allegiance to other structures within the surrounding to link humankind to God because the latter is omnipresent. The examination of modern society indicates that humanity unknowingly resorts to some inappropriate means to improve the relationships with God.

Transcendentalists can express their philosophy in various ways and ensure that society changes and adopt the appropriate lifestyle. Specifically, transcendentalists can deliver sermons and lectures concerning the things that adversely affect the relationship between humankind and God or nature. For instance, Transcendentalists need to teach in the colleges, and author books through which they can communicate with the public. Finally, Transcendentalists need to form associations that can help in the course of advocating for proper changes in the society. Specifically, the formation of a club for the transcendentalists will play a critical role in informing the public about the strategies for ensuring appropriate living standards.

To conclude, transcendentalism is the belief that humankind possesses knowledge through intuition and imagination and uses the skills to help improve the relationships with God. As discussed in this essay, some of the major tenets of transcendentalism are the protection of nature, and maintenance of the cosmic unity between the environment, man and God. Transcendentalists can express their teaching through lectures and initiation of education reforms, among others.

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